As I am healing from emotional abuse, I have become less reactive and the peace of mind I have just from that alone has been sustaining me for the past few months. I feel more at peace, even though I still know the websites containing my name are still there. Learning about all the Toxic Traits I have been exposed to, has made it easier to tolerate.

I have reached a level of acceptance that their past, or future, actions cannot disturb anymore. They want to transfer their domains and start all over against writing posts filled with their personal perceptions, go right ahead. I have come to see they are exposing more of their own characters than they ever could of mine.

From June 4, 2018, till July 2022, every time I would see their emails in my Inbox, my body would react very badly. I would sweat, my heart would race, and my stomach would start rolling, and more often than not I would throw up before I even read it.

This was a terrible experience. It became a habit for my body to react that way and it was a hard one to break. Even being outside and seeing a similar car as theirs, would give me the same reaction. They became part of my triggers but over time, I managed to release them. I have felt so many strong emotions over the past few years, it was hard to process them all. Being invalidated is still a strong one for me.

My anger has also sustained me for the past few months too since I got the email from them on June 27, 2022, and showed up on July 8, 2022. There is no justification for KR & AR to have online. It is my FaceBook, not his, to share and promote anywhere and his many derogatory comments show his vicious intent.

It was a very deliberate malicious act they did, and it shows their attempts to cause fear within me from members of my Community here in NL, just as he did with in Ontario. This Adult Bully wants me to live in fear of people, so much so that I would isolate myself and not engage in my Community. This Bully is hoping I will give up on living, just because of his words being so publicly online for anyone to find and get mad at me over. That is not gonna happen.

You can also see their strong sense of entitlement within these words, as they truly believe they have the influence to sic anyone after me, just because they say so. This shows me their delusional thinking.

That act was done very deliberately and the wording within of “assuming this new identity in an attempt to hide from my local people here” in NL are inciting words, as he hopes they would cause someone in my Community to attack me for what they have written. “it is clear” it is his opinions, not facts. Their personal opinions don’t count.

Honestly, they are complete idiots in my opinion if they think anyone in NL will say anything to me about their delusions as written on their many websites. The very fact that no one has ever said a negative word to me for their websites, tells me that these Toxic Bullies are not being believed. Why would they?

I have been violated by Toxic Adult Bullies’ actions in the past as I allowed their antics to get under my skin, but not anymore. I accept that I am responsible for my emotional reactions to their Bullying ways and to find ways to stop reacting that way and I am getting there.

I am stronger than I look and have survived way more than being Bullied by idiots who think they have the influence to affect my personal life, just with their derogatory words on obscure websites. I am a survivor.

By sharing this website, all their websites, on my own blog, is a clear indication that I am not hiding. I have nothing to hide from!

KR & AR did this action, not me. It is their Shame to carry!

Lorrie Reedy the self proclaimed racist slur “NEWFIE” from Newfoundland is really Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy has assumed this new identity in her attempt to hide her racist past and behavior while living in Ontario at 859 Kennedy Road from the local people in her own community in Newfoundland.

It is clear that she knows what she did was wrong as she goes under the new name of Lorrie Reddy and not Stella Reddy. Trying to hide in plain site, trying to avoid being associated with her racist behavior, actions, and words.

Actions speak louder then words!