Moving On From Narcissistic Bullies

They have to stick their noses into everything, they can’t mind their own business, and they can’t refrain from interfering in other people’s lives.

This quote from this Quora Digest post is what stuck out to me, as I have seen this for myself. Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies that I have, have stuck their noses into my personal business and just cannot refrain from interfering in my life. They are Meddlers!

Just look at which showed up on July 8, 2022. There is no need for Toxic Adult Bullies to get into my Facebook page, we are not friends and have no one in common. The only reason this was done, was out of their own jealousy and insecurity, and severe spite. They cannot stand to see me happy and healing from what they did to me. They can’t stand to see me move on and live a good life. They have to try and do their very best to ruin my happiness and better mental health.

They are trying to “rope” me back into that deep depression again, as they think they still have some control over my emotions. They don’t and will see that in time.

Look at the later posts on, all of them are based on my personal life, not the job I did there. This is where the professional attacks, became personal ones.

Toxic Adult Bullies has said to me before, that he “owns” me. I came to realize that he believes that, as he has said to me quite a bit he is “in my head” and he is right to a degree. It isn’t them personally, I could care less, it is their actions in my name that are in my head. There is a big difference. I don’t know these people and don’t want to, I am concerned about their actions with my name and what they do with my personal info.

When I was raising my children, it was always stressed to me that the bad actions they did, do not make them bad. I learned to separate the act from the individual. I am doing the same here, I don’t know these people, I just know what I see them do in my name on the internet within their various websites with my name and my personal life, and I know it is wrong. It looks wrong and it feels wrong.

Writing terrible vile narratives about other people’s personal lives is disgusting behaviour. I finally reached my limit and am ready for the next part of this mess. Onwards and upwards!

Every time I read something, I can see similarities to my experience. This, more than anything, has shown me over the years what type of personality I am dealing with. The more I read the more determined I become to get this shit out of my life, and out of my head. I don’t want these people in my life and am doing everything possible to kick them out. The more I do to achieve that, the better I feel. I am close… Once this last shitshow comes about, and this situation finally comes to the attention of the right people, I will be done with it.

Once all these domains are cancelled and it all finally disappears from the internet, I will be completely free and will know I never have to worry about any of it ever again. That is my goal and I will get it. I am determined, prepared, and ready for what is to come for me to get there. I have been building for this to come for the past couple of years and I am ready now. Bring it on!


What will the narcissist do if you move on?
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1. When you finally move on, it triggers a narcissistic injury.

It provokes narcissistic rage. Narcissists are very jealous and insecure. They can’t stand to see you living your life without them, and they can’t stand to see you enjoying your freedom doing something that doesn’t include them. They have to stick their noses into everything, they can’t mind their own business, and they can’t refrain from interfering in other people’s lives.

Once they have met you and been involved in your life, they feel like they own you, they feel like you belong to them now, and they feel like you’re their property until one of you dies. That’s just the mentality of a narcissist, and they will get offended when they realize that you don’t see it the same way.

2. When you finally move on, the narcissist will do whatever it takes to rope you back in.

To maintain some form of relevance and significance to you, to remain in your life. They are jealous and insecure, they feel like someone or something is taking you away from them, and they don’t like how it feels because, in their minds, you belong to them. In their minds, you’re their property. So once they can see that you’re trying to move on, they feel justified to do whatever they want to you, up until this point they have likely already been working on attacking your character.

They will have been talking to people about you, smearing your name, making you look bad in front of other people so that when you try to move on, you look like the problem. It makes it look like you’re abandoning them.

3. When you finally move on, the narcissist will always find a way to pop up in your life again.

The narcissist will always find a way to remind you that they’re still there because they don’t want you to forget about them. They don’t want you to move on and live your life without; they’re jealous and insecure and they don’t want you to be good for anyone else after they’re gone. The way they see it is: If you’re not going to stay with them, you might as well be dead.

Narcissists just can’t stand the thought of someone else partaking in everything that you are because, in their minds, you belong to them. In their minds, you’re their property. Regardless of what you want to do or how you’re feeling, it’s all about what they want, and they will do whatever it takes to keep you around.

4. They will stalk and harass you.

They will stalk and harass you until you feel like the only way that you can get it to stop is if you just talk to them, if you just go back to them- they can’t just let you go because they have abandonment issues. Once they’ve been involved with you, they see it as that’s it for life; it’s like this unspoken contract that you agree to just by engaging with them and they expect you to abide by these rules, which you have no knowledge about just because they thought it in their minds.

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