Narcissistic Personalities, like Kory Read, Do Not Care About Others, Time to Accept It!

Narcissistic Personalities just Do Not Care

It is now time for me to accept that Narcissistic Personalities, like Kory Read, just do not care about anyone else, just himself. This is how he is able to attack me on such a personal level and steal my personal name to abuse me online with their speculations on my personal life, even though we only had professional interactions from my job.

I spent way too long thinking they were like normal human beings, who had a moral compass and knew not to cross professional, and personal, boundaries of another person.

I spent way too much time trying to understand how someone could react so callously and cruelly and attack me on such a personal level, over a professional situation.

I spent way too much time wondering how another individual could be so heartless and cruel, thinking they didn’t grasp the severity of what they were doing to me, so I told them.

Numerous times I emailed them and told them what their actions was doing to my mental health, my fears and anxieties, and they did it anyway and continued to get worse. You can see the escalation of their personal attacks on, you can’t miss them.

I spent way too much time trying to get them to understand the depth of depravity they are showing in their contents, the height of invasion they did of my personal and professional life, and see how absurd it is to have occurred as they claim. 

I could never understand how a tenant could get so personal over a building staff members life, like Kory Read did on my life, from the beginning, with in Nov 2017. I never will, as I can’t think at their level,  and I am grateful for that. I don’t want to be like them!

As I said in a comment this morning, it is distressing, as it would be no different than a hair stylist who got personally attacked online, in a domain in their personal name, all because the customer didn’t like how his hair was cut? Or a customer of a bank made a website about the bank teller, who he felt spoke to him in the wrong manner while providing them service at the bank?

You wouldn’t expect a customer to do any of that for a service you provide to them, why should building staff be any different? It is a place of business and renting is providing a service. It was a job, like any other, with rules and regulations to follow, for all involved. They very clearly made a professional situation, very personal!

I spent way too much time wondering how they could do what they did to me online within various domains, not just one in my personal name. I had to give all that wonderings up and accept that Kory & Allison Read, know what they are doing, know what their actions are doing to my psyche, because I told them, and just did not care! 

They are not acting out of ignorance, they are being very deliberate in their actions, otherwise they would not deliberately have “Administrator” there to hide their name, they would proudly show it off that they are writing that content about me. 

I came to see that I didn’t need to wonder if they knew what their actions would do to my personal life, as they very clearly came out and said what they wanted to see happen to me from their websites and its many contents, which is ruin anything I have, such as employment, friendships, and even services I receive from the public and community I live in.

Kory & Allison Read want their nasty words of accusations online about me to be believed by members of my community, even now, so that I would be shunned and ostracized. That is the point of their Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying!

They will never get their wish, as you can’t make a professional situation like their eviction, into a personal situation like they tried to do.

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