Narcissitic Traits

It took me some time to reconize these traits below in the Adult Bullies I had in the workplace a few years ago but once I did, I could never unsee them.

These days I tend to look for these traits in other I meet as well, as it has become second nature to me now to protect myself from toxic people and their actions. I now know how to protect myself from people with similiar traits.

I have seen all of these traits in the narcissistic toxic bullies I have had who created domains where the content was intentionally made to attack the “core” of people they are mad at. While I wasn’t around these people much physically, their words on their many domains is enough for me to know their intentions with their actions with so many websites on the internet.

By “punishing” their targets with shame, blame, and projection, they are brainwashing us and others to associate speaking up with a defect to our characters at our core. By calling me and others names, bullying us with verbal abuse in the content of their sites, they are blaming us for “always” being wrong in all we do and say, for starting problems, assigning motivations to our words and actions that only we could know about, and projecting their flaws onto us are effective ways to get us to stop sharing what happened to us at their hands.

Speaking up and sharing your story of verbal abuse on websites contents created for the purpose of Cyberbullying you at the hands of toxic people, does not mean there is something wrong with you. You are speaking your truths as you see it and showing the complete disrespect in how you are being treated.

You have the right to speak up for yourself, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, they are only looking out for themselves.

If you recognize these 10 behaviors, you’re dealing with a low-key narcissist

Posted 02 Oct 2023, by Lachlan Brown

Ever meet someone who seems pretty great but there’s just something not quite right?

They’re always the star of their own stories or they think they’re the best thing since Netflix?

Guess what? You might be dealing with a low-key narcissist.

These guys aren’t as obvious as the classic narcissists, but their behavior can be just as draining.

Let’s explore 10 behaviors that might help you spot a low-key narcissist in your life.

1. They’re Always the Hero (Or Victim) of Their Stories

2. They’re Experts at Everything

3. They Rarely Admit They’re Wrong

4. They Lack Empathy

5. They Need Constant Praise and Attention

6. They’re Always Comparing Themselves to Others

7. They Can’t Handle Criticism

8. They Dominate Conversations

9. They Gaslight You

10. They Manipulate You[0]=AT1mot0P2s-QREFN6GFrPYt3a4TKqtscRBDvz-6p9Fp3ElgM4dXFrAhHm87Zu7scQERCE4qMic3Qkty1VlOq4kvX6BoiSzzBQEtMvS1e0n3ddMISYzKdtR1X2_qp14bCyQKs90HPfjtXlNiXF0pdXm3gr1k2KNRvQV65VM9HP3fWQ69AsuU

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