My Emotional Reactions To Toxic Adult Bullies Gaslighting!

Gaslighting is terrible and I saw so much of it! The perfect example of gaslighting from Toxic Adult Bullies is the first letter received. This letter was sent out after they received their first Form N5 for refusing entry for pest control and the issues with the glass replacement that was needed. They felt put on the spot for the N5 so that letter and the contents within are retaliation for that. 

In this letter, Toxic Adult Bullies is clearly Gaslighting you into trying to accept that her” feeling I had a problem with her” was true when in reality she has no idea what I thought!  My Bullies First Letter! “I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me.

Gaslighting Behavior Examples

There are stages of gaslighting behaviors that start from subtle to more severe that cause terrible emotional reactions. With any type of abuse, the gaslighter doesn’t want to push the boundaries too far at first. It is a slower form of abuse that takes you by surprise. Here are some examples of gaslighting:

Lying and Exaggerating

The gaslighter will say negative things about you indicating inadequacies, and causing you to be defensive.

“that crazy racist”

“as a bully”

 “under cover white supremacist”

“A White Pride, really bad liar”

“Stella Reddy is that piece of shit” 

“Stella Reddy has no shame,no pride, no self-worth and is so moral corrupt that it is beyond comprehension.”

“White Pride racist bigot”

“Stella Reddy the White Pride narcissist” 

“Stella Reddy has once again and not unsurprisingly been proven as the really, really bad racist liar that she is.”

“And once again Stella Reddy will try and discredit indisputable facts with nonsense, because that is all Stella Reddy can do! But you see Stella Reddy is an under cover White Supremacist because she says things that are racist, but then is not woman enough to own it.”

“Instead Stella Reddy will

  • cry about her PTSD, or
  • her alleged metal breakdown and does not remember what she did or said, or
  • she will blame it on the owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio, or
  • she will blame the interracial married couple / tenants for her own choice of words.”

“Stella Reddy is a coward who uses so many different excuses as a crutch because she is not woman enough to take responsibility for what SHE has obviously said and done.”

“Remember racist and bigots like Stella Reddy are always the victim! Because that is what racist Narcissist do.”

“White Pride Karen”

“boo-hoo blog.”

Another perfect example is the email received on March 1, 2021. Toxic Adult Bullies is trying to gaslight you into believing what he claims I think. “With that said, you can now go back to your life of being a Pot Head every day,  crying about how the world has done you so wrong, and continue on with your imaginary PTSD so you can continue to live off us, the taxpayers. We are just glad that we were not as big of a failure as you were for your children.

Read, it contains a lot of gaslighting examples as well!

Repetitive Gaslighting Behavior

Gaslighting wouldn’t be effective if it were just every once in a while. To gain total control, one has to constantly maintain their offence. Gaslighting narcissists and sociopaths will play psychological warfare in order to dominate the relationship and keep everything in their control. Toxic Adult Bullies does this with the domains below and its nasty contents. Toxic Adult Bullies attempts to Gaslight you into believing his narratives are true when he clearly doesn’t know. How can he when he doesn’t know Stella Reddy like he claims he does? The simple truth is that it is not possible.


Disputes are Escalated if Gaslighter is Challenged

Gaslighting tactics will escalate if you attempt to call them out on the lies they are telling. They will start to come up with evidence to prove they are right about your inferiority and uselessness. They will refute the evidence. The gaslighter will deny, blame, sow doubt, and add more false claims. You will become so confused that you don’t know what’s right from wrong anymore.

Read some of this content and see for yourself how Toxic Adult Bullies attacks became more malicious once I started writing and posting my own websites, especially when I started getting support for my narratives, as he had to try and manipulate me into removing them with his gaslighting technique. All this content within these pages below came from my own posts and shows so clearly how Toxic Adult Bullies is trying to change it. Toxic Adult Bullies is manipulating the narratives to his views. It’s so obvious to see, ya can’t miss it!

The Gaslighter Will Wear You Down

The gaslighter abuser will be on the offence at all times which will wear you down. You will feel so low that you start to doubt yourself. You become discouraged, fearful, and debilitated. You question reality, who you are and whether you’re perceiving things properly.

Continual accusations and changing of narrative will do that to you and it did to me. I felt defeated for so long, nothing I did would get these domains removed or get Toxic Adult Bullies to shut up with his lies.  Hearing constant accusations, over everything you say and do, is terrible for your mental health.

Total Domination and Control

For a narcissistic gaslighter, their main goal is to totally dominate and control you. When they can do this, they are able to take advantage of you with no consequence. Gaslighters can do this to a whole society. The lies that they tell about you will keep you insecure, in doubt, and afraid.

How to Stop Being Gaslighted

How do you deal with gaslighting? A gaslighting narcissist ultimately wants to have control over you. Not giving them that control can often damper their attack on you. Quietly standing up for yourself and emotionally removing yourself from the conversation will cause a gaslighter to feel uncomfortable. They have likely been working on breaking you down for a long time. It’s not going to be easy but here are some things to keep in mind to avoid being gaslighted.

  • When you’re with a gaslighter, be very aware of what they’re saying and doing around you. Pay attention to all the fine details.
  • Create an untouchable belief of yourself and what you know to be true. Your intuition is your guidance system, make sure to listen to it.
  • Keep it simple when dealing with the gaslighter and know their true motive is one thing. They are trying to make you believe what you know to be true as untrue (or the other way around.)
  • Don’t allow the gaslighter to think you believe what they’re saying. This gives them permission to continue on with gaslighting abuse.
  • Remember that nothing the gaslighter is doing has anything to do with you. They are the one who is sick.
  • Be okay with not “winning” in a bout between yourself and a gaslighter. Chances are, you probably won’t. This is part of the game they play. It’s few and far between that you will convince them you’re right and they’re wrong.

Recovery for me

I don’t get stuck anymore with the written words going round and round in my head, as I can get myself out pretty quickly these days by telling myself the truth: Toxic Adult Bullies are total strangers intent on ruining my life any way they can and they are lying to make themselves look good. Their actions are about them feeling better about themselves by making others feel bad.

Toxic Adult Bullies are attempting to news jack with current news to draw in more readers but I know that these readers will see the gaslighting for what it is. As you read the content within you see it so plainly. There is doubt created as well over the validity written, as it is written anonymously. Who will really believe this anonymous person knows Stella Reddy as he claims he does? No one. This is my truth. I have come to accept this and it makes me feel better too!

The only one who really has any influence over my emotions is me! I control what I feel and how I react and words written now by Toxic Adult Bullies online, a total stranger, no longer have any effect on me and no longer cause any emotional reaction, just laugh at how extreme he can be! I am starting to find all this funny now, as truly, what else can ya do? Toxic Adult Bullies are entitled to his opinions, but people are entitled not to accept them too! Why should anyone accept Toxic Adult Bullies’ opinions, on any person or subject? He is no one important and that is the truth he won’t accept. He doesn’t have a clue and it is easy to see it too!

Toxic Adult Bullies is trying to convince me that he has the influence to do what he writes below. These words are to get at me and cause fear and anxiety, just like everything he has done online. It doesn’t work anymore. This is his end game, to influence people against me, which is the definition of a Smear Campaign. In the end, I am safe and free to live my life as I know my truth.

I have no more concerns of aggression from anyone over the content written online about me, as it no longer matters. Toxic Adult Bullies’ opinions are just his opinions. No one cares what some anonymous person says online about me, I have seen the light! It’s over and I have won back my sense of self and my own self-esteem. I am recovering and becoming stronger every day and with every word I write on my own site. With each truth I reveal, I free myself from the past and free myself to let it go. I have found my peace.

“It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.”

We have again renewed them for another year. 

And to help Stella Reddy put her mind at ease, we also renewed this domain for another year, so now it will not expire until April 20, 2023.

So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”

I have reached the point where I am okay now with it all and I truly do not care what Toxic Adult Bullies write now, as I know and that is good for me. It is all over for me now. No more triggers, no more strong emotional responses brought out by gaslighting the narratives, as I have accepted my fate and my truth.

This is my life to live and Toxic Adult Bullies has no place in it, not anymore. All he is becoming is a nasty prior tenant who got mad over being evicted and it’s his own fault.  This person is not all-powerful like he wants you to believe and he cannot control anyone in my life and has no influence on my future, not like he implies on his content. Such grandiose thinking!

The most important thing is I am gaining back my own self-confidence. I KNOW who I am, what I did and said and accept that this is now all over and done and in the past. Toxic Adult Bullies went through legal actions, and in the end, lost them all as they have no case against me. That alone is good enough for me.

Once they didn’t show up for the Hearing in January 2020, it proved to me once and for all they were lying and was all I needed to start on the road to recovery! It is all everyone needs, as honestly, who would go through 19 months of the process and just walk away when they were so sure of what they accused me of? If they were so sure of their accusations against me and others, nothing should have caused them to abandon it all, not after going through all that for so long. It told me the truth, they were lying! Yes, the gaslighting made me question, as that is the intention!

The only reason they walked is that their many lies were being exposed and they were afraid that they would be held accountable, not anyone else.

They were afraid the tables would turn and they would be the ones in trouble, especially for the sites they own online!

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