Below is my recollection of our very first meeting. This is what gaslighting does, makes you look for evidence of the truth that you know to be true.

There was no prior meeting at some restaurant, as they claimed over a year later at the hearing.

Toxic Adult Bullies can gaslight people all he wants over this, I know this meeting never happened, and I can prove it. The evidence I submitted to HRTO shows this was not even possible to have occurred, not on any day in June 2016.

Why else do you think they ignored the hearing? They knew they lied. There was no mention of any prior meeting at any of these interactions, as they haven’t made it up yet. This is also clear evidence that this meeting did not happen.

At no time before August 2016 did any of these 2 people mention any prior meeting. Nothing was said when they came to pay rent in cash on July 5, 2016, not even on August 1, 2016, when she tried to record me not accepting her cash rental payment. Not even when she came back later and sat in the office and spoke about how to pay her rent, as she didn’t want to incur extra fees for money orders or personal cheques and I said I would check to see about e-transfers. Of course, this fictitious prior meeting at some restaurant was never mentioned at any time from June 29, 2016, till that letter came on August 31, 2016, where they made a vague reference to it, as it didn’t happen.

It was something they made up from August 31, 2016, till the hearing date of Sept 26, 2016. It was only at this hearing did I hear any name of any restaurant, but of course, they would pick one that was closed down, so I couldn’t check, and they said more details of what they claimed I said to them.

I would have been some person to go up to total strangers and talk to them like they claim I did, especially seeing as they were tenants and would be living in the same building as myself and I would have to see them all the time around. Anyone who knows me at all would know I don’t do those things. I don’t even talk to tenants I ran into off the property. Why would I?

I knew Toxic Adult Bullies would be a demanding tenant. Once you work in the rental industry for a while you get pretty good at judging tenants’ behaviour.  I don’t care about anything else, just that they follow the rules of apartment living!

I never care about what a person looks like, whether they are male or female, just that they follow the rules and pay their rent on time. To me, tenants were not by name, just unit numbers.

You see, people come and go but the apartment number stays the same and my responsibility was to the apartment, not the people living in them! Tenants are nameless and faceless, just unit numbers. Why should I go out of my way to get to know names and faces, when they change so much?

I never made friends with tenants, there was no socializing. I did my job of looking after the property, not the people living within it! There was no way any tenant could ever claim I was giving another special treatment, over any issue!

I wasn’t responsible for people and making sure they were okay. I am not a babysitter! People are responsible for themselves and their own behaviour within the property. Apartment Buildings are not Daycares for Adults.

When a Tenant comes to the office yelling and screaming at you, no matter the reason, you know they are going to be a problem. Toxic Adult Bullies is the type of tenant who will try to Bully you into compliance with what they want! I have numerous letters and emails from AR proving this trait! Unfortunately, it wasn’t my first time with tenants like this!

No matter how you examine her behaviour while I worked there, even after I didn’t, she is the one who portrayed herself ” as a stereotype, ill-mannered, and ill-tempered, loud, aggressive, demanding, and uncivilized Angry Black Woman ( Sapphire)“, as described by her own husband on their domains.

No one else ever wrote this description about Toxic Adult Bullies, just her own husband, Toxic Adult Bullies, within the content of his domains. Who does that?

The letters and emails I received from Toxic Adult Bullies, as shared below, will give you an idea of what her behavior was towards me. Talk about jumping to conclusions!

You can feel the attitude and demands in her words. It wasn’t fun, I can tell you! Yes, you will even see me talking about needing counselling once again and about leaving my job, which I ended up doing on July 4, 2018, when I went into psychosis for 2 days!

I went through my papers and will include all emails from Toxic Adult Bullies that I received during her tenancy. You can make up your own mind about her behaviour! I even included some of my own with various other people!

Upon reading their letter below, you can see their minds turning and see the many implications they expand on when they reach a certain conclusion.

Sure, I appreciate it was upsetting to get a Form N5 for refusing access, but the screw-up of appointments wasn’t my fault but they blame me anyway. Even when I got a letter from the company explaining they screwed up, it was still my fault as far as they were concerned.

This is the beginning where they didn’t care what the truth exposed, they went on their own anyway. When I texted Toxic Adult Bullies about the screw-up, her response was “okay”.  That is all on her, as that response was her permission to the change. She can’t change that, which is why she got so defensive in this letter and made the claims she did.

Original Message—–

> From: a

> Sent: August 3, 2016 4:47 PM

> To: 859kennedy

> Subject: Alternative Method To Paying Rent

> Hi Stella,

> I am just following up with you in regards to our conversation on

> Tuesday August 2, 2016 about an alternative method of paying my

> remaining rent as the owners no long will accept cash from me after 13

> months of doing so.

> I also went to reiterate that I CAN NOT afford to pay anything extra

> outside of my regular rent.

> Can you please let me know where Alto Properties is at in regards to

> taking my remaining rent for the month of August.

> Thanks

> A

—–Original Message—–
From: a
Sent: August 31, 2016 11:26 PM
To: ‘859kennedy
Cc: ‘altoproperties
Subject: A 303 – 859 Kennedy Road

I have attached a letter addressed to Stella to this email.


Dear Stella ( Alto Properties )

I want to acknowledge that I have received your frivolous and empty threat of eviction due to YOUR INABILITY TO GIVE PROPER NOTICE. 

As my memory serves me, your original notice that I signed and agreed to was dated for: Monday August, 29, 2016 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

On this above date, you notified me at 2:01 pm via an email and not by a phone call that you had cancelled that appointment after 3 hours of me waiting, and you had already rescheduled for the next day at 9:00 am without okaying it with me or getting my signature for the Tuesday August 30, 2016 pest control appointment.

These are your ( Stella ) exact words:

“Magical Pest Control screwed up our service date and has moved treatment to tomorrow at 9 am for this building. I am very sorry about this but it is out of my control. Treatment will be done tomorrow at 9 am. “

It is obvious that Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) could not be bothered to ask anyone if it was convenient for them, nor did you care if it even was. Obviously you had some deep desire to get into everyone’s unit as fast so you could ( I assume ) to assess their standard of living and report back like a good little worker to Louie and Antonio on what you had seen.

There is no other logical reason for the pest control to come back immediately the next day less than a 24 hour period later. I guess the staff at the pest control company screwing up the date, wasn’t a logical reason? 

It could not be the cock roaches as they have been present in this building since I moved in over a year ago. So I am unclear as to why you could not reschedule the pest control for at a minimum couple of days later?

This would allow people to make any arrangements they needed to have someone there when you enter their units. Believe it or not, people are not comfortable with strangers in their apartments, even alleged superintendents that have been working in this field for 16 years in Canada.

Noting that the previous date that you set for pest control was set in and about a week prior to them coming. Suddenly on this day, you NEEDED pest control to be there STAT the following day. 

I guess that Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) think that people do not have to go to work, nor do they have any type of errands, appointments or business to take care on any given day.

Apparently Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) did not care that everyone emptied their cupboards, pulled out their stoves and refrigerators and waited 3 hours for an appointment that never happened that was arranged by you.

Instead of the 3 of you being considerate to everyone else needs, and the fact that you have now asked the tenants to do pest control back-to back days. The 3 of you decided that you would do what you want, when you wanted and how you wanted.

Under the act it clearly states:

27. (1) A landlord may enter a rental unit in accordance with written notice given to the tenant at least 24 hours before the time of entry under the following circumstances:

I may not have been in school for a while, but when I last check 2:00 pm on Monday August, 29, 2016 until 9:00 am Tuesday August, 30, 2016 is ONLY 19 hours. This obviously does not fall with in the 24 MANDATED time frame.

Once you did not meet YOUR OWN timeline that YOU created for pest control, YOU decided to reschedule without considering anyone else’s ability to meet your needs to have this done on back-to- back days. It did not become mine or any other tenant’s problem when you could not met your arrangements with pest control.

They were so desperate to blame me and the owners for pest control screwing up the date. Yes, I was in habit of giving a weeks notice for pest control treatments, so yes I would not normally give 24 hours notice, which is why I ASKED all the tenants affected that day if it was okay, and obviously AR gave the okay by text. IF she had said no, its not enough time, rather than responding OKAY that I have, I wouldn’t have went there and they wouldn’t have gotten a form N5. So very simple when you look at it. “Magical Pest Control screwed up our service date and has moved treatment to tomorrow at 9 am for this building. I am very sorry about this but it is out of my control. Treatment will be done tomorrow at 9 am. “

We as tenants are entitled to a 24 hour written notice and I would expect someone who claims to have been an alleged superintendent for 16 years in Canada, would have a much better and clearer understand of the act with its clear wording.

But being that you are a bully in nature, you just tried to set a date and time and expect everyone to fall in line with YOUR needs.

Apparently you deliberately misread the act and were trying to use the Entry Without Notice clause to get into my unit.

  • (1) A landlord may enter a rental unit at any time without written notice,
  • in cases of emergency; or
    • if the tenant consents to the entry at the time of entry.

Which we both know that you cannot apply this to the August 30, 2016 date.

Up until this very moment, I am still confused as to what was the big hurry to get pest control into everyone units?I suspectthat there is more to this than just pest control issues.

I also need to address the fact that you stated in your email, and to everyone involved that pest control would be here at 9:00 am on August 30, 2016. And yet you did not knock on my door until around 11:30 am I am told. I am sure that your video footage would confirm that.

That is a 2 ½ hours gap from when pest control was supposed to be here according to you. Pest control had to do 3 apartments on the 4th floor before reaching my floor ( 3rd ).

That means if pest control was on time, it took them 50 minutes to do each unit on the 4th floor with a little powder sprayed behind the refrigerator an stove and some gel in the cupboards.

Upon speaking to other tenants that did receive the pest control treatment. Pest control was in and out in approximately 5 minutes. So I can only conclude that again you inaccurately stated what time they were coming.

I again guessthe Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) think that tenants have nothing to do for 2 days in a row other than sit around waiting for your timelines to come and go?

So with the above now clarified, I know what to express my thoughts about your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document.

I do not appreciate Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) harassing and threating me and my family with eviction purely based on the issue that I told you in an email this morning, that I was going to file a complaint with the Landlord and Tenant Board based on the issue of the camera you have facing into units. 203, 303,403 and 503. 

Severe Gaslighting coming below! Of course, their assumptions are all that count!

There is no room to interpret this spiteful act as being any form of coincidence or happenstance. It was only after I emailed you ( Stella ) at 8:45 am on Wednesday August 31, 2016 for the names of the owners of the building for my application for the Landlord and Tenant Board. That suddenly I am now being targeted and given a deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal documents that PROMISE to get me evicted based YOUR INABILITY TO GIVE PROPER NOTICE.

It amazes me that more than 24 hours had passed before you suddenly decided that there was a need to give me this inaccurate and false M5 legal document threatening eviction after learning of my intent to take an issue in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board.

It also amazes me that I was in fact given over 24 hours of time before I was served with your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document. And yet I could not get that same courtesy in regards to the pest control wanting to come into my unit on back-to-back dates.

You have been nothing but a bully since you enter this building as the superintendent. I want to inform you that I no longer wish for you to seek me out to speak to me anymore. If you wish to speak to me regarding something related to my unit or the building, you need to put it in a letter or email from this point forward. I WILL NOT communicate with you were a paper trail cannot be made and followed.

I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “ were not comfortable “ with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “ a liability issue.”

Now there is the issue of Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) placing a camera that looks into my unit and takes pictures. How is a camera, in the elevator, taking pictures of inside their unit with the elevator door closed most of the time? 

Add this threating and intimidating N5 eviction legal document that is based on information the 3 of you know is deliberately inaccurate and false. Has only strengthened my beliefs that I am being targeted by the 3 of you.

Let me make this very clear for you Stella, Louie and Antonio.

This is where they start building their lies, you can see the implications below where their thinking is going!

I am not sure why it is that suddenly everyone has taken such a sudden interest in trying to build a case on me and wanting me out of YOUR building. I am not sure if sudden on of you realized I was black, maybe someone realized that my children were mixed, or because I am on Social Assistance.

I mean it could very well be that because my partner is white and that inter-racial relationships are frowned upon by you 3 white people and is not tolerate or welcomed in YOUR building. But I do know that the problem starts with you, Stella.

I have lived here for over a year without ANY issue and suddenly I am having issues with Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ). You not wanting to accept my rent, threating me with eviction if I don’t pay my rent via cheques or money order, even after paying with cash since I moved in.

I don’t know if Louie and Antonio never had the nerve or courage to act upon their hatred for me and my family, and now that the old superintendents are gone and you’re in. Maybe now they have suddenly found themselves the MARTER that they can rally behind?

Seriously, the 3 of you give me an N5 form that threats me with evictions based on everyone knowing that the information that is to be provided is deliberately inaccurate and false.

By threating to present this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document to the courts as a legal document, you would be acting in bad faith. The N5 that has been presented to me by Louie, Antonio and you ( Stella ) is at worse misleading. It certainly violates the basic standards of honesty in dealing with others and it would be recognize just as that in any civil lawsuit.

Let us not even start to discuss the issue the serving me with this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document and how it was done purely to be spiteful and, to send me a message that I should not question the actions of the owners or staff of 859 Kennedy Road.

I now would like to address the issue of our past conversation Stella, where you ask my where I was “from?”

I do not appreciate your ignorance and stereotypes in thinking that because I am black that I could not be born in Canada. I also do not appreciate you asking me if my children were “malado”.

I did not think that I need to explain this to you Stella, but these are terms and questions that are no longer acceptable in society, and the fact that you felt comfortable enough with me to ask these questions after only speaking to me for a brief time. Says to me that you have some form of personal issue that need to be dealt with.

I also found it offensive that you said that you have been an alleged superintendent for 16 years here in Canada.

I am perplexed  as to why you felt the need to include the word “Canada” at the end of your sentence? 

This is how I know this conversation NEVER took place.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t talk that way and I NEVER use Canada or Canadian to describe myself, as I am a proud Newfie! 

I can only guess, were you trying to imply that because I am not white, that I could not have been in Canada for 16 years?

Or is it that you feel that your 16 years in Canada makes you a better person and better qualified to be an alleged superintendent than someone who was a superintendent abroad?

Maybe you said it because you were an alleged superintendent in Canada for 16 years, so your opinion and views on being a superintendent have more weight and value over someone like myself who was born abroad?

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you Stella. I never had any doubts that you lived and work in Canada. In fact I had absolutely no reason to even question what country you have been alleged a superintendent in.

Apparently you feel that being a superintendent in Canada comes with some kind of Canadian privilege and/or pride attached to it? I guess you could not have just said that you have been a superintendent 16 years.

If you were a superintendent in Italy, would you have said the same thing?

In speaking with you it appears to me that you are considered yourself a great superintendent because you were born and raised and work your whole life in Canada.

I think at this point in time, I need to clear the air of some misunderstanding the 3 of you have about me.

If anyone of you think that you are going to threaten and try to bully, force and intimidate me and my family to bow down to you and you deliberately inaccurate and false legal document.

You have totally fooled yourselves and miss read me.

Under the Charter of Rights and Freedom, the Criminal Code and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

I have the right to file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board, and I have the right to do without fear of ANY form of repercussions from ANYONE. I have the right not to fear for my safety or the safety of anyone known by me.

Under section 23 of the act no landlord shall harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten or interfere with a tenant.

Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) obviously thought I was just some dumb, uneducated NIGGER who was willing to bow to your servant ways and not challenge your actions in YOUR building.

Let me inform you that Unit # 303 have nothing but pride in ourselves and we all stands very tall with our heads held high. We don’t bow or serve anyone!

So you can take your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document and shove it up your ass, and I dare you to file it as is!

The 3 of you have now taken your personal ideology towards myself, my family and our color and made it into a personal agenda to make mine and my family’s life as uncomfortable and as inconvenient as you can.

I am happy to say and I am thankful that I was not raised with some much hatred in my heart towards other races. Hopefully one day you will find God and he will help you heal your feels towards others that don’t look like you.

I have some serious doubts that you Stella, have ever been a superintendent in any building. I would strong suggest to Louie and Antonio that they do a more thorough background check upon yourself as you have absolutely no idea about the Land Lord Tenant Act and how to interact properly with tenants.

Your attempt to try and bully/force tenants to remove their BBQs off their balconies, and to remove everything that is “none seasonal” , all the while again deliberately quoting misinformation and bylaws to try and reinforced your views and impose your will on all the tenants of this building.

It appears that me that your signature and pattern of deliberately lying and misquote wrong information to try and prove a point is constant.

Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) childish attempts to threaten, harass, intimidate and targeting me, along with every other issues in this letter will be addressed in my application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

This is the same application that you were trying to intimate me from filing in regards to the cameras looking into mine and other units.

Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.

I do not need to know that you have black friends, or that you eat and love “Caribbean food” and that you have a “Black Person” in your family that you love or that there is Black in your bloodline. Because I really don’t care!


303 – 859 Kennedy Road Scarborough ON

M1K 2E3 64

a August 31, 2016

—–Original Message—–
From: a
Sent: October 17, 2016 9:08 PM
To: ‘859kennedy; ‘altoproperties
Subject: A 303 – 859 Kennedy Road

See attached .pdf file/letter


303 – 859 Kennedy Road

Oct. 17, 2016

I am forwarding this email to inform you that I will not be allowing you access to my unit ( 303 ) on October 18, 2016 as you have request to once again look at replacing the window that you have not been able to fix since I first requested it in or about September 2015.

Once again you set the time and the date for your convince, and once again you failed to show up as scheduled.

In the future I will inform you when I will be able to allow you access to my unit regarding the window. As this is not an emergency issue, there is certainly no sense of urgency that would require it to be done immediately which would inconvenience me and family..

In regards to the fire inspection dated for October 19, 2016.

The previous super attendants ( Angie and Chris) have already performed this same fire inspection ( smoke detectors ) in or about June of 2016 changing the batteries. There is no absolutely no need for a second inspection in my unit within a 4 month time period.

I have given you access to my unit on 3 separate occasions already within the last month and half, and each time you have made no attempts to try and accommodate myself or my family in regards to the time and dates and if they worked for us or not.

Let us also not forget that you actually serve me an N5 form that you knew was deliberately false and misleading in an attempt to again bully/scare me into bowing down to your wants and needs.

It is also once again obvious that you are deliberately trying to in convince/bait myself and my family into getting a negative response in an attempt to try and build a case against me so you can try and have us removed through the court system like you did with unit #302.

It also again appears to me that you are also deliberately screwing up dates in hopes of again trying to get into my unit alone with someone being there. I am not sure what your fascination is with getting into my unit unattended?

If you are not happy with my decisions, that I have made in this email. You are more than welcome and within your rights to take this matter to landlord tenant board where I will supply all of your documents and evidence of yourself and Louie trying to get me and my family out of the building.

I am too old to play these childish games with you Stella and Louie, and as before, I will not play them with you. If anyone wants access to my unit for the bathroom, in which you started and did not finish since I first moved in back in June 2015. I will except a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family.

Today you once again failed to follow up with your contracts to ensure that everything is in place for today. As my partner was a super attendant for many years, He has informed me that he has NEVER had ANY contractors or pest control cancel out on him on the same day they were to arrive. And yet conveniently it has happened to me and my family twice within a months’ time at the hands of Stella and Louie.

Obviously you are not capable of, or just don’t care about what myself and family have planned for the week enough to following up with contractors and informing me in a properly, professional or even in a reasonable manner of any “sudden” changes. So from this date forward we will work together to ensure that things are done properly and respectfully of everyone schedules and rights.


Sorry, but I am not comfortable with that environment and it does not work for me or my family. If you wish to email with your concerns please feel free to forward it to me. I have already expressed my concerns in my letter. As you are the requesting a meeting with me, I am comfortable with no meeting at all.



n 2016-10-18 09:51, Alto Properties Inc wrote:

> Hello Ms. R

> Upon speaking with Mr. Liscio, meeting in your apartment is not a preferred meeting place for a business matter and as such he would prefer meeting in the office, as it is there for this purpose. He hopes that you would understand this requirement.

> Thank you for your time.

> Best Regards,

> Stella Reddy

> Alto Properties Inc.


> —–Original Message—–

> From: a

> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 9:50 AM

> To: Alto Properties Inc 

> Subject: RE: A303 – 859 Kennedy Road

> I would prefer my home. Is this ok with him?

> Thanks

> A


> On 2016-10-18 08:48, Alto Properties Inc wrote:

>> Thank you for your response, Ms. R

>> After hearing back from Mr. Liscio the time of 7:15 pm is good for him, but he would prefer the meeting be held in the office. Is this ok with you?

>> Best Regards,

>> Stella Reddy

> Alto Properties Inc.

>> —–Original Message—–

>> From: a

>> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 9:28 AM

>> To: Alto Properties Inc

>> Hello, A is more than welcome to come to my house anytime after

>> 7:15 when I get home to speak to me. Please let me know if that works for him.

> A

>> On 2016-10-18 08:18, Alto Properties Inc wrote:

>>> Good Morning Ms. R

>>> Thank you for the attached letter that we received last evening.

>>> If it is agreeable with you, Mr. ALof Alto Properties Inc. would like to meet with you to discuss this matter, today around 6:00 pm, in the office located in the lobby of the building. If this is acceptable with you, please let us know.

>>> Thank you for your time.

>>> Best Regards,

>>> Stella Reddy

>> Alto Properties Inc.

Alto Properties Inc.
859 Kennedy Rd
Suite #100
Scarborough ON M1K 2E3

March 6, 2017

303-859 Kennedy Rd

Dear Ms. R

We hope this letter finds you and your family well. Please accept this letter as intended, a reminder of the regulations of the laundry room and the machines owned by Coinamatic Canada. We are writing to you today as it brought to our attention that you and your family members have been sitting on the washers and dryers in the Laundry Room on the main floor. Please see the enclosed pictures from the camera system we saved after the notification from yesterday March 5, 2017 approx. 2:30 pm. The camera system is in place for items such as this, the security and safety of tenants and property.

Please refrain from sitting on the machines, as they are not meant for that purpose, and eventually it may cause the machine to not work properly. They are also on lease from Coinamatic Canada and any damage caused to the machine by improper use will be the responsibility of the management to cover, which will be then passed to the tenant responsible. There is a chair in the laundry room for tenants to sit on.

Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the office. You are also welcome to call Coinamatic to speak to them about their policy as well over their machines at 1-800-361-2646.
Best Regards,

Stella Reddy
Alto Properties Inc.

From: Alto Properties Inc. 
Sent: August 24, 2017 7:49 PM
To: ‘L
Subject: Re: 303-859 Kennedy Rd

Good Evening Gentlemen,

It happened again. I knocked on 303 when I returned and the man there, Charles Darwin it says on application, went ballistic on me again, refused entry, and accusing me of being racist, a bigot, and out to get all the black people in the building. All because I didn’t have a contractor with me to complete the bathroom ceiling repairs after me notifying them in letter that the work needed to be assessed to either be done by staff if minor, or a contractor if extensive. He asked why I wasn’t there at 9:00 am this morning, as I also live in the building, and when I responded I was at other properties all day and just returned, he said I should have been there for 8 am before I left. He said I deliberately made him wait around all day. He said that we are not going in and out of their apartment at different times and that I am to have a contractor there for 9 am to complete the work. I was very calm and walked away and he was throwing these accusations at me at the time. I had Russell save the video from the system and I have pics of me at their door as well.

Sorry Anthony, I can’t take this lying down anymore and I filed a personal complaint with the Human Rights against them for their behaviour. It is already gone as it was the first thing I did when I got home. They need to learn that just because she is black, they can’t throw out these accusations of racism and bigotry against people who don’t give them what they want or do things the way they want. This is their fall back to intimidate me to do things their way and I can’t do it anymore. The fact that they made all these accusations last year and nothing was done about it, they think they can keep it up and get away with it and it needs to stop.

It is up to you but as for the job part and doing my duty to the building, I can issue a Form N5 for interring with the landlords interests and privileges for refusing entry and harassing the staff over how the repairs are done. They are treating the apartment as their personal property and acting like they have a say in how its managed. I would love to take them to the tribunal and have an adjudicator see how they talk and the accusation they make against me.

I have emailed Suzanna Mlarkar at Property Standards and got a auto reply that she is away till Sept 27 so I will call in the morning to see about getting a inspector to come with me to access the apartment and explain to the tenants how it works for their office in getting repairs done in an apartment. I hope that having someone else there, like property standards, they will see we are following the rules. How they feel I am being racist by not having a contractor with me today I have no idea.



I filed my own personal complaint with Human Rights of Ontario against A, and whom I thought was Charles Darwin, as this name was on the application. I learned later that K was her husband and wasn’t on the lease! This application was later dismissed in May 2018 as they said they sent me a letter for more info that I didn’t receive.

Toxic Adult Bullies filed their own complaints against me on June 4, 2018, just a couple of weeks later, once they were notified my application was dismissed.

From: Stella Reddy []
Sent: August-25-17 1:23 PM
To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG)
Subject: Re: Application Stella Reddy

Good Morning,

Please find attached the letters and emails received from AR and Charles Darwin, Tenants of 303-859 Kennedy Rd that I filed about for accusing me of racism, bigotry, and has been confrontational and aggressive in their dealing with me in my job as building staff. The letter dated August 31, 2016 is 7 pages of accusations and verbal abuse. Yesterday when I attended the apartment, at their request per maintenance request received, I got more of the same.

If you have any questions or require any other information, please let me know.


Stella Reddy


—–Original Message—–
From: Alto Properties Inc.
Sent: August 30, 2017 10:50 AM
To: ‘a
Subject: RE: Key # 2

Good Morning Ms. R

Thank you for your email. The times on the Notice of Entry that you received yesterday for Friday September 1, 2017 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm  is the best time for us to change the lock on the apartment door and no other times will be considered. We have given you 72 hours notice, which is more than the required 24 hours. If no one will be home during this time, please note the lock will be broken for access to change it and the 4 keys we have cut will be in the office for pickup by you, the leaseholder, when you return, as we prefer to give them in person to eliminate any issues of not receiving them.

Please ensure that your dog is contained for entry, as noted on the form. If your dog is not contained for safe entry for staff to complete the lock change, we will be obligated to issue the 2nd Form N5 Termination Notice for refusal of entry causing inference to the landlords interests, as well as including the recent emails received showing harassment to the staff, and filing them with the Board for a hearing for eviction. Due to the behaviour of yourself and your partner we will be ensuring that all regulations are strictly followed and our rights as the landlord will be strictly enforced.

We are changing the lock on the apartment door to eliminate the need for someone to be at there when entry to the apartment of 303 is required, for any reason permitted under the Act. We have tried to work with you the last year but there were constant issues and refusal of entry that was accompanied by confrontational behaviour and verbal abuse towards the staff , even when instigated by you by giving a maintenance request/entry form, such as what happened last week. You try to dictate when staff can enter the apartment, as in the email below, and you also try to dictate how the staff completes this work, such as demanding a contractor at a specific time to be at the apartment like last week, and as we cannot always accommodate your request. With us having a key to the unit, there is no need for you to be home to allow entry for required work or inspections. It does not matter if you agree with what we are doing, as long as we follow the regulations of the Residential Tenancies Act, as noted below.

Can I refuse to let the landlord in if the landlord wants to enter my unit?

If the landlord has a valid reason (as allowed by the RTA) for entering your unit, you cannot refuse to let the landlord in. If you don’t let the landlord in, the landlord can give you a notice of termination claiming that you are interfering with their lawful rights and you could be evicted. Also, interfering with a landlord’s lawful right is an offence under the RTA.

Can a landlord change the locks?

A landlord can change the locks while the tenant is living in the unit as long as they give the tenant a key for the new lock. Once a tenant has been evicted from the unit, the landlord can change the locks, even if the tenant has left property in the unit. The landlord does not have to give the former tenant replacement keys in this case.


About entering the rental unit

Entry without written notice

A landlord can enter a tenant’s rental unit without written notice if:

there is an emergency such as a fire

the tenant agrees to let the landlord in a care home tenant has agreed in writing that the landlord can come in to check on their condition at regular intervals

A landlord can enter a rental unit without written notice, between 8 a.m.

and 8 p.m. if:

the rental agreement requires the landlord to clean the unit – unless the agreement allows different hours for cleaning, the landlord or tenant has given a notice of termination, or they have an agreement to end the tenancy, and the landlord wants to show the unit to a potential new tenant (in this case, although notice is not required, the landlord must try to tell the tenant before entering for this reason).

Entry with 24 hours’ written notice

A landlord can enter the rental unit between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and only if they have given the tenant 24 hours’ written notice:

to make repairs or do work in the unit

to carry out an inspection, where reasonable, in order to determine whether repairs are needed to allow a potential mortgagee or insurer of the complex to view the unit to allow a potential purchaser to view the rental unit (Note: the Act also allows a registered real estate agent or broker to enter for this purpose if they have written authorization from the landlord) to allow an engineer, architect or other similar professional to make an inspection for a proposed conversion under the Condominium Act for any reasonable purpose allowed by the rental agreement The notice must include the reason why the landlord wants to enter the rental unit and must state what time, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., the landlord will enter the unit. If the landlord gives the tenant the correct notice, the landlord can enter even if the tenant is not at home.

Thank you for your time. If you are unsure of the regulations, or have any questions, please call the Landlord and Tenant Board at 416-645-8080 and they will advise you.


Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.

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From: a

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:04 PM

To: 859kennedy

Subject: Re: Key # 2

Hi Stella,

Friday works for me, but I need a exact time in the morning between 9 am and 10 am.

  If you are unable to do the work on Friday  at that above stated time.

You can reschedule for next week during that time frame.



Original Message—–
From: Alto Properties Inc. 
Sent: August 30, 2017 12:55 PM
To: ‘a
Subject: RE: Key # 2

Good Morning Ms. R

Thank you for your email and your refusal of entry that is contained within showing your offense against the Residential Tenancies Act. As we are obligated to do so, we will proceed with the Landlord and Tenant Board by issuing to you the 2nd and final Form N5 Notice of Termination, and filing it with the Board for an hearing for an eviction, and the filing fee of $190.00 will be added to your rental account for reimbursement, as per their regulations.

Thank you for your time.


Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.

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From: a

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 9:59 AM

To: Alto Properties Inc. 

Subject: RE: Key # 2

Hello Stella,

I am sad to hear that you are again unwilling work with us. As there will be no one present at the unit after 10:15 am until evening. I can not grant you access to the unit unattend for Friday to change the locks. Please feel free to file another N5.



From: Stella Reddy
Sent: September 29, 2017 8:55 AM
To: ‘fmta
Subject: Re; Tenants Association Set up

Good Morning,

I am writing to you today as your agency is mentioned in the attached files that have been going around the building. I am sending these to you to see if the tone of these letters is something that your agency promotes as they are suggesting that this tenant association they are starting here is to scare the staff and property owners. I have received comments from tenants that they are starting to feel uncomfortable as they feel this is an outright attack on the owners and staff working here, not being set up to help them. This is a personal vendetta on their end and are trying to get the tenants riled up to help them.

We have no outstanding maintenance requests here as they are done when received, we have no AGI on the go and have never applied for one even when the windows, doors, and roof was replaced a few yrs ago, we have no issues with the majority of tenants. The building is clean, and we are in compliance with all agencies. We are not bad landlords. The tenants starting all this here were recently before the tribunal for refusal of entry for repairs, after they gave us a request, and harassment of the staff with verbal abuse and accusations and I personally filed a Human Rights complaint as well due to this verbal abuse and accusations that I am “racist, a bigot, and out to get all black people in the building” that I am a alcoholic and showed up at their door “reeking of alcohol” and that I illegally entered their apartment when they know I have no key. They are aggressive in their approach, continue to make accusations against the staff they cannot prove such as being racist, and are out to rile up the tenants and to get them to help them in their cause, which is to get the staff fired. There was even talk of a petition to have the staff fired. They admitted in hearing that the male occupant “lit into me” when I attended the unit for the repairs and admitted it wasn’t the first time. They admitted to refusing entry numerous times as they feel its their home and they have a right to say whom enters it and when, they refuse to accommodate contractors schedules and want them to work with their schedule and as you know this is not always possible. We are waiting on the order from out hearing earlier this week.

I have worked with other tenants associations over the 17 yrs I have worked in this industry and I have never seen notices like this. They were always in place to support tenants, providing information on their rights and responsibilities, and help others deal with any issues they may have, not set up to go after the staff and owners for following the rules. Their whole application is based on their hearsay and they admitted they have no proof of what they say and they outright lie, and these lies can be proven as lies.

Is this what your agency promotes these days?

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

From: 859kennedy
Sent: March 1, 2018 2:47 PM
To: ‘City of Toronto
Subject: RE: 859 Kennedy Rd # 303

Good Afternoon Ms. S

I hope this email finds you well!

I am following up with you concerning the order to comply for the work required for Unit #303 located here at 859 Kennedy Rd. Unfortunately, we have not been able to gain access to complete this work as the tenant is refusing entry and in the past few months has also avoided me, the staff, when it comes to any issues with the building and apartment. They act like I am not even there when I try to speak to them and just walk past me.

As I mentioned to you, the tenants have applied for an appeal on their eviction in Divisional Court, which we hear should be scheduled within the next couple of weeks by our Lawyer, David Strachin. He is requesting a hearing to have the appeal dismissed and we are confident that it will be done but the court process is long and slow.

They have refused any and all requests for access to the apartment, no matter the reason and we prefer to wait for Divisional Court to decide the case.

Not sure If I mentioned to you, but I also filed a complaint with Human Rights against then in September past over their accusations against me, the website they put online with my name in it as well as the postings they have made on FaceBook about me. I am also expecting that to also be finalized soon.

If you require anything else please let me know.

Best Regards,

Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.


From: 859kennedy
Sent: March 14, 2018 1:57 PM
To: ‘altoproperties
Subject: Re: 303-859 Kennedy FYI

Hi A

FYI: I got a text message at 10:44 am, just before L showed up, from 303 telling me they bought a car and are picking it up on Saturday and they want a parking spot. I wrote them a short note letting them know we have nothing available and if they wished to be added to the waiting list to submit the vehicle info with name and apartment number and I will let them know when we have something for them.

As I was writing this note the tenant, A, came down to go out with the dog and came to the office. She asked if I got her message and I told her I was responding to it and the note will be in her mailbox when she comes back in. She did ask about the parking and I told her we have nothing here and she would have to park the vehicle off site as some others are doing. She did ask about parking it in visitors parking but I told her we can’t as we don’t have enough spots there for all the tenants waiting for one so to be fair no tenant can park there. I informed her I have a waiting list and there are currently 4 tenants in front of them.

I have prepared myself, as I know it isn’t the last of it and will keep you informed if anything else comes out of it.

Best Regards,

Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.


From: 859kennedy
Sent: March 16, 2018 9:27 AM
To: ‘altoproperties
Subject: FW: Alternative Parking

Morning guys,

I got this email last night and ignored it.

The videos attached above are from the security system of Wednesday night. You will see 303 outside taking pictures of the vehicles parked in visitors. I haven’t looked at last night yet.

The last one above is both of them when they walked around the building looking at all the vehicles at midnight, you can see him pointing out where I have my car parked, and the other 2 is only him at 2 am and again at 4 am. I have pictures of him at the cars taking pictures of the inside of them with his phone as well.

I have no idea what he is trying to prove but this stuff is major privacy breaches for these other tenants. Even I won’t go out there and take pictures of inside these cars, plates yes, but anything else no. This is starting to get really ridiculous. Any word on a court date?

Best Regards,

Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.


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From: a

Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:04 PM

To: Alto Properties Inc. 

Subject: Alternative Parking

Hello Stella, 

As I have been unable to locate any alternative parking off site as requested by you. I would like to request a visitors parking pass until I am able to find some where to accommodate my car.


Aand K

Who actually goes around and takes pictures and videos of other peoples vehicles, like KR has shown he did?

From: 859kennedy
Sent: March 16, 2018 12:30 PM
To: ‘Alto Properties’ 
Cc: ‘
Subject: RE: Alternative Parking

Morning A

cameras and yes, he was out there again last night at 133 am taking video and pictures of the cars in visitors again, even inside the cars thru the windshield. This is against the privacy of those tenants as it is illegal to take pictures of inside someone’s car like that. I know I would feel violated if it was my car. I copied some info below for you. Some things can get so complicated. Maybe you can bring it up to David when you speak to him. Even I wasn’t aware of this till I looked it up this morning and I had training in Privacy in Rentals in 2013. The actions of this guy fill the below factors as he has no right or justification for doing that and was intentional.

In 2012, the Ontario Court of Appeal adopted a new tort of invasion of privacy (formally called “Intrusion Upon Seclusion”) in the case of Jones v. Tsige. While the Jones case did not deal with photographs, the court did give guidance as to when someone’s privacy could be violated. The court stated that the following factors must be present:

  1. The defendant’s conduct must be intentional or reckless
  2. The Defendant invades the plaintiff’s private affairs “without lawful justification”
  3. A “reasonable person would regard the invasion as highly offensive causing distress, humiliation or anguish”

I have reached my end with these people and I am getting to the point where I am almost afraid to leave my apartment in case I run into them and let them have it. The urge to let loose on them is getting overwhelming. This is why the appeal process needs to be revamped as it causes too much anxiety and distress for the staff and owners. They do other things while you wait for the process to finish and feel anxious about doing something about it as you are afraid to give them more fuel. It’s a terrible spot to be in, for all of us. I just wish I didn’t run into them every day. Not only that but with the issues with 402 and 502 and apparently there was a bag of dog feces thrown and it landed on 303 balcony. They brought it to 402, whom took pics and sent it to me attached to another email stressing they want a quick fix to this situation. I have a feeling 303 and 402 are in cahoots to see how far they can push me as I have been receiving emails at intervals from them both pressuring me for different things. I will also forward to you the emails I got from 402. I will finish with the N5 and N7 that Jeff advised me to do today for 502 and send to him for review. I’ll cc you. I have been trying to reach 502 but had to leave messages as no answer.

I think it may be time for me to go back to counseling!

Best Regards,

Stella Reddy

Alto Properties Inc.


From: A
Sent: June 6, 2018 1:57 PM
To: ‘859kennedy
Subject: Sorry

Hello, so it appears that my a email account has been down for a couple of days. It was not until this morning when K got an email from Stella and I did not, that I figured it out.

I have attached a copy of the receipt for the toaster over that I had to purchase to cook our supper.

I have also attached a copy of the original email from the above account mentioned so you guys so you don’t assume that I was being an idiot or playing games.

Thanks and sorry again.


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From: a
Sent: June 4, 2018 12:42 AM
To: ‘; ‘Alto Properties’; ‘Stella Reddy’
Subject: June Rent Deductions

please review attchment.

If you can not view the attachment, please let us know.

K and A

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: June 6, 2018 9:48 AM
To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) 
Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Morning,

Please find attached 2 files that I received on Monday June 4, 2018 in my personal email concerning a filing to your agency from the same people I filed my claim about, AR and KR. I would like to add these papers as evidence to my file, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. The 107 pages in the statement of facts lays out all the harassment, discrimination, actions, and complete lies,  of these tenants AR and KR of 303-859 Kennedy Rd.  They have twisted the facts, omitted regulations, made assumptions about every actions I have taken. Reading these papers and their personal opinions over everything I do, you can easily tell they have a personal vendetta against me and I need it to stop.

As you will see in the Stella Reddy HTRO application, under the question of if these facts were part of another application this person says no, but there are 2 applications ongoing now. First it was my complaint, file number above that I submitted in August 2017 and these tenants filed a appeal with Divisional Court for the eviction they received from the landlord and tenant board in October 2017. Since this all started 2 years ago, each time it gets quiet and there is no drama going on with these people, they feel the need to start something up. A couple of months ago it was about a parking spot and now its this. You can also see in these papers the actions they tried to do with other tenants in the building, even offering to write the letter for this person to sign. As you see from the witness names, they couldn’t find anyone one else here willing to help them prove what a bad person I am, as it isn’t true.

Please help me end this nightmare I get from these people.

Thank you,

Stella Reddy

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2018 6:58 AM
To: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) 
Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Morning,

I am writing to you today about the status of the application I sent as it has been many months since I last heard anything.  I am getting to the point where I am thinking of leaving my job here due partly to this harassment.

Thank you,

Stella Reddy

From: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) 
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2017 2:52 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) 
Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy

Dear Stella,

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) has received your email.  

It is unclear whether or not you have an application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. If so, please provide your file number.

The HRTO resolves disputes about discrimination under the Human Rights Code through mediation or a hearing. We do not represent the person claiming discrimination or the person or organization that is alleged to have discriminated. For that reason, the Tribunal cannot provide legal information or advice or comment on the situation you describe.  

If you believe you have been discriminated or harassed based on any of the grounds under the Code you can apply to the HRTO by filling out a Form 1 Application. The HRTO’s website explains the application and hearing process. The application forms and instructions can be found in the Forms and Filing section of the website.

A separate organization, the Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC), provides free legal help to people who want to apply to the HRTO.You can contact the HRLSC at:

Tel: (416) 597-4900

Pursuant to Rule 1.12 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure, all correspondence should be directed to the Registrar at and copied to the other parties.

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Tel: 416-326-1312 | 

Social Justice Tribunals Ontario                  Tribunaux de justice sociale Ontario       

Providing fair and accessible dispute resolution                 Pour une justice accessible et équitable       

NOTICE: Confidential message which may be privileged. If received in error, please delete the message and advise me by return email. Thank you.

AVIS: Message confidentiel dont le contenu peut être privilégié. Si reçu par erreur, veuillez supprimer ce message et aviser l’expéditeur par retour de courriel. Merci.

June 8, 2018

This is a letter from me, personally, not from the company. I am really tired of reading the crap you write as it actually makes me physically sick, it is so twisted. I probably shouldn’t even be writing this but I want you to know that I have no intention of backing down and I will stand up for myself against your harassment and the more you send me the more evidence I have against you. You have just given me the evidence to prove my own case of harassment, as these papers are full of it.

Those papers are not a statement of facts, it’s mostly your own personal opinions, hearsay, and speculations on what YOU think, and they are also full of your own discriminations and prejudices as well as opinions on how we should operate the building. It’s your words in there and cannot be denied or retracted. Did you even get anyone else to read those papers before you submitted them? I couldn’t even finish reading it all, and still haven’t read it all, just sent them to my lawyer and to Human Rights. And you say I am racist and show discrimination? What do you think you have in these papers? Do you even know what harassment is? These writings are the perfect example of harassment as described below.

Definition of Harassment

Under the Policy on Harassment Prevention and Resolution, harassment is defined as:

improper conduct by an individual, that is directed at and offensive to another individual in the workplace, including at any event or any location related to work, and that the individual knew or ought reasonably to have known would cause offence or harm. It comprises objectionable act(s), comment(s) or display(s) that demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. It also includes harassment within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act (i.e. based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability and pardoned conviction).

More specifically, harassment is normally a series of incidents but can be one severe incident which has a lasting impact on the individual.

Essentially, the definition of harassment means that more than one act or event is needed in order to constitute harassment and that taken individually, this act or event need not constitute harassment. It is the repetition that generates the harassment. In other words, harassment consists of repeated and persistent behaviours towards an individual to torment, undermine, frustrate or provoke a reaction from that person. It is a behaviour that with persistence, pressures, frightens, intimidates or incapacitates another person. Each behaviour viewed individually may seem inoffensive; it is the synergy and repetitive characteristic of the behaviours that produce harmful effects.

However, one single incident can constitute harassment when it is demonstrated that it is severe and has a significant and lasting impact on the complainant.

Each and every time you go against the rules of the Residential Tenancies Act, the Landlord and Tenant Board, including even the property rules, it reflects badly on you and will be used against you. By defying all these rules all it does is tell people that you believe the rules do not apply to you and that you feel you can do what you want in the property.

All the emails, letters, posts on Facebook and the website you did, withholding rent, defying the parking rules, making threats that you will deduct rent over parking tickets, sharing personal information about other tenants on paper, even without names, as well as various others including what got you evicted, is breaking the rules, not only of the RTA but also of Privacy Act and Human Rights. You even added in there your harassment of another tenant in trying to get him to sign something for you!

Where in that letter do I say I got a complaint or spoke to tenants? You have broken so many rules it’s hard to keep track.  Do you really think doing these things are helping you?  Do you really think anyone who reads just that 107 page papers you sent the other day will expect the property owners to allow you to stay in a building where you have no respect for the rules, other tenants, the staff, or them? Based on those papers alone no one will expect that you be allowed to stay in this building with property owners where the relationship is so bad.  

All the harassment you throw out about the staff and owners does not show any willingness to work with them in order to be able to stay either. You can complain and make accusations about staff throwing away keys, illegal notices, letters, complaints about forms, parking spots that OTHER tenants have, the current cost of rents and parking all you want, it is not going to make any difference because in the end, you do not have the right to tell the owners how the building should be run and it is more harassment.

Where is your proof that we did these things? Don’t you think that if my Forms were illegal it would have gotten you evicted? If all these things we are doing to manage this property is so illegal, why is it that we are here still doing it 2 years later? Don’t you think that if I was doing wrong things it would have been exposed by now? Most of the complaints in those papers are about the operation of the property, speculations and suppositions on what YOU think, which is hearsay, and the bottom line is that you have no say in that, so complaining about it is a waste of everyone’s time.  You try so hard to prove I am doing illegal things, it just points out your own wrongdoing instead and makes you look culpable.

The adjudicator, whom you called “ghetto” in these papers, which is discrimination, took a week to complete the eviction order as he took his time, but in the end he knew the tenant/landlord relationship had deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be fixed, which is a reasonable conclusion to come too after hearing everything, and as a result, you and your family were evicted based on the fact that you both were so vehement in your refusals of entry for repairs. 

He states that in the order and this is why he chose the eviction. Copied and pasted below directly from the order. These are the facts and cannot be changed. There was no bias, no one will give a shit what I said out of frustration over your lies, as in the end, it was what you did that got you evicted! My reaction is a normal human reaction to hearing details of a lie you perpetuated to base your accusations on and as you seem to be continually keeping it up, without even proof that this even happened, is harassment as defined by the Human Rights.

As he stated in the lines below, you both were so vehement in your refusal to cooperate with access and it is this continued vehemence that got you evicted. I am sure the hearing recording as well as the transcript of the hearing, will show this vehemence from both of you. You and your family were evicted based on your own actions! As you still continue to be so vehement in your actions and words, which these 107 page papers prove with everything else you have done since this hearing, especially with the visitors parking, it is only strengthening those convictions within everyone that you will not be able to live in this building peacefully and be able to abide by the rules like everyone else.

15. Given the lengthy history of refused access to the rental unit and the Tenant’s and K.R.‘s vehement policy of non-cooperation with the Landlord’s employees, I do not find that they would likely comply with a conditional order to cooperate with all lawful notices of entry served by the Landlord.

The tenant/landlord relationship is so broken that with any result with the appeal, you will still be required to move out, as in the end, no one will agree to allow you to continue to live here with the landlord/tenant relationship being as it is, even if I wasn’t here. It is just not done.

You only have yourself to blame for what your family is going through. No one else did this to you, as it was your own vehemence in trying to control access to the apartment for repairs, but you seem to have conveniently forgotten that fact.

The judicial system is a lot smarter than you think and you can try and bury these facts in as many accusations against others as you want and in building operational complaints, it won’t change them and everything that you have done since is only reinforcing those facts: that you have no respect for the rules and regulations of apartment living, the property owners nor the staff, including other tenants, as you refuse to follow the rules then, and continue to do so now, without regard for anyone else, even your own family, and it is for these reasons alone that you were evicted from the apartment.

All your own words in these papers show that. There is nothing you can do at this point to change that. It was your own stubbornness in wanting to control whom enters and when, and what for, is the reason you have to move out. Blaming others for your eviction is just a smoke screen to try and cover your own actions, but the truth always wins out in the end. It takes time, but eventually it all comes out and it will in this case too, as the end is close. I have no doubt about that as I have every confidence in the court system.

Stella Reddy