One Day, Smear Campaigns Do End

No matter the intentions of Smear Campaigns instigated by toxic narcissistic people, in the end, it doesn’t matter. Toxic tenants can spread rumours and gossip about me till the cows come home in the domain they created in my name, it won’t make one bit of difference. It no longer stops me from living.

No more will their degrading words and outrageous opinions online prevent me from enjoying living my life to the fullest! Their nasty words are no longer in my head, they have been replaced by my own! I will still go to Shows and Concerts, take in Craft Markets, and even shopping Malls, and just have fun. I will still go out and socialize and make new friends. Their websites do not stop me anymore from living.

Lorrie Reddy

The picture above was cropped, to hide the other person, but was taken Wednesday after I had a lunch date with one of my siblings visiting from away. It is easy to tell how happy I have been feeling, just by this picture.

In my mind, this situation was resolved 4 years ago when they didn’t show up for the hearing. You can’t prove something that didn’t happen! They filed against me with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and after 19 months of the process, they didn’t show up for the scheduled hearing in January 2020. They filed with the Divisional Court in 2017, claiming bias, and they lost that too in April 2019. No matter how many legal applications they file with any Agency, they will always lose as their allegations are false.

There is nothing left to be done…After 8 years of their garbage online, it has finally reached the point where no one cares, not even the target! You can repeat yourself only so many times before people get sick of it! That is what happens to stories like theirs!

While toxic people continue down the road of placing blame on others and never accept the part they played in the smearing online, you will learn from the experience and move on from it. I use this experience as a teaching tool for others on what NOT to do! 🙂 Reactive abuse is real, but you don’t need to stay in that mode.

Eventually, there comes a point in time when a situation has run its course…While toxic tenants don’t mind repeating themselves over and over the same old crap, I do. There is more to life for me now than that experience, thankfully!

The behaviours they have shown me over the years have helped me understand the narcissism and toxicity I see all around me, not just from them. This experience has given me so much knowledge and understanding of toxic traits that will protect me from people like them in the future!

While these toxic tenants prefer to continue repeating themselves over and over, trying to turn people against me, I prefer to take the lesson and find a way to release all the angst and move on. But, that is me…

When a narcissist drags out their cyberbullying of a victim, they are typically pursuing several goals:

  • Maintaining Control – Cyberbullying allows the narcissist to continue attempting to control and emotionally manipulate their victim from afar through ongoing harassment.
  • Supply – Each new hurtful act provides the narcissist with narcissistic supply/validation by reminding the victim of their power over them and fueling feelings of superiority.
  • Attention – A drawn-out campaign keeps the narcissist as the center of attention, with the victim and others focused on the narcissist’s behaviour.
  • Psychological Damage – Prolonged bullying is intended to inflict maximum psychological and emotional damage on the victim over the long term through constant stress and distress.
  • Deniability – A slowly escalating pattern is harder for the victim to prove and for others to perceive as clearly intentional, aiding the narcissist’s sense of invulnerability.
  • Avoid Accountability – Drawing things out reduces the chances of being reported or facing immediate consequences that undermine the narcissist’s perception of themselves as a victim in the situation.
  • Retaliation – It can stem from vengeance and retaliation against the victim for past perceived slights or refusal to give the narcissist complete control and admiration.

Thankfully, once you know what the game is, you are more prepared and it doesn’t bother you as much.

Based on reviewing the content and tone of, the main intention appears to be:

  • Critique and expose the alleged racist behaviours and actions of Stella Reddy.
  • Provide critical commentary and accusations against Stella Reddy through headings like “Stella Reddy Quotes” and “Refused To Give Interracial Couples Parking Spots”.
  • Detail supposed examples of racist incidents attributed to Stella Reddy during her time working in property management.
  • Suggests she exhibited discrimination against tenants based on their race.
  • Imply she wrongfully denied housing or equal treatment to interracial tenant couples.
  • Accuse her and her husband of enabling each other’s allegedly racist conduct.
  • Promise to continue adding new exposures/accusations about Stella Reddy’s claimed ongoing behaviour.
  • Present the narrative through the lens of those making complaints against her, not from her perspective.
  • Encourage visitors to form conclusions about Stella Reddy based primarily on the unproven claims presented on the site.

So in summary, the overall tone and content imply the core intention is to publicly accuse, criticize and diminish my reputation through accusations of past racist actions they claim I did, that they have never proven. 8 years is a long time to accuse someone of something without ever once producing some kind of evidence proving it! They provide no documentary evidence, no receipts or pictures, that could even make someone believe their accusations as presented could even be possible!

In all honesty, nothing else is needed except for the legal decisions that have already been made in the past.

After the tenants were evicted for refusing access, all of their subsequent actions seemed aimed at justifying their decision and placing blame on me for rightfully bringing their actions to the attention of the Landlord and Tenant Board, which ultimately resulted in their eviction.

While some of my comments were not appropriate, they all stated they saw no racism expressed towards them. While these tenants can claim all kinds of allegations against someone, they are required to prove them, not expect their targets to go out of their way to disprove them.

The documents on these pages below, show the legal determination that has been made, if anyone is interested in reading them. They show the bare facts, not speculations made by myself or the toxic tenants. While they don’t represent all the facts, they show enough to know that they were evicted because of their behaviours. No matter what they share, their time is done.

Now, on to bigger and better things to write about!!

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