Narcissistic Smear Campaign: Who is At Fault?

It Was Not My Fault

In the end, Narcissistic Smear Campaigns are the responsibility of the Bullies who start them. Everything that comes after, are results from that action. If they didn’t want me writing about them in my own site, they shouldn’t have posted everything so freely on the internet!

When you take personal documents that you gain in a legal action and post that on the internet, you are taking private information given under privacy agreements with HRTO and sharing it. That is illegal. That is what these people did, they shared private documents, covered under the Privacy Act of Canada, which is spiteful to me. They made this choice, now  they have to deal with it. 

Kory Read made the choice to post on November 2, 2017 after being evicted, and all the other domains that came after, with each loss they had in legal systems.  Every time they lost in court, they made and posted another personally titled domain filled with degradation of the target. What is that, if not revenge? I now know what they do in my name online. Revenge!

Adult Tenant Bullies make choices where they decide to make and post a domain in my personal name, where the contents gaslight my actions into what they want you to see about me as a person.

Kory & Allison Read didn’t have to buy and post domains in their targets personal names, and they didn’t have to make the content about the target either, all anonymously. That decision is all on them.  No one made them do it.

It all began with their choice to break the rules of entry and make and post, filled with omissions and outright lies!

After all, I am the real Stella Reddy and I know what I think and what my motives are! Who will you believe, them or me?

They should have known that I would figure it out, in time. What they can do, I can do. As they had a domain online in my name for 4 yrs, I too can have a domain online in my name, for even longer if I want! Nothing they say or do can control anything I do, online or off. If I want to make a friends, I will. If I want a job, I will get one. If I want to take all their personal websites and share them online, the titles and contents, I can do that too. You know why? They are on the internet and therefore free to take and use however I see fit! These are MY choices, if I so choose. 

I am allowed to defend myself against other peoples lies within websites and social media sites, online. It is a personal right I have, to look for my name and complain about posts online that I know are not true. I am even allowed to point out fraud, in my name online! I am also allowed to take these posts and write about them in my own personal site. I can take others people’s word too and give them my own little spins in content on my own sites.

I am choosing to take this situation and learn from it. Learning to be a better person, stronger, more resilient. I am creating boundaries for myself in all areas of my life and learning about myself and what makes me tick, and not concern myself over other people and their toxic opinions. If people want to be nasty, go ahead, it no longer concerns me and I don’t need to accept it nor be around it. I can choose who I want in my life and who opinions matter to me.

Everything on the internet is free for anyone else to take and write about in their own personal site, where they post their own personal opinions over the content. That is what the internet is for! So fo me to take their words and copy and paste it into my own site, I can do that, all I want. They lost ownership of all their content, the minute they posted it online, so anyone can take it and use it however they see fit! Anyone can!

I have learned so much since all this started. I now know that I am also allowed to make and post my own domain, in my personal name, where the contents are about me and my life experiences. If this content just so happens to be about their content, too, all the better. I am the person they write about so yes, I am allowed  take what they write and use it to talk about myself nd show where they are so wrong! I can write about myself and my experiences all I want! It is my life to write about, not theirs.

When it comes down to it, this is my life, not these Adult Tenant Bullies and I will be believed over anyone else in terms of my life and my experiences. There is safety in knowing that. It is empowering to know that. This is my life and I can share whatever I want online, even the words written by Adult Tenant Bullies they have about me.

I am getting better…The shame is gone, the fear is gone, even most of the anger now is gone. I have my own personal rights and do not answer to Kory & Allison Read. Their words mean nothing to me anymore, they are just words written by a Narcissistic Adult Bully out for revenge!


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