My Insights For Today: June 7, 2024

You're Healing To Be Able To Handle Joy

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4 Replies to “My Insights For Today: June 7, 2024”

  1. Happy Friday Lorrie 🙂 Hope you gain more strength in your walks, and I just have to thank you for your brilliant presence here (WP). I have learned a great amount of knowledge from your writing and have implemented some of your wisdom. You are right! <3

    1. 🌞 Happy Weekend!! I hope you have a Sunny one!
      Thank you, I greatly appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to me. I am so happy the knowledge I have gained from my experiences are helping you in your own life. There is so much we can learn from each other, if we are open to receiving it. I too, have learned so much from you! I find the community of WP wonderful!
      My walks are fantastic! I went Downtown yesterday, and today, I am going with hubby to the grocery store. My World is slowly expanding again and I am experiencing more things! Before you know it, I’ll be outside every day, taking in Mother Nature and all its beauty once again.

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