Narcissists Hate it When You Stand Up For Yourself

Narcissist Don't like it when you become visible.

Narcissists Hate it When You Stand Up For Yourself. As the poster above says, once you become visible and do your own website, they take that action and try to Gaslight you into feeling you are the problem for doing so. I won’t fall for it, no worries about that! They don’t see the hypocrisy they do!

Why would I respect anyone who gets mad at someone else for having a website, when they had 6 online all containing my name and info? Why do they feel they have the right to get mad at me for doing my own website, in my own personal name? I just don’t get it and I am glad I can’t. Here they are writing in a domain in my name about me, and I do the same and they get mad.

They get mad because the words in this site all come from me, while the words in their sites, are about me These Adult Tenant Bullies are afraid that my story, will be believed over their words. We all know people tend to believe the actual person who writes about my life, over someone writing about me from their opinions. 

Adult Tenant Bullies want me to feel guilty for not taking down my site, after their sites disappeared from the internet. They are implying that I said once the sites were “gone” I would remove my site, and as they were gone for 4 month form being online, he claims I am now the problem for not doing so. Of course they do! What else is new?

When did it become my job to make things comfortable for them? When did they get the authority to “test” me for anything? Yep, that bugs me, as it shows arrogance in their thinking. Their arrogance in thinking they have rights to speak about my life.

Well now, according to the new, they took the sites off for 4 months to test me and see if I would remove mine. Maybe it’s my own fault as I should have been more specific about what the “gone” meant for me, hey? Gone for me wasn’t just the sites and their contents not being seen online, it means the deletion of all the domains. We all know that a registered domain can show back up online with the same content at some point, just like it has! Nope, they need to be deleted, no more registration and I can take it for myself.

The past few months I have seen the benefits of having my own website where I share my story of being so extremely bullied by Narcissistic Adult Tenants. I am not ready to give it up yet, but it is changing to reflect my recovery, not so much focused personally on them. I know who they are and so do they. They are adults, at least I hope so, and they are tenants who rented an apartment in a building I worked in, and all their actions and words have proven to me they are Narcissistic intent on a Smear Campaign to try and ruin a reputation that is not important anymore. You can’t ruin something that is no longer important.

I am determined to leave them in their uncomfortableness and alone in their paranoia, their need to micromanage and control others who threaten them. I have my boundaries in place now and I will continue my mental health recovery. I will continue sharing my story, what I have learned about my personal situation, and what helps me recover from such a onslaught that was created by them all so long ago now. In telling and sharing my story, I gain back my personal power. I gain safety, not just in my environment, but also in my mind. The pros far outweigh the cons!

I am in control of my life and I decide what I do, not Adult Tenant Bullies like Kory & Allison Read! I pay the bill for my domain and for my hosting, not them so I decide when it stops. As they wrote to me once, Suck it!



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