Update: April 7, 2023: It has been just over a month now since I had surgery to remove another worrisome lesion and I still have a few weeks before I find out what it was, but I am doing fantastic! I healed really fast and I never had any pain! It was a first for me but as always I am grateful for it.

Next month, I am scheduled for a CT-Scan of my spine as the Doctor thinks my stenosis is spreading. I will manage to deal with the outcome of that too. It is what I do, deal with things as they come.

have a strong determination to live and live well, so I will always manage to do what I need to do to get that.

I’ve been back on my feet for a while now and getting out in the warmer weather we have been having. I don’t like being laid up these days and push myself to go out as much as possible. Not only does it keep me moving, but being outside gives me peace. Below are some pictures I took while I went on some of my adventures last month! I love going to Harbourside Park, it is so close to the waterfront and easy access for me.

I love the water, especially the Atlantic Ocean, I grew up surrounded by it, and it is in my blood. My hubby took the first picture I share below to show me the ice building up in the harbour a few weeks ago. I feel very hopeful these days! My bad days are few and far between now, and I know I am strong enough to get through any of life’s challenges! I remind myself of all I have endured and made it through already in my lifetime, and I know I can make it through anything.

Whether stellareddy.com is renewed or not on April 20, 2023, no longer matters, as I have a Story to tell and I am determined to tell it my own way. I have reached personal autonomy and no longer care what anyone else has to say about anything I do, it is my life to live however I see fit. Toxic Bullies can do and say what they wish, it no longer makes any difference, as I know the truth of this situation and I am good with that these days. I will do what makes me happy, as I feel better for it!

Going to places like this Park reminds me that in the scheme of things, being Bullied on websites in my name is minor and temporary. The opinions of these Bullies don’t count, they have no authority to write about my personal life that they are not familiar with. All they do is make nasty speculations over things they have no clue about! They are showing who they are with their actions online!

I will remain true to myself, not to the opinions of nasty Toxic Aldut Bullies I had as Tenants. I share the Toxic words they have on all their sites, as they have no privacy rights as have placed this information out there in public for all to see and use. They willfully and deliberately placed their children’s information online for the public to see as well. They did not expect any privilege of privacy, period, as their sites are in the public domain, so I won’t give them any! I show it all so you can see everything they did to OTHER PEOPLE out of revenge!

Besides, the words on some obscure random websites in my personal name will never affect what I do, or where I go, not anymore. They have no effect on my life and these pictures prove that, as I do what I please with absolutely no fear!

Once I came to see how Toxic these Adults were, my fear went away. I also came to see I have choices. One of those choices is that I don’t need to accept any disrespect from anyone. If some random person did find those sites and decided to say something to me, I can stand up for myself and call them out for that action. I don’t need to accept what anyone does against me, so I won’t. I have become very strong in myself these days.

I look forward to having many more adventures! The one I am most excited about this summer is my oldest son is getting MARRIED!

I will be a blubbering idiot the whole day, but I don’t mind that, as I am so very happy for them. I had the honour a couple of weeks ago to go with them to the venue to see how it will be laid out, and I cried then too!

It is an emotional time for me and to be honest, I am so very grateful that I can FEEL those strong emotions of pure JOY! I was shut down for so long, afraid to feel anything, that the freedom of having and showing my emotions is a great relief! I will never hide myself away from living and enjoying my life, ever again.

I know what I know, feel what I feel, and believe what I believe. I am a human being and deserve of living my life in peace! We all are!

Enjoy the pictures! I LOVE where I live!

I went on a grand adventure Wednesday, March 1, 2023… I went to the local hospital and checked out the surgical department to see how they operate! It went very well, with no glitches, and I was home again within a few hours to sleep the rest of the day away. I had a great Doctor!

These days I look at everything I do as a great adventure!! 

This was my first experience with surgery for this issue here and I was very impressed with how smoothly it all went… Sure the doctor was a bit behind, but I expected that, as you never really know how long a procedure might take, depending on what is found… I was out of the OR in 25 minutes… She had a look around, cut out the bad spot and stitched me up and that was it. That is minor to me…I don’t even have any pain!! Swelling yes, but no pain!! I am so very grateful for that!

All the OR staff was impressed with my calmness and my knowledge of OR procedures… They could tell it wasn’t my first time in surgery, as I worked with them to get myself all set up on the OR table… Any embarrassment I felt being so exposed in OR rooms left me a long time ago… We were all there for the betterment of my health and I have no embarrassment over that!

I sit here this morning and feel very good! I can sit comfortably. I have to take it easy for the next couple of weeks as I heal, but that is okay, I can putter around the house. I went out Tuesday and did my shopping, so we are good with supplies for a while. I have everything I need and if not, Hubby can go get it… lol

Now the wait begins… I have 6 weeks till my check-up where I get to see how well I healed and get the pathology of the lesion she just took off. I know I will heal fine, I usually do… It is the pathology report that determines whether I have more extensive surgery ahead or if she got it all already with Wednesday’s procedure.

Either way, I know I will be okay. I have survived this Cancer for 24 years, I can keep going. It is for me to have a better quality of life and I am all for that!! 

I have a very healthy will to live… It doesn’t matter what my life looks like, as long as I get to live it however I am able! As long as I can get up and go out in the backyard to enjoy Mother Nature that abounds with snow or sunshine, I will be content. I am very content with where I am and what I have accomplished. Time to enjoy retirement!

I share below some pictures I took when I was out on February 17 for another adventure. I love going to the Waterfront to watch the water in the Harbour as I find it very peaceful there and very calming for me. I can feel the pull of the currents in the Atlantic Ocean most of the time. I love where I live!