October 19, 2023 Ramblings: Sprucing Up Your Space For Mental Health

Good Morning From Newfoundland! Gonna be a AWESOME day as I will make it that way!

I’ve been busy the past few days sprucing up our living space…. I’ve been gutting out our house, cleaning… We brought quite a bit with us from Ontatrio when we moved and its time to replace some of it. With Winter coming I want brighter things. Now is the time for big changes!!

So I bought some new rugs…This is the new one in the living room! It looks so nice against the dark flooring we have here. I got a new runner for the hallway in the same colours and they do brighten it up more. They were delivered yesterday and it is looking great! Soon I will get some new rugs for the bedroom!

I ordered a new sofa too…. it will be here in a couple of weeks, as it is a Sofabed and needs to be ordered. This is the picture of it I kept from the site…The current sofa we have now was given to us by the property owners we had in the past and was part of a sectional and time for it to go! I choose a sofabed for company we have at times, better to sleep on then the BYOB bed we have!

Sprucing up my living space is a great way to promote my mental well-being! I am creatng a relaxing and uplifting environment, which improves my mood and overall happiness. Doing a deep clean of our space is hard for me with my physical issues, but I have learned how to pace myself and do so much at a time. I will get there!

Yesterday it was the kitchen ( I even gutted the fridge) and living room, today is the bedrooms…We have a 2 bedroom house here and the smaller bedroom I turned into my office, as I have a big desk here that I bought to replace the L-shaped glass one I left behind in the office at Kennedy Rd property.

Here are a few ways sprucing up your living space can promote mental well-being as it does for me:

My Stuffed Animal Coollection

Declutter and organize: An organized space can reduce stress and anxiety. Clutter can make us feel overwhelmed and create a sense of chaos. By decluttering and organizing our living space, we create a more peaceful and calming atmosphere.

I can’t stand too much clutter!! Even my stuffie collection is organized! All of these were presents given to me from family and friends over the years and I love them all! I bought this net last year so I could showcase them on my wall!

Add plants and natural elements: Incorporating plants and natural elements into our living space can improve our mental well-being. Plants have been shown to reduce stress, enhance mood, and increase productivity. They also improve air quality, making the space feel fresh and healthier.

Tomorrow, I am off to buy some plants as right now, I don’t have any….Just a few fake ones! I use to have a house full many years ago but the demands of my job didn’t give me much time to take care of them so some died on me… lol Now that I have more time to take care of them, I plan on getting some to brighten up the place and give me something else to do. Time for some new hobbies!!

Let in natural light: Natural light has a significant impact on our well-being. It boosts mood, energy levels, and stimulates vitamin D production. Arrange your space in a way that maximizes natural light, and consider using light curtains or blinds to allow more sunlight to enter the room.

My blinds are always open to get as much light as possible… I even bought a Sun Lamp last year that I find helps me in the mornings when don’t get light till after 7 am…. I even placed my desk right in front of the window so the light is always on me… Sunshine is just so upligting, isn’t it?

Choose soothing colors: Colors have a psychological effect on our mood. Opt for calming and soothing colors like blues, yellows, or neutrals in your living space. These colors can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Everything I get now is in bright colours!! No more blacks, dark greys, or dark browns for me anymore, not even in my clothes!! My new sofa will be blue!!

Personalize your space: Surround yourself with items that make you happy and reflect your personality. Display meaningful photographs, artwork, or sentimental objects that create a sense of joy and belonging. A personalized space enhances a feeling of comfort and contentment. My desk is covered in little things I have received over the years from others….

You see the intricate paper flower in this picture? It was made by my oldest son in 2005. It is a little worse for wear after all these years but is one of my most treasured possessions and is always hanging from my desk. The little whale above was also a gift from the same son a couple of years ago. I have a lot of little things hanging from my desk that I treasure…. Some were even personally made for me!

Create cozy and comfortable areas: Invest in comfortable furniture and add cozy elements like soft blankets, cushions, or rugs. Creating comfortable spaces encourages relaxation and promotes well-being.

I am re-doing our living room just for this reason! I am getting rid of all the furniture given to us by property owners we had! New sofa, rug, and have even updated my pictures I have of family members. I spent most of the day Sunday printing off new updated pictures of my family I have on my walls.

Incorporate scents: Pleasant scents can influence our mood and emotions. I always have candles and diffusers with scents like lavender, citrus, or eucalyptus to create a calming and refreshing atmosphere. I love plugins!

Create a designated relaxation area: Having a space solely dedicated to relaxation promotes mindfulness and helps to prioritize self-care. For me, this space is the bathroom. I love soaking in the tub, relaxing…. I got a new shower curtain a couple of months ago that is covered in Butterflies…. It is awesome! I have candles in there, a radio for music, and I relax for a hour or more, either playing a game or reading. I even use epsom salts! There is nothing like a long soak… I missed them the past couple of weeks while I recovered from laser surgery but can now enjoy them once again!

By sprucing up my living space, I am creating a harmonious and inviting environment that positively impacts my mental well-being. It allows me to unwind, recharge, and find comfort in my surroundings, ultimately promoting a healthier and happier mind.

When was the last time you spruced up your surroundings?

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