My Surgical Recovery

Gratitude: that is how I have sat here for the past 10 days and dealt with the pain from surgery. I feel so much gratitude for my strength and resilience, my high pain tolerance, and of course for my hubby, family, and friends.

I would not have made it this far without all the support I have had, including from the Nurses and Doctors. I had a wonderful experience at the Health Science Center and everyone there took very good care of me. I now have great memories of that hospital, not just bad ones.

I got my staples removed today!! 10 days after surgery the staples are gone! It feels so much better with them gone…I can walk, (didn’t get a walker after as I don’t need it). I look forward to all the walking!

I still can’t do too much, no lifting, pushing, pulling anything over 5 lbs for the next 2 months, but I can walk and go outside. Hubby got us a new propane BBQ last weekend and I am so excited to use it!!

I can shower, stand at the sink to wash dishes, and cook, as long as I don’t stand in one spot for too long. I am so grateful I am a fast healer!! As long as everything is within reach, I will be good.

I have watched quite a bit of TV over the past 10 days, it is how I pass the time when I am not napping… I am all caught up now with my shows. Halo, CSI: Vegas, and lots of True Crime shows…I even watched a few movies, mostly romances… 🙂 There has been music of course!! I love my headphones, I can have it as loud as I want!

It has only been the past couple of days that I could sit long enough to type! I have lost weight. 9 lbs so far and I expect to lose more yet by the time I am done.

My back is still stiff and sore, but the pressure and weight I felt in my lower spine before surgery are gone. My skin around the area is touchy, so much so that I can’t lay on my back at all nor lean back against anything yet. My right leg was weak after surgery, I couldn’t lift it onto the bed, but it is getting stronger as time passes. At least now I can lift it!

I don’t see the Doctor till the end of June but until then I can walk and rebuild my strength…Every day, I feel physically stronger! I am grateful for that. Even the pain has been manageable! I just gotta learn to pace myself…

The next couple of months will be interesting but I am well on my way! It is going to be an awesome summer!!

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16 thoughts on “My Surgical Recovery

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am on the mend! I get up every morning to more mobility and less pain.
      How is everything in your world? I hope all is well!

    1. 🌞 Thank you Pooja! I have a nap every day and have every intention of taking it easy for the next couple of months. More time to write, especially now that I can sit long enough to do so!

      1. Thanks Pooja… Can ya believe we have had SNOW overnight? Not good weather here this weekend so good thing I am not going anywhere!

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