Narcissists Do Not Win

narcissist do not win

In the end, Narcissists never win. They will always have to live with themselves and what they did! 

I got so angry over the dismissal of HRTO , as I felt cheated out of validation. I have since come to see that I already got it at various times over this situation. I was validated with every legal decision that was released, with every angry response I got out of them during HRTO, especially when they didn’t show up for the scheduled hearing with HRTO!

I was validated every time they lost, or walked away, from a legal hearing. Every time they tried to force people to accept that they refused entry because they didn’t want me in their apartment, in case things go missing, or they accuse me of targeting them out of racism. All those things they accuse me of, were just excuses.

Excuses they used to try and put the focus on me instead of what they do. I was validated when they got hit with having to pay $4000 in fine to Alto Properties. I got it watching the Divisional Court hearing and seeing them get shut down. I got it when Kory Read tried to make excuses about having to move out in June 2019. I got it in watching them physically load the moving truck and when I watched them leave! I got it in doing this website and being able to leave it online.

We all know what children are like, you say they did something and they always come back that “they made me do it”. I see the same childlike behaviour with this situation. They broke the rules and when faced with that, they turn around and accuse someone else of making them do it.

Who is really going to believe that I made them do anything they have done? They are adults, are they not? Adults are responsible for their own actions.

You know, if that meeting at that restaurant actually happened before I moved in to live and work there in June 2016, I would have admitted it. I have no need to lie. I am a adult and have no problem admitting to anything I do. I admitted I said things at the hearing and I apologized for that and learned from it. Not my problem if bullies want to hold onto that and use it as evidence against me. Even after all this time, that is the only thing they have to try and claim I am racist.

I did a lot of things I had to accept and deal with the past few yrs. Some of my reactions were not healthy for me and I had to deal with all that but I know it was out of reactive abuse. I was very hurt and wanted to hurt them back and I came to see it was understandable. I was abused. The crazy person I became for a little while was a reaction of all they put them thru. Just having a domain online in my personal name that I didn’t put there, was enough to drive me a little insane and there is some history of that on this site and in the internet archive. All their old sites I saved there. I have no problem with any of that anymore.

They can dwell on all their anger, hate, and resentment towards me and others. Those negative feelings are terrible to live with on a daily basis, I know, as I felt it myself for a long time. It is only the past year that I have gotten past it all myself. Holding onto hate will only end up hurting you, not them. They don’t care how you feel. Accept it. 

Hate seeps into your soul and smothers all positive thoughts and kills hope. Such negative thinking will smother you and make you into someone you don’t recognize. No Bully is worth that. I was in this dark hole for awhile and had to dig my way out. I am glad I did. I had to save myself. I had to remind myself of all the good things I still had and the more time that passed, the better I got. I refused to give in.

As the poster says, everything the narcissist projected onto you, is what they feel every day and they get to live with that. They called me racist, but in reality it is them who are. They accuse me of being a liar, but if you look at their words, you see who is lying.

I came to see the truth of this situation. Kory & Allison Read used many excuses to try and validate why they are smear campaigning so many people online in so many personally named domains but it will never hide the truth: they did it to themselves. The legal decisions have all the evidence you will ever need, the rest is just gaslighting by Bullies! 

They made a choice and instead of being a ADULT, they acted like a child and tried to claim someone else made them do it. They have to live with all the consequences of that decision. They lost their apartment, they lost credibility with the Social Justice Network of Ontario, they lost the respect of fellow tenants, and lost respect of various internet service providers, hosting companies, domain companies, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc…They were committing fraud in my name and I had every right to expose that to these services and that is also all on them.

I started this site to expose their actions against me, but I now see that they exposed themselves. With every act of fraud they did in my name online with various services, they exposed themselves. There was no way I was going to allow that to continue, they should have known I would find out and contact these services myself. I have no shame anymore, it is right back where it belongs, on them. If they hadn’t abused my name in that way, I wouldn’t have had to contact these services, would I? They brought that shame back on themselves, I didn’t make them do any of that.

I will always heal and rise again. They will always remain the same. 

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