My Life is In MY Hands


Life is funny sometimes. It took getting an education to learn my value, not just to the people who care about me, but also in myself. Your life is in your hands, not your bullies. Just as I control my own life, not my adult Tenant Bullies. No matter what implication they write and share with others about me, in the end I can choose not to pay attention and live my life in total freedom. I don’t need to accept the words of someone who is not in my life. 

As they say, you would never go to a Bully for advice, why would you accept anything they have to say? Their opinions have no value to you and your life, as all they want to do is bring you down and make you feel bad. It isn’t worth it.

Bullies are everywhere but I am in a unique position in that I don’t need to tolerate them anymore. I can chose to live my life in peace. I wanted to pare down my life and my responsibilities, and I have done that. I minimized the pressures in my life by retiring and it was the best decision I ever made.

Every single circumstance in my life has changed with the decision to not value what they have to say anymore. My mind has opened and I see clearly for the first time in a long time.

I see magic in the world once again. I am off to explore some of it!! 


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