On May 31, 2019, we all received the Case Assessment Direction document from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which contains directions from them on how we should proceed. This document is not on Calii.org which is why I am sharing it here. My Epiphany Moment!

This document is what started my wake-up call on what was going on as it caused me to step back and take stock of own bad habits I had gained during this process. It had become automatic for me to respond to the missives the Tenants constantly sent to HRTO, filled with more allegations without even proving the first ones against me. I did it without thinking and had to find a better way.

I started seeing that I was reacting, not responding, and doing it in a very unhealthy way and had to stop. I came to see that these Tenants were using this platform to abuse me more and my reactions weren’t helping the situation. Once I stopped reacting to every little email they sent, the less I got!!

Unfortunately, I had become a little frantic over the waiting for all this to proceed and the email I sent to HRTO in response to receiving this, letting them know I contacted the Ombudsman Office, shows that. The waiting was terrible for my mental health and it created severe anxiety for me. It was during this time that I also started fighting my fear and going out more, as I use to walk a lot back then. Hubby and I even spent a weekend at Niagara Falls!

I started taking the advice of my doctor and whenever I found myself wanting to react, I got up from my computer and did something else. Over time, it did help! With the help of my Doctor, I came to see that as these Tenants lied about a meeting sometime in June 2016, I had nothing to worry about anyway!

Not long after receiving this in email, on June 11, 2019, Toxic Tenants started once against with his emails, as I shared below, filled with yet again more demands, totally disregarding this CAD we got telling us not to send anything except what was needed for the Summerary Hearing they had yet scheduled. That didn’t come till August!

These Tenants didn’t care about following the procedures, they wanted what they wanted when they wanted it. I knew then that no matter what I said or did, these Bullies will use it against me in some way, so I decided to stop giving him anything!

Their actions from June 11 with more emails filled with demands they had no right to do, as well as the submissions of all the Form 10s that came in Sept-Oct 2019, showed me they have no consideration for anything except themselves.

Yes, all was quiet from Human Rights between May 31 and August 22 when they sent a notification for the hearing to be held in January 2020. The process took way longer than it should have and yes, I was upset over that too! By the way, the Ombudsman Office did get back to me, but wouldn’t do anything…

This process, of having to read everything written by Toxic Bullies in case I needed to protect myself from more lies, also played a part in my mental deterioration, as some of their missives are very damaging to my psyche, as I am sure you can see. No one likes reading such vicious things written about them and posted so publicly!

The Interim Decision gave the parties direction about the documents they may file for the summary/preliminary hearing. At this point in the proceedings, the only documents the parties need to file are the documents they will use at the summary hearing.

[3] Unfortunately, the parties have purported to file a great deal of material by e-mail that mostly consists of allegations of misconduct about their opposing parties. Rule 1.12 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure states “All written communications with the Tribunal, including e-mail correspondence, must be addressed to the Registrar, with a copy delivered to all other parties” [Emphasis added]. The parties have ceased complying with this requirement.

[4] The Tribunal’s jurisdiction is limited to managing the applications filed with it. The filing of an application with the Tribunal does not make the Tribunal the arbiter or referee for the parties’ relationships. The material the parties continue to file is irrelevant to these proceedings. Processing the parties’ back and forth complaints is an unnecessary burden on the Tribunal and amounts to an abuse of process.

The Tribunal is not a platform for the parties to heap abuse on each other. Further, documents not filed in accordance with Rule 1.12 do not form part of the Tribunal’s file and will not be considered by the Tribunal


Attn: Registrar,

Thank you for the attached correspondence from your office.

Please be advised that as nothing was received from your office concerning these files since March 8, 2019 I contacted the office of the Ombudsman about this application and timeliness of responses on Wednesday May 29, 2019 and am waiting on the next step from them. I requested an summery hearing 2 times over the course of this application, once in Oct 2018 and again in Jan 2019, which were both ignored completely.

The Interim decision sent March 8, 2019 gave the applicants 35 days to respond, which ended April 12, 2019, but nothing was received from this office till today. I have had many serious mental health challenges throughout these proceedings since June 4, 2018 but I still tried my very best to respond by following proper procedures set out by this office and tried very hard to stay consonant to these proceedings.

At times that was very hard for me to do in the state I was in and I was seeing my doctor 2 times a week for months to help me stay sane. Even your office called to have a Police check done on myself due to concerns you saw in my writings a few months ago, yet still I am here waiting for this to finish.

As the applicants have ignored the Interim Decision I expected a quick response, but it didn’t come and it has played on my mental health once again and I had to do something.

I understand that your mandate do not take mental health of a person into consideration, but this mandate does not make these things go away. As a respondent, these proceedings have taken a toll on my mental health almost as much as these false allegations made against me. If you wish to name me a vexatious litigant for these words written here, I have no problem with that as long as this gets finished sooner rather than later.

My opinion is that with the applicants moving out and no longer living at this address, they will totally ignore this application now anyway. They had a hearing scheduled at Divisional Court yesterday and didn’t show up for it, so I expect the same for this application from now on as well.

Thank you for your time,

Stella Reddy

—–Original Message—–
From: kR
Sent: June 11, 2019 4:24 PM
To: HRTO Registar
Cc: JM>; ; Stella Reddy <
Subject: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.


Please provide me with the email where Stella Reddy asked the HRTO to redact out her info­rmation with her fir­st Application again­st us?


—–Original Message—–
From: kR
Sent: June 11, 2019 4:22 PM
Cc: D; Stella Reddy
Subject: Paper Copy

Please forward a paper copy of all correspondence between HRTO and Stella Reddy since March 10, 2019 to May 29, 2019 to our post office box, you know the post office box one that you gave to Stella Reddy despite our request to privacy and safety issues of her and her husband Russell Reddy stalking us.


PO Box 69079

St. Clair Ave.

Toronto, ON

M4T 3A1


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