It is not my responsibility to accept blame for something I didn’t do, no matter how hard that other person is claiming that I did. Toxic people try so very hard to make their problems my fault.

No amount of speculation, implication, or word salad, could ever make me responsible for the actions I was being falsely accused of by another, for the simple fact that these things didn’t happen.

Take the situation with Canada Post they claim below. They think that because of the explanations they give, and the process of elimination, they did of people who had the information, it has to be automatically assumed that I was responsible. As they assume it was me, they proceed to act on those assumptions as if they were facts. Such convoluted logic.

No, they don’t need to explain why they think I would do such a thing, but they were responsible to show some kind of evidence that I did such a thing. Their suspicions don’t count, it is only words.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they did that themselves, just to have something else to blame me for.

They are outright accusing me of trying to get a copy of their mailbox key, and they are blaming HRTO for my ability to do that. All without ever providing any evidence of it.

They had nothing, other than their personal suspicions, that I did this act yet have no problem coming right out and accusing me of it and trying to place blame on members of HRTO. Their sly implications are deliberate acts to get under your skin.

This is what Toxic people do, make allegations and expect everyone to disprove them. If you don’t, then it means you did what they say you did. They twist it all around…. They act like it wasn’t their responsiblity to prove the claims they made!

The hypocrisy in this document over the site I had at the time,, is also there. Yes, I made that site just to see how easy it was, and to show KR & AR how it felt. They had just posted, which was a internet blog under my name, using my identity to make false claims and self-implicating statements to try and deny that it was their actions that got them evicted.

Their reaction was way over the top, especially seeing how they owned at the time. Bashing me for a site in their name, all while they had one in mine. Once again showng their belief of “do as I say, not as I do!”

As I always say, what came first? Their site, or mine? I understand now that my actions played right into their hands as they took things I did and played on them, rather than answer for anything they did.

KR & AR like to pretend that they are innocent, but we all know this situation was all their own fault and they did all this to themselves. They clearly admit they denied access, as they felt they were entitled to do so!

As I have learned, Toxic people tend to project their own actions and by stressing what a Liar I was all the time is one such projection.

They make claim that I was a liar, give explainantions of why they think I was lying, but they show no evidence proving what I said was a lie. They throw it out there, hoping that I will drive myself nuts trying to prove they lied. I did do that for a time, but had to break the habit as it wasn’t doing me any good. They always took everything I said and twisted it.

They have since found new people to terroize online, using the same allegations and strangeties they used with me, and are still making websites anonymously in other people’s names. You don’t agree with what KR & AR wants, they will accuse you of racism and discrimination and make threats of filing against you with Human Rights. It is there in their own words on their new sites too!

I was determined to defend myself, right or wrong, as I was angry over their continual lies, not knowing that no matter what I did, they were not going to stop. I had to get off the rollercoaster…I am glad to see their new targets are smarter than I was and are not engaging with them.

Ignoring them is the way to go as they run out of steam pretty quicklly when they have nothing to write about!!

Everyone knows that no landlord willingly goes through any process with the Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario and there was never any guarentee that they would even be evicted. I did ask for one, as I didn’t want to deal with them anymore, but I didn’t expect to get one. All I was expecting was them given an explanation of the rules of entry and an order for them to comply, whether they agree with how it was being done or not. It was their own words to the Adjudicator of stating no one was getting in when no one was home, that caused the eviction.

Don’t ever accept someone else’s projections, accusations, or blaming that you know does not belong to you! It is a deceptive ploy they use to get under your skin and drive you crazy!