I am sharing some old writings I have from the summer of 2019, while stellareddy.com was newly created and I was looking up the meaning of their actions.

These writings were done to help convince my mind that their words mean nothing, and most importantly, were doing nothing. It does work!!

I did end up leaving Ontario though, as I was terrified that one of the 14 Million people living there would attack me or my Hubby if we stayed there. Our address was being shared online, with our pictures, making it easy to find us if someone wanted to. I couldn’t live like that, no one can!

I was also sick of seeing the Toxic Tenants’ vehicle also driving around! It wouldn’t have surprised me at all if KR attacked me himself one day if I was unlucky enough to come across him. I didn’t want to chance a “hit and run” on my person! I saw this man do way too much while I lived there that showed me they have no conscious!! Nothing they did would surprise me!

Leaving Ontario at that time was the best decision I could have made for myself and my mental health. The first year here was a bit rough, but once I got over the fear of being attacked, it has been glorious! I was shown by the people of NL that they have no interest in what some anonymous Tenants had to say about me on a bunch of obscure websites! They were just Tenants after all…

June 27, 2019

I keep finding these great articles online that help to describe what I go thru with Toxic Tenants and how it has affected my whole life, from the mental to the physical.

The long-term effects of being bullied are not easy to experience. To go give you a perfect example are the websites, stellareddy.com and the 859kennedyroad.com.

While I accept that there is nothing I can do about them, except to keep exposing them, the fact that they still exist, grates on my nerves to no end. Their lies have affected me so much...I do know it has shown me I have strengths I didn’t know I had!! I have become very good at disregarding their Smear Campaign and live my life anyway!

I know this is their intention, but they need to see that I am a human being, just like they are. They huff and puff all the time over their rights but in the process, they walked all over my rights. The complete application to HRTO came across as being prejudiced against the other tenants here for what they have in parking and on balconies, and to myself in how I did my job.

They don’t seem to see that, but others do. Most of what the statement of facts they submitted is complaining about how the building is managed and the procedures that were in place and they can’t control any of that.

I felt dejected for a long time, listening to all the criticisms from every corner and dealing with everyone else’s paranoia as well as my own. They use Fear to try and control you and what you do!

This is what bullying does, creates paranoia as you are waiting for the next thing to come out of the Bully you are dealing with, as you know there will be something, like these websites. Toxic Tenants are using these sites to keep me on edge, as well as others, waiting for the next thing to pop up full of lies and contradictions. They take the paperwork and break it into pieces to use to show what they want, but in the end, like the stellareddy.com website, it ends up being a mess and hard to follow with all the bits of information they show.

Without the complete paperwork showing the thread of writings, you only get bits of it, which is what Toxic Tenants thinks shows my racist words, yet I have not seen any. How it is racist to talk about calling Children’s Aid and make up stories about them to deal with? That’s just my anger and frustration talking as it would be the same as what they have done to me with HRTO. They make it seem in all their paperwork, that they can say and do what they want with no regard to anyone, as they are picking up for their rights, yet I am not allowed to show any emotion in response.

They only show on their sites my anger and frustration, not what got they said or did to get this emotional response.  These Toxic Tenants use my emotional response to their claims as a way to show how angry I am towards them as if this is proof that I am out to get them, instead of it being a response to the lies they make. 

Spotting a Bully: Patterns of Behavior

When someone snaps at you or ignores you because they are under Pressure or in a bad mood, that is not bullying. Bullying involves persistent, abusive, and frightening behavior designed to make the target feel upset, humiliated, and threatened. The following profile fits most bullies:

•Blames others for errors.

•Makes unreasonable demands

•Criticizes the work ability of others in front of others

•Inconsistent enforcement of arbitrary rules.

•Threats of job loss, insults and put downs.

•Downplays or denies accomplishments.

•Social exclusion.

•Yells and screams at target, often in front of others.

•Takes credit for another person’s work.

•Women are targets of men 69% of the time.

•Women are targets of women eight to one times more often than men are. 

A Bully Often

• Seeks to dominate and/or manipulate others.

• Enjoys feeling powerful and in control (whether real or not).

• Is both a poor winner (boastful and arrogant) and a poor loser.

• Seems to derive satisfaction from other’s fears, discomfort or pain.

• Is good at hiding behaviors or doing them where those  in authority can’t notice

• Is excited by conflicts between others.

• Blames others for his/her problems.

• Displays uncontrolled anger (rage).

• May have a history of discipline problems.

• Displays a pattern of impulsive and aggressive behaviors.

• Displays intolerance 

• May use drugs, alcohol or be recovering from the consumption/withdrawal

• Lacks empathy towards others

Bullying is Different from Harassment 

Harassment is one type of illegal discrimination and is defined as offensive and unwelcome conduct; serious enough to adversely affect the terms and conditions of a person’s employment, which occurs because of the person’s protected class, and can be imputed to the employer. Protected classes in employment are race/color, creed (religion), national origin, sex, marital status, disability, HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C status, sexual orientation/gender identity, and honorably discharged veteran and military status. 

An example of harassment could be when an employee tells racist jokes and refers to a particular co-worker or group of co-workers by using racial slurs, and after a complaint, the employer does nothing to stop the behavior. Another example of harassment could be a male manager who makes unwelcome sexual suggestions to a female employee and touches her inappropriately. 

Bullying, on the other hand, is often directed at someone a bully feels threatened by. The target often doesn’t even realize when they are being bullied because the behavior is covert, through trivial criticisms and isolating actions that occur behind closed doors. While harassment is illegal; bullying in the workplace is not.

Someone Being Bullied Often

• Withdraws socially; has few or no friends.

• Feels isolated, alone and sad.

• Feels picked on or persecuted.

• Feels rejected and not liked.

• Frequently complains of illness.

• Doesn’t want to go to work or school

• Displays mood swings and talks about hopelessness.

• Talks about leaving; talks of suicide.

• Threatens violence to self and others.

• Changes in eating or sleeping patterns.

• May takes, or attempt to take, “protection” to work or school

• Displays “victim” body language—hangs head,

What Can A Person Do?

• Leave your emotions at the door.

• State your position respectfully, factually.

• Do not take a bully’s behavior personally.

• Try to clarify what the other is really saying by using mirroring.

• Make no assumptions.

• Ask questions and stay calm until you understand.

• Build trust by agreeing with the other.

• Alert the other to any problem you foresee.

• Do your homework and be well prepared before you talk.

• If the other has lost self control, politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom so he/she can calm down.

• Agree to do what the person is asking if not illegal or unethical.

I thought today I would write out more truths about this case for clarification.

Toxic Tenants were evicted by the management company. not by me, Stella Reddy. I was just the building staff doing my job in the face of their consistent refusal of access which interfered with the Landlord’s rights, which Toxic Tenants have been told many times by judicial members they cannot do!

The Divisional Court Decision do NOT have my name stated at all, but it does state there was no racism done by anyone! What Toxic Tenants do not consider, it wouldn’t have mattered who was staff here, it still would have happened eventually if they still refused access.

As stated in the LTB hearing held Sept 2017, Toxic Tenants told a contractor to return in an hour so he could take a shower when this contractor came back to finish the repairs that were started, but this contractor didn’t return and wasn’t required to do so.

It isn’t my fault the previous staff living and working here allowed the tenants to get away with stuff like this but I do know others would not, not just myself. I really do hope that if Toxic Tenants do manage to find another rental, they will follow the rules, otherwise it will happen again. I do think it will be hard for them to find an apartment now with all the public stuff they shared online, as it is very easy to see they are being vindictive over losing Divisional Court, and no one would want a tenant like this. As Canlii is very public, I know many building owners who check there before approving anyone for rental and this decision can be found under their names I hope this blog is reaching enough of them to make a difference! 

Being bullied by tenants while living and working as building staff is considered Workplace Bullying and is covered by the Ministry of Labor rules. Under MOL, employers have a responsibility to their employees to investigate any complaints against their staff, not ignore them and order the staff to ignore them.

I was ready willing and able back in September 2016 to address these issues but it was requested to be ignored as attempts by Toxic Tenants to cause drama. The owners thought it would be easier to ignore it and it would go away. What no one seems to think about is that I was just as much a victim as they are over the lack of response by the property owners.  Unfortunately, this only caused it to get worse a year later.

I really do believe that this instance was all instigated by Toxic Tenants. As all was quiet for a year, why would they issue a work order for only ONE item that needed fixing in their apt. if it wasn’t just a ploy to get me to their apartment door to attack me once again?

Toxic Tenants saw that I was still working there so they thought they would instigate me into doing something against them so they could attack in response. I really believe that once again Toxic Tenants went out of their way to issue a work order just to get me to their apt. to attack me and see what I would say and do. I just don’t think they realized how far it could actually go, as I really believe they thought the owners or myself would eventually break down and give up in the face of their continuing false allegations and aggressive responses.

As mentioned by Toxic Tenants in the Statement of Facts when he spoke to the owner in the lobby about it, it got further than they had hoped. Sorry, you can’t make false accusations and continue to act in an aggressive and confrontational manner over access to the apartment for repairs needed and not expect someone to follow up with proper procedures as noted by the Landlord and Tenant Board.

What did Toxic Tenants think the Landlord and Tenant Board is there for if not to use when Landlords are having issues fixing their property? Landlords have every right to use and follow procedures over these issues from the LTB for tenant issues and this is what was done. Toxic Tenants spend so much time talking about their rights, they totally ignore the rights of the landlord and the building staff, which is also more proof they are bullies!

They expected the Landlord and staff to ignore the rules of the LTB and give in to their demands of when and how the LANDLORD’s PROPERTY was to be fixed. 

Now, I do have to admit that a meeting between the owners and the tenant, was attempted on October 18, 2018, I have the email string for it,  but Toxic Tenants refused to meet in the office, and preferred to meet in the apartment, which is not professional when an office is on-site and the cameras can be used for protection.

So, Toxic Tenants cannot say the property owners didn’t try to meet and resolve these issues but once again Toxic Tenants refused to cooperate and meet in the office that is there for that purpose. Meeting in the apartment, under those conditions, was not acceptable. As the office is a professional place to meet, where the security camera system could capture all the drama from such a meeting that would come out, would be safer for all parties, but of course, Toxic Tenants wanted what they wanted and refused to compromise.  I guessed Toxic Tenants were not very interested in resolving these issues as they claimed, otherwise, they would accept any meeting place to get these issues settles so they wouldn’t be evicted.

Once again, Toxic Tenants made demands and when not met, they claim the owners ignored them completely and didn’t try to discuss their claims. 

All throughout their allegations, Toxic Tenants has claimed that I was reprising against them for picking up for their rights. I don’t know how many times I saw these words written but it was quite a few.

I don’t know what they think reprisal is, but if it pertained to them finding out all they could to help themselves, they are wrong. I have many emails from myself to them where I gave them information to call to confirm what I was saying, but it isn’t my fault they refused to do that. I even have an email I sent them with info for the Scarborough Legal Clinic for them to call for help and information.

Even the lawyer for the Company gave them free advice they disparaged. Contact info for the Landlord and Tenant Board is on every Notice of Entry given, as well as on all Tribunal Forms given. I even gave out the links to where I got all my information on the rules of apartment living that I gave them.

There are also a few mentions from me in emails where I tell them I have no ill will towards them or any tenant. It does not matter what you say to Toxic Tenants, as far as they are concerned, if you refuse to do as they say, they claim you are doing nothing as what you did do don’t matter as it isn’t what they wanted. They didn’t want me to inform them of the rules and regulations, they wanted me to go against them in order to please them. I even have a perfect example: 

“>>> —–Original Message—–

>>> From: Toxic Tenants

>>> Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2019 10:36 AM

>>> To: Stella Reddy <

>>> Subject: Response to Stella Reddy Proposal

>>> Hello everyone,

>>> Stella Reddy, I have read your email and it just does not work in the interest of our family.

>>> But let me throw something by you, and the property owners.

>>> You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the

>>> N5’s in bad faith against Allison. I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again.

>>> That way it is a win, win for everyone.

>>> Let me know.

>>> K

As you see in the email above, this is the response I got from my email to Toxic Tenants to end this mess. They actually wanted me to lie for them in Divisional Court in order for me to have all the Facebook and the website removed online.

He was trying to bribe me to get what HE wanted and in this email, he also brazenly admits to owning the website and Facebook posts! How can someone be so brazen in their actions I have no idea. He specifically asks me to lie and say I gave the N5s in bad faith when it is obvious it was for consistent refusal of access that was proven to have happened at the Landlord and Tenant Board. 

Toxic Tenants are lying about everything, they change their accounts from one written letter to another and I believe I have shown just how obnoxious, domineering, and controlling of BULLIES they are! They still continue to state their lies but from what I now see, the TRUTH is coming clear and Toxic Tenants are now BRANDED as BULLYING VEXATIOUS TENANTS ONLINE that no one wants living in their property! All property owners should take a stand against bullies like Toxic Tenants

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  1. Having to deal with toxic tenants sounds so incredibly difficult. I’m glad you’re retired and don’t have to deal with this anymore.

    1. Thanks for your comment Pooja! I am thankful too I am Retired and don’t need to deal with it anymore. I learned a lot though so I am grateful for my experiences.

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