Online Harm Bill C-63 For Canada

I am ecstatic!! The new Bill C-63 that was read out in the House of Commons yesterday has tools that will help me, and others like me, to get cyberbullying stopped, let alone the bullying they are doing of children on the other website they have stopped.

Creating stronger laws to help protect all people in Canada from hatred, on and offline, by creating a definition of “hatred” in the Criminal Code, increasing penalties for existing hate propaganda offences, creating a standalone hate crime offence and creating an additional set of remedies for online hate speech in the Canadian Human Rights Act;

Establishing a new Digital Safety Commission to oversee and enforce the Online Harms Act’s regulatory framework and a new Digital Safety Ombudsperson to act as a resource and advocate for the public interest with respect to systemic issues related to online safety.

This is why the new framework is focused on seven types of the most damaging and extremely harmful content online: content that sexually victimizes a child or revictimizes a survivor; intimate content communicated without consent; violent extremist and terrorist content; content that incites violence; content that foments hatred; content used to bully a child; and content that induces a child to harm themselves.

Online platforms, including livestreaming and adult content services, must be transparent and they must be held accountable. The safety of everyone in Canada, especially children—society’s most vulnerable—depends on it.  

The Bill would give all people in Canada the tools to:

  • Flag harmful content and request removal of content that (1) sexually victimizes children or revictimizes survivors and (2) intimate images posted without consent;
  • Submit complaints and report non-compliance to the Digital Safety Commission;
  • Contact Digital Safety Ombudsperson to receive support and be directed to the right resources; and
  • File complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission when facing hate speech online.

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