My Very First Website

In September 2019 I did a Wix site called “KR’s Confession”, as I was so angry and frustrated over seeing all the new sites showing up, one in my own personal name they stole to use, on April 21, 2019, just a few months before.

I never read, and absorbed, this document Form 12 that they sent on October 16, 2019, until I got it with the Request for Info I did of HRTO  a couple of years ago, as it really was frustrating to see their hypocrisy in action.

They truly are hypocrites and think they can do what they want with domains, yet no one else can. 

I did a website like this out I learned out of reactive abuse, as I was tired of being abused myself on their websites and seeing all their lies being told to HRTO.

Yes, what I did was wrong, I admit that, but I was driven mad seeing all the stuff they were posting online on these sites. By this time, KR & AR had,,, and, where they tried really hard to deny the evidence of their actions.

They tried so hard to get people to accept that they had every right to deny entry, and they were “illegally” evicted.

They proceeded to change the facts of this situation by changing words, such as “void” all of a sudden turned into “illegal“; my “nephew” became my “great-nephew“; they removed the word “basically” from my statement of him “basically bumping into me in the lobby”.

All the comments I made at the Hearing were to repeat what I was told by others, and what they wrote and said to me, not evidence to prove their claims. I had no choice but to repeat everything they claimed I said and did to them, how else would the adjudicator know the situation?

Why these Tenants were stuck on proving what a liar they believe I am when it has nothing to do with HRTO? You can’t make assumptions about someone and then think they are just accepted as facts. They are not…

These statements made here show they are hypocrites. Pretending to be such upstanding citizens who would never resort to doing such things as they claim was done to them.

Here they are disparaging me for making and posting this one website sharing my personal opinions and speculations no different as they do on, and this is their response… they are hypocrites and nothing proves it more than this reaction to my website that I made in response to and the others...

The whole time pretending to be Stella Reddy in this extreme over-the-top and malicious manner with no fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying Stella Reddy as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual. 

Reading the rest of KR’s disturbing and alarming phoney website,, in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that is very offensive and abusive towards Stella Reddy and her family.

The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website,, is nothing more than KR making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appealing statements on behalf of Stella Reddy for his own personal gain, joy, and retaliation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO. 

The whole time pretending to be KR in this extreme over the top and malicious manner with no with fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying KR as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual.

Reading the rest of Stella Reddy’s disturbing and alarming phoney website ( KR’s Confession Blog ) in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards KR and our family.

The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website is nothing more than Stella Reddy making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appalling statements on the behalf of KR for her own personal gain, joy and relation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO.

I had no need to lie about my job title, my job contract shows it very clearly, no matter what this Tenant says he believes. This is the stuff that would drive you mad…They try so hard to make you believe that what they have to say is more important than the person with the actual position!

Think about this…

If Stella Reddy is willing to lie to the SJTO/HRTO over a simple thing like just being called a Property Manager vs. a Superintendent. What isn’t Stella Reddy willing to lie about to the SJTO/HRTO?

There is something very wrong with a person when they react in this manner to being shown how it feels to have their name bashed on the internet.

By the time they wrote this Form 12 and submitted it to HRTO on October 16, 2019, they had,,, and online filled with their assumptions, yet think there is nothing wrong with doing this?

KR & AR made and posted websites since November 2, 2017, against various people, no denying that. They made these sites out of revenge, there is no denying that either. their wording gives it away, every time!

This first website was my first attempt at standing up for myself and showing everything that was said and done to me. I have learned a lot since then and most of my anger is now gone.

I share my story now to warn people about these Toxic Adult Bullies and show their nasty documents and websites they did out of revenge. I try to tie it all together, their nasty smear campaigns and cyberbullying of so many people, over the past 6 1/2 years. It isn’t just me they go after either…

I shared all of the documents I was given, as really why hide anything? This over-the-top reaction to the website I made, shows their hypocrisy in all its glory. They pretend to be such innocents and don’t want people to know that they are the narrators of all their nasty websites and their contents, but they can’t hide anymore.

All you need to do is look at all their sites and their contents to know their true character and that they are not innocent! Innocent people don’t write narratives as they do!,,,,,,, Even the Ko Ry on gives the owners of their sites away.

Come what may, I know the truth. So will everyone else. In time, KR & AR will be held to account for all they do against so many individuals, not just me.

We all need to get together and compare notes and you will see just how similar it all is from one person to the next… 

I refuse to remain quiet so they can continue with their smear campaigns and cyberbullying, trying to convince people they know their Targets to write what they do.

The narrators of these websites are strangers to all they attack in the content and given time, once you see past the salaciousness of their narratives, you will see for yourself. 

They are Toxic Adult Bullies intent on Cyberbullying out of revenge.

Who is this person to make these types of statements above that my statement that I want to catch anything noted about me on the internet as “grossly exaggerated and an outright lie” when he can’t possibly know that?

This is more invalidation of me as a person they constantly do. 

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