Moving On from Adult Bullies



Adult Tenant Bullies Never Give Up!

It is really hard to move on from Adult Tenant Bullies, but I am willing to give it a try. I don’t need to answer to them, for anything I do. As soon as you show you are moving on and recovering from their abuse, they go out of their way to try and take you down again. The past couple of days show such things. Awe, well, good luck. I won’t stop, till I am done. My Life, My Choice. 

They show they will never allow me to be free to live my own life, they are always in the background, watching and waiting to strike. Their continual actions against me online just prove they are Adult Bullies, that isn’t in dispute anymore. They show how they think they have control over me and what I do.

I owe them nothing.

 For every action, there is a reaction. They created various sites filled with their nasty implications about me and my life, so yes, I will React and defend myself. They created, so I created They put personal info about me online, I put personal info about me online. 

If they didn’t want me to voice my personal opinions over what they have done, they shouldn’t have done it. Simple really. Its called Reactive Abuse. I have rights too.  

They make accusations they have never proven, but they think the implication is enough to affect my life. Dream on, as I no longer believe them. I have seen their lack of influence over my life. I have been shown the past 5 1/2 years that no one believes a word they write about me. I have become very confident in that.

I don’t need to concern myself about anyone who might believe them. Why do you think I am so happy I don’t need to work anymore? I don’t want to deal with too many people. I am content just as I am. It worked out, better than I thought it would. 

All the world can hate me and believe their lies, I no longer concern myself over any of it, I am content with myself and what I do. Nothing these people will ever say ever again will disturb my peace. You know why? Their opinions about me and what I do are no longer relevant. I have no reason to care about what other people think, as they are not in my life for me to care. 

I am happy in my little bubble, I don’t need much. My bills are paid, my house is good, and I have everything I need and then some. Why would I work when I don’t need to do so? I love that I don’t need to work! If I choose to spend half my day writing on my own website, I am able to do that. If I want to do 30 websites, I don’t see anyone stopping me, do you? I can afford it, why not? I can even hire someone to do them for me if I wanted too!

I said before, you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. I don’t answer to anyone outside my bubble nor do I need to accept any person’s opinion over anything I do. If you are not a part of my life, your opinions just won’t matter. Only people I can respect, get to say anything to me.

I don’t respect these Tenant Bullies, they did nothing to earn respect. Attacking a stranger online, stealing her name for a domain to tear her character apart, don’t earn any respect from anyone! 

What Kory Read thinks about my actions, don’t matter. I will do what I want and he is welcome to think what he wants. He wants to call me the narcissist? Go ahead. He wants to call me a racist? Go ahead. He isn’t a part of my life and I don’t need to accept their opinions, nor do I need to respect them. It is only words… has been a bit up and down. I do have screenshots of the new site but it is gone again. Time will tell if it returns.

My Tenant Bullies have started “parking” their domains and reposting them to go to the Internet Archive. They do these things to try and take back control of the narrative. I don’t mind, the more links that go to the evidence of their Abuse, the better! That’s what all these sites represent and why I kept them and saved it on the Archive, it is evidence of their abuse of me and others. 


The new contents are a bit different. It still links to the Internet Archive, but it also has more of the writer’s personal opinions over what he believes my motives are.

I use these things as evidence of severe psychological abuse they do within with their words. This new content is just more of the same, trying to convince you he knows me well enough to write what he does and speculating over my husbands motives. More Gaslighting! They have become predictable and their narratives never change. 

I know how wrong this man is about me and in the end, that is all that matters. I live this life, for me, not for anyone else. No matter how much this person disagrees and puts me down for what I do, it will not stop me, not anymore. He can think and do what he wants, as in the end, he is only exposing his own actions against me. 

Once again, Kory Read shows with his own actions, that he is abusing me online and out to cause damage to my life, all out of revenge for my part in their eviction from the apartment. That is all you need to see, their abuse. That is all that is relevant. 

Why do they care what I do, online or off? As they said, we are out of each others lives so why continue, implying that I have a stroke and drop dead? Do Kory Read think words like that will actually make people believe him more?

I have come to see that some people might believe their lies, but these people are not in my life, so it don’t matter. I am very safe here in Newfoundland and nothing these Tenant Bullies can ever do anymore will ever influence me or my life. Their words have no substance…which is why they keep trying.

To be honest, I don’t care if my words even have substance to anyone, they do to me and that is all I care about. 

None of these words I read last night affected me like they use too, not even close. I laughed actually, we both did, at their attempts to affect my psyche again. It made me more determined to share my story! The more they come at me now after the past 5 years, the more it makes me determined. 

As for the comments below? Just more of the same from Kory Read, speculations and fantasies from his imagination. More gaslighting and triangulation. Very predictable really!

Kory Read writes these words not because he knows they are true, but in the hope they will get to my emotions and cause me to run away and hide! He hopes to make me feel shame over his words, to get embarrassed and shy away once again in fear, like I used to be. Awe well, not gonna happen, not anymore.

I am happy to say it is all gone. No more shame, no more embarrassment, no nothing, just determination to keep going and do what I feel I need to do for myself and my mental health. 

Because she is a racist who needs to be exposed long after death. The goal is to make the community aware of her immoral behaviour and beliefs. And Stella Reddy is not working because of retirement. It is because people researched her name, and found the truth and ran as far away as they could from her.



Kory Read states they took their sites offline for 3 months as a test and that I failed. Who are they to “test” me anyway? What gives them the authority to even do this to me? This is the grandiose thinking in play once again, thinking they have the power and influence to make any of their “goals” come about.

I don’t answer to Kory Read and nothing I do, is any of his business. Maybe they should go away instead! 




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