Paranoia: Smear Campaigns

Paranoia in the context of a smear campaign refers to the excessive and irrational fear or suspicion that my character is being deliberately targeted and damaged by false or misleading information made up by Toxic Tenants.

It is a state of heightened vigilance and anxiety, often accompanied by a constant sense of threat and the belief that others are conspiring against me. it is very scary!

They spread their false and misleading information in the contents of various websites they created for that purpose, some even in my own personal name, since November 2, 2017. While these sites are no longer showing on the internet, they are still registered for use and could return as they have before.

When I became a target of a smear campaign, it was a psychologically distressing experience that led to a persistent state of paranoia. I still go through these periods at times, 7 years after it all started! it is a hard feeling to fight but I do so all the time as I come to see I am worth it! I don’t deserve to live this way, so I won’t.

I found myself constantly questioning the motivations and actions of others, interpreting benign actions as part of the conspiracy against me. I became hypersensitive to any negative comments or perceived slights, convinced that every interaction or piece of information confirmed my worst fears, that I was useless and worthless.

Seeing words on the internet, like what I pasted below from that I found in December 2017 by searching my name, started me on my beliefs that I was being deliberately targeted.

That was the intention though. All of the websites created by these Toxic Tenants are deliberately made to target me and others and create fear, anxiety, and paranoia within us. They don’t care about the truth, just getting attention.

Reading this content now, I see there is no context, just a collection of speculations being made about me, and definitely provides no proof of their claims. They leave so much context out of their posts and never explain how the situation came about in the first place!

This is partly why I created my own site. It was important for me to show my own voice over what this situation became and speak up for myself. My hope was that my own words would drown out theirs in my head, and it has done so. The fear is gone, the paranoia is way less than it used to be and I can control it better. I live my life, go wherever I want, and I am free of Toxic Tenants!

This is the beginning of their Smear Campaign and you will see I had every right to feel fear. People who meet me know I am not this person, but people looking for a place to live off the street, did not. I had to deal with strangers coming to look at an apartment and I didn’t know if that was the purpose or because of this site.

It got to me over time, which I know now is understandable. I did give in to the fear and quit my job in July 2018, I couldn’t deal with the paranoia and fear of attack and I no longer felt it was worth it to keep trying. Once all legal actions were over in 2020, I even packed up and moved Provinces…I no longer had any need to stay there where I couldn’t trust people and their intentions towards me. I came home, where I knew I would be safe, and I have been.

Paranoia in this context did impact my mental well-being and overall functioning. It led to social isolation, strained relationships, and difficulty in trusting others. The constant preoccupation with defending my reputation and deciphering hidden motives was emotionally draining and even debilitating.

I have spent the past couple of years rebuilding some of the relationships I lost during this time and learning how to control my reactions to their actions. I take a more proactive approach these days and use the Policies of their Hosting companies to get them suspended.

Dealing with paranoia caused by a smear campaign required a multi-faceted approach for me. I sought support from a mental health professional as it was a safe space to express fears, gain perspective, and receive guidance. Therapy has helped me greatly!

I engaged in self-care activities, such as exercise, mindfulness, and hobbies, which helped alleviate stress and promote my mental well-being. It was also essential to challenge negative thoughts and validate reality through evidence-based reasoning.

I knew they were lying and in the end, that was all I needed. As long as I held this thought, I knew I would be okay. Truths may be hidden for a time, but eventually, it all comes out.

They did all this to themselves. There would have been no need to evict them, if they didn’t do something to cause it, like persistent refusal of access for repairs they tried to claim we didn’t try to fix.

While it is crucial to stay vigilant and protect one’s reputation, it is equally important to recognize that prolonged paranoia can be detrimental to mental health. Striking a balance between taking appropriate action and maintaining a sense of self-worth and trust in others is essential for navigating through a smear campaign situation. I am working on it!! It is hard, you will have up and down days, but in the end, you are worth the effort to get better and do better!

I have no need to feel paranoid, the truth is exposed and I am safe from Adult Bullies!! They show evidence of their own lies!

Contents of as noted on November 2, 2017, are below:

So here is a very small glimpse of what this country has come to and the legal system within it.

We live in a building owned by a company called Alto Properties. Now you can click the purple link/button labelled Alto Properties and actually visit their site. While there you can apply to rent a unit from them or ask them for their opinion of the situation.

So without exposing my case to much, as it is currently in Appeal – Divisional Court. Please allow me to sum this up really quickly for you.

Alto Properties hired a brand new employee to run our building 859 Kennedy Road, Scarborough named Stella Reddy, who started in June 2016. At that time she made some racist comments about our bi-racial children being ” Mulatto. “

She also made a racially motivated and ignorant assumption that because my wife, the mother of the ” Mulatto ” children, was black. It had to be assumed that she could not have been born in Canada.

Mulatto – A derogatory term that came into use during slavery when referring to the bi-racial offspring of African slaves and most often, their white European slave masters.

So apparently Stella Reddy thinks that I must be the Slave Master to my Slave wife of almost 15 years, and that our BI-RACIAL OFFSPRING are the product of an inappropriate marriage.

Stella Reddy also asked my wife ” Where are you from? “

Let it be noted that Stella Reddy did not ask me where he was from. I guess she again ASSUMED because I was white, like herself, that I to had have been born in Canada.

Now in all fairness to Stella Reddy, she did denied saying these statements and in fact did address our concerns regarding her comments at the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal Hearing on September 26, 2017 in front of a Judicator named Kevin Lundy.

Who is Kevin Lundy? He is a Caucasian lawyer from London, Ontario who was filling in for the day in Scarborough.

Now Stella Reddy states at the hearing, in front of the Judicator Kevin Lundy, that that she cannot be a racist because she is a ” NEWFIE ” herself. She repeats this statement on several occasions during the entire hearing as to imply that it has some relevance and proof to her argument of not being a racist.

Newfie – A slur that is used in Newfie Jokes that depicts Newfoundlanders as stupid and foolish.

And in fact she also stated that she has a nephew who, GET READY FOR THIS… ” IS AS BLACK AS YOU CAN GET. ” Yes, Stella Reddy actually referred and compared her own nephew/family to a racially charged slur. But it does not stop there.

She also says to Judicator Kevin Lundy that her nephew, READY? ” AND IS DARKER THAN SHE IS. ” while pointing at my wife.

So I am guess what Stella Reddy was trying to explain to Kevin Lundy is that my wife is not as light as she is, being that she ( Stella Reddy ) is a Caucasian female. But that my wife also is not as dark, or as Stella Reddy says “ IS AS BLACK AS YOU CAN GET. “ as her family/nephew is.

Now unfortunately it appears to me, that there just might be some weight to the whole ” NEWFIE ” comments said by Stella Reddy in regards to herself, over and over during the hearing. Stella Reddy appears to use racial charged slurs as if it is normal in her household/family get togethers/world.

It appears that this female Caucasian, late 50’s/early 60’s, who is a born Canadian, does not understand that these types of statements are not acceptable, especially in a public setting. The only way that this seems to be justifiable to me is that Stella Reddy must has been living under a rock for her entire life or everyone is Newfoundland talks these ways about non-whites.

Now to all those who might say – Well that does not seem too derogatory or ignorant to me. I challenge you to walk up to any black person and say You are as black as you can get! or even say You are darker than them! and point to another black individual, and see what the reaction is.

Kevin Lundy even notes on the second page of his eviction order confirms that Stella Reddy, in an open public forum made these above comments in front of him, and decides that he needed to note it his eviction order.

Now after listening to the audio being supplied, on this site. You will be able to hear all these crazy and racially motivated statements and slurs from Stella Reddy. You will also be able to confirm that the owners of Alto Properties Inc., Luigi and his son Anthony Liscio are also in attendance to hear these same crazy and racial motivated statements and slurs themselves from Stella Reddy.

You will hear us address the issues of Stella Reddy and Alto Properties creating fake documents, serving illegal documents, making inappropriate statements and showing that Stella Reddy and Alto Properties only wanted our family gone out of the building because it was racially motivated.

It could be nothing else as we have NEVER been late on paying our rent. Our unit is probably the cleanest and best keep unit in the 30 plus units within the building. And we get along with absolutely everyone in the building, even Stella Reddy sister who now also lives in the building.

We tried to address the issue of the unit needing the bathroom, windows, stove being fixed for the past 2 ½ years, and how Alto Properties has done everything in their power to avoid repairing the unit during that time. We provided documentation to Kevin Lundy that clearly showed that even since October 2016, Stella Reddy and Alto Properties made absolutely no attempts to fix anything in the unit.

We also spoke at the hearing on the topic of how we brought it to the attention of L and A our concerns about Stella Reddy and her racist comments about our children and my wife. How they could NEVER be bother to come to us to even inquire as to what it was about.

So when the hearing was done, cut short without us ever being given the opportunity to present our entire case properly. Kevin Lundy ruled on October 03, 2017, which we received by mail on October 04, 2017. That we had only 27 days to find a place to live and move out.

Now these 27 days are supposed to be interrupted as a gift to us, from Kevin Lundy. You see the going rate for eviction orders is 11 days. That means you don’t get a 30 or even 60 days’ notice. You get 11 days and after that the Sheriff is called in to have you removed and the locks changed.

So with the gift of 27 days, that meant that we had to move out by no later October 31, 2017.

This was the same day that we were suppose to have our application heard by the Landlord and Tenant tribunal about Stella Reddy and Alto Properties and their racist behaviour towards our family.

I think this would be an appropriate time to mention that we had in fact filed our application on Alto Properties and Stella Reddy before they filed theirs to have us kicked out.

At the hearing on September 26, 2017, we explained to Kevin Lundy that we had previously filed an application with the board before Alto Properties and Stella Reddy filed theirs. We explained that out application was going to be heard on October 31, 2017, and our application directly relates to their application and that these two applications need to be heard together. Kevin Lundy appeared not to care, and proceed forward with their application to have us kicked out regardless of our application and the information in it.

We also found it very interesting that Kevin Lundy picked that one day, October 31, 2017 to have us moved out. It appears he tried to put us in a situation where if we go to our scheduled hearing on October 31, 2017, and we don’t move. The Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, Kevin Lundy, Alto Properties and Stella Reddy could say that we were being difficult are not “complying” with their Order.

And if move out the day we were order by Kevin Lundy, that would have meant that we could not attend our schedule hearing, therefore we would not get our day in front of the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal. It appears that Kevin Lundy wanted to put us into a no-win situation.

So to sum it all up, Kevin Lundy evicted us from our home even though Stella Reddy had openly made racist comments in his presence and in a public forum. Can you imagine what Stella Reddy must say about non-whites behind her closed apartment door? Or what is said in buildings office with Alto Properties owners? I personally would love to be a fly on any of those walls.

So in Kevin Lundy eviction order, he states that even with the June 2016 racist comments and slurs and the more racist comments and slurs said by Stella Reddy in the hearing he is presiding over. Kevin Lundy states in part #6 in green, that he cannot find any proof that she could have been acting in a manner that was racist or prejudice towards our family.

So it appears that it is okay for people like L, his son A who are the owners of Alto Properties Inc. To hire proven racist, who say racist things in front of Judicators like Kevin Lundy from the Landlord Tenant Board during a hearing because when it is all said and done.

Cheap Justice wins in the end.

So now we had to Appeal the Kevin Lundy eviction order to the Appeals in Divisional Court. Where I will finally I get my chance to present my case in full, and I will finally get too Stella Reddy with the numerous amount of questions I have for her.

Now as my Appeal is in the early stages, I would love to show you all the documents at this time. But showing you the documents without explanation would be pointless. Obviously I don’t want to expose my hand any sooner to the other side than I have to. But trust me I cannot wait to get in front of the Appeals Court and show how this Kevin Lundy had a clear bias against us, and that Alto Properties Inc. and Stella Reddy had and have alternative motives behind what they are trying to do to our family.

Please check in every couple of weeks, and I hope to offer more documentation and explanations as this all plays out.

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