Narcissism: Such a Sad Way to Live!

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I have been noticing lately that my research and reading on Narcissism tends to go into the science of it. Science is more manageable for me and is written with less emotion and it gives me the plain details that I can relate too!

Thinking this way is also helping me release any negative emotions I have left. My research is leading me away from anger and more towards empathy for the dilemma they found themselves in. It don’t excuse their behaviour, but I can understand it a bit more. They are screwed up, plain and simple. They hate themselves and their own inadequacies, which I can appreciate.

Come on, Kory Read hasn’t been able to keep a job in the 4 yrs I lived in the building and that would cause any man to feel inferior, no matter what excuse he gives for doing it. I saw this man spend months going to the Airport for training to refuel airplanes, as he posted his achievements on LinkedIn. The next thing I know, I see a plaque in his car for the Lyft, the ride sharing company, and even the Uber ride sharing, and that only lasted a couple of weeks and they were gone from the car and he was home again all day long, posting on his many domains instead. I think of these things, and I feel sorry for them. 

I watched Kory & Allison Read exaggerate talents and achievements in a unrealistic way, such as “being better in society than you and your children will ever be” because their children will become doctors and how a “black woman is doing better in life”. They never recognize that they don’t have the authority to refuse access, even when it is inconvenience for them. Grandiose fantasies, think they don’t need legal council and do it all on their own, loves to put down other people and what they do, regard themselves as unique and special, as they have the cleanest apt in the whole building and get along with everyone. Kory Read thinks he is superior and behaves in a selfish way, and boasts, all the time, over what they have in possessions and what they do in life. Kory Read lives by comparing himself to others and finding fault with you.

It is a sad way to live!

Wikipedia notes Narcissism as:

Narcissism is a self-centered personality style characterized as having an excessive interest in one’s physical appearance and an excessive preoccupation with one’s own needs, often at the expense of others.[1][2]
The grandiosity section of the Diagnostic Interview for Narcissism (DIN) (Second edition) is as follows:[5]

When it comes to Tenants who Bully, I have come to see that they attack out of extreme jealousy and feelings of inadequacy, because to this tenant, the building staff represents someone who has some amount of control over what they can do within the rental property. 

When I came into the property in late June 2016 and right off the bat, I started making changes to building procedures and was taking interest in how the property was being treated by the tenants living there. I had no fear to do my job and it didn’t bother me to face tenants wrath over the changes made, and Kory & Allison Read didn’t like it. Out of the 34 units in this property, it was ONLY these tenants of #303, of Allison & Kory Read, who had a problem with them. I can appreciate that as Tenants, Kory & Allison Read, didn’t like the changes I was making, but they refused to accept that it was required to be changed, to bring the building into current standards. All they cared about was that this was how they always did things, like making such a fuss over paying rent in cash for 13 months, and now all of a sudden they can’t. We all saw how upset they got over that!

I look back and can appreciate that Kory & Allison Read felt threatened by me. When I look at all the email responses I gave her, (yes, I still have all the emails) I see that most of what I did, is  copy and paste the rules directly from websites, showing the rules I had to enforce with tenants. I limited my personal thoughts, as I didn’t want a tenant to accuse me of “mis-interpretation” of  them, as Kory Read tried to do over propane BBQ. I learned a long time ago, to limit my personal interpretations to tenants, because of people similar to Kory Read. Tenants try to twist your words all the time and after 16 yrs in the industry, I was well aware of that. 

Kory & Allison Read were losing control and couldn’t get away with the things they did before. I caught both of them, sitting on the washers and dryers in the laundry room, and sent them a picture of them doing that, requesting that they stop. You know what they did after that? Started going to a Laundromat, rather than do laundry in the building. They were caught out and their response was to go elsewhere. I shamed them for what they did, by pointing it out, and they took away any opportunity for me to do that again, as they didn’t like it. I still have the pictures!

Here I was, sending out notices and letters, left and right, and they felt threatened. I was forcing them to make changes they didn’t want, so they bucked me at every opportunity and took every chance they had to take back some control.

I was a strong willed person, still am, and by comparison, Kory & Allison Read only knew how to Bully. They were always falling short, as they couldn’t fight the rules. They hated to lose, it is a  feeling which they loathe, a feeling which triggers them. In the worst possible ways. Narcissist like Kory & Allison Read hate that I had some say in what they did in the property, they had to do something to take the shame of what they did to themselves, by refusing access and clearly breaking the rules, and put it on me by telling lies of racism. If I felt bad over that accusation they made of me, they would feel better about themselves and what they did. It also caused the focus to change, rather than them explaining themselves, they tried to make me instead.

It is only by keeping you from truly living, that narcissists can live with themselves for what they do. This is where the Smear Campaign comes in. Kory Read had to find some way to get back at me for taking him to the LTB for eviction. This is why Kory Read started smearing me with tenants in the building, and anyone he saw entering the building. He wanted to make my life as uncomfortable as possible and ensure I felt shame, humiliation, and embarrassed, by his allegations. Kory Read even showed evidence in his own domains content that he accosted the owner in the Lobby one day too, as he expresses how he felt the owner could have “fixed” it. By doing what he was, Kory Read was disturbing my life, personal and professional, and that was his end goal. 

Retribution is the driving force of a Narcissist like Kory & Allison Read! You evicted me, I will ruin you. 

Over time, I have come to see that Kory & Allison Read truly believe their lies! They have told them so often, that they have totally convinced themselves that what they say is true. They have convinced themselves they did nothing wrong, that I made up that they refused access and wanted them evicted, because they were a interracial couple/tenants. To them, their lies are the truth and the truth, are lies. A narcissist “truth” consists of:

  1. Are lies.
  2. Are gibberish. Half word salad and half bluster and bravado.
  3. Are fantasies. They’re based on no evidence that ever existed in the real world
  4. Are magic. Meaning that, like a magician, he’s forcing you to focus on the wrong thing—on purpose. To distract you so he can decimate you.
  5. Are illogical. Will never obey the rules of logic.
  6. Are boring. They Follow the same tired, old playbook of half-truths and lies that he’s used on numerous partners before you.
  7. Are projections. Whatever they are, they’ll say you are.
  8. Are tricks. They’re trying to fool you. Trick or treat.
  9. Are bullshit. They’re hoping you haven’t gotten wise to their particular bs, yet.
  10. Are damaging, hateful & hurtful.

It didn’t matter that there were other tenants in the building who were also interracial couples/tenants, even some I rented too while I worked there. The other tenants were not as special as they were, they didn’t have “possessions I wanted to look at and report back to the owners on”. All haters have their “truth”. To Kory Read, I deserve to have online filled with his personal speculations and suspicions of my character, even though his allegations are illogical and pure fantasy. I have never seen any evidence of anything they have accused me of, have you? All I see is words salad and a lot of bravado!

Kory & Allison Read tried every which way to have me labelled a racist, and ostracized from society with no job, no friends, no family. He wanted me totally cut off from any support, living in shame and humiliation for what they accused me of. That only works though when the person is guilty! As I am not guilty of anything they accuse me of, I have no problem being open about this whole situation. I admit my mistakes, it’s all part of being a Adult!

Narcissistic Abuse needs to be exposed and Narcissists should be held to account for the nasty things they do to other people! 

I have read about “no contact” but I couldn’t do that in this case, as my personal name was being used to commit fraud on the internet and had to be aware of any of that so I can report it, so I still look for my name online every day and question places I see that I didn’t put there myself. It is my name they use and abuse, my picture they share, my personal info, so yes, I will look. Kinda stupid not to expect me to do that!

This is their intent! The target, in the end, is so broken… often their life is left in tatters. They are fearful of the world now, like I was for so long! I became so accustomed to living in a constant state of anxiety that everything made me feel anxious. There is a constant feeling of dread and impending doom, like someone is out to get me, which they were! I constantly had to fight the feeling of ants crawling all over me, for the contents of these domains being online. I became paranoid because I was so used to the Tenant Bullies being just around the corner, waiting to catch me doing this misdeed or that bad act and twist it with their speculations in their content in these domains. I became afraid to form relationships for fear of ever succumbing to my emotions and giving someone control over me again. My home became my safe haven, a place where I can hide and not worry about impending dangers. I didn’t invite people to my home because it is hard to trust. What if that person has bad intentions? Everyone is looked at negatively, because they could be the new boogie man. It’s so hard to trust when you have had unbelievable things done to you. Your privacy taken from you. Your identity stolen. Your independence ripped away. Your rights as a human being denied. It is much safer to just be a hermit. To eat, sleep, and then start over. It’s peaceful… it’s safe. Isolated.

That is the end result of a nasty Smear Campaign, like,,, I became fearful of everyone and everything and nearly commited suicide over the hopelessness of it all, not once, but twice. Even Kory Read has promoted my suicide in his posts…. who does that? A very sick man.

Kory & Allison Read are ALREADY LOSERS. They are so shitty that they can’t see how shitty they are. They are so delusional in their own mind and false beliefs because their ego is so big. They think they are so slick and smart and awesome that they can hide under sheep clothing pretending to be a good person and no one knows how bad they really are. This is where they are so wrong. EVERYBODY knows these people are shit. No one wants anything to do with them. But these narcissists DON’T know that. They walk around with their giant ego thinking everyone thinks they’re awesome and love them, but no one does.  Some people may be deceived by the narcissist but I promise you the narcissist is never able to keep up that mask forever. Everyone will see them for who they are in time. I see this everywhere I look! I have had so many people apologize to me for what happened in that property in 2017-2019 , all because Kory Read had convinced him he was right, but once all the Legal decisions started coming out, they started seeing the truth of it. No one will support Kory & Allison Read for the long haul, the Legal Decisions that have been released, take precedence over their lies, and always will. I see the truth, and in accepting it, I am freeing myself from the effects of it!

I mentioned before that Kory & Allison Read came to the property once after they moved out, to visit their friends who were my neighbours, but that was the only time I saw them there. They never returned after that one time and I know from all the apologies I got from tenants after they moved, that they no longer had any support from anyone living there, not even my neighbours. Kory & Allison Read are no longer welcome by any tenant in that property and haven’t been back there since, that I heard of.

I lived in this building for just over 4 years when I moved out, and once I became distrustful of Kory & Allison Read in 2016, I would make note sometimes that I never saw anyone come to visit them at their apartment. Even during Christmas time, I never saw company coming and going from their apartment, as yes, towards the last couple of years, I would look. I didn’t trust them, not one little bit. I would see other tenants talking to them, mostly in the hallways, but other than my neighbours, no one visited them socially while I lived there that I noticed. This did give me some comfort!

I came to see what losers they really were, as in the end, they drove people away by their behaviour. In time, normal people see their actions, especially with their domains and their contents, and will avoid them, not me. No one wants to be around such negativity all the time, I know I don’t!

I do feel bad for them, but, in the end, they brought it all on themselves for stealing my personal name, and info, for their domain, where they speculate on my personal life they know nothing about. 

Pathological grandiosity has been associated with one of the two subtypes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Gabbard, 1989).[3] Characteristics of the narcissist-grandiose subtype (as opposed to the narcissist-vulnerable subtype) include:

  • Being labeled the “oblivious narcissists” as they are oblivious to the impact of their actions on others or how they are perceived by others.
  • Devaluation and criticism of people that threaten self-esteem.
  • More likely to regulate self-esteem through overt self-enhancement (over-claiming abilities or exaggerating situations to project superiority)
  • Denial of weaknesses. Exaggeration of abilities.
  • Controlling others whilst both belittling (criticizing) and taking credit for their actions.
  • Inflated demands of entitlement, superiority (“Don’t you know who I am?”). Exaggerated beliefs of self-importance, superiority, achievement, and ability; manipulative behaviors as well as expectations of obedience, admiration, and entitlement; and preoccupation with “fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty, or the perfect mate”.
  • Consistent anger when confronted with unmet expectations or any perceived slight or accountability for actions. Prone to easily exploding into rage, overreacting, and possibly even becoming aggressive whenever they feel attacked by even the slightest criticism. Blame shifts when accountable.
  • Diminished awareness of the cultural dissonance between their expectations and reality, along with the impact this has on relationships
  • Overt presentation of grandiose fantasies, wealth, success, and status.
  • Oblivious that expectations of entitlement (overspending, taking advantage) may make a poor impression on other people.
  • Conflict within the environment is generally experienced as external to these individuals (i.e., not their fault), rather than as a measure of their own unrealistic expectations
    All the traits I see above, I have seen the past few years from Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read.
    Kory & Allison Read just do not care.
    They do not seem to care that people can see they are doing a smear campaign online, nor do they care how devious it looks to steal someone’s personal name for the domain title. There is so much information on the internet about toxic people and narcissistic personality disorder, that you can use to show the intention behind their words and actions. They just do not care!
    Once you start accepting that these people are not Normal and therefore do not react in a Normal way, your eyes begin to open and you realize that you need to stop concerning yourself with the “why” of it, and just accept they did what they did, and move on from it. That is my plan and I am very grateful to see it is working! Every day, I care less and less about what they do and more about myself and how I feel. I am focusing on me, where it needs to be!

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