More Snow & Solar Eclipse!

Admirals Green Webcam of St. John's NL Canada

UGH!! More Snow!! Hoping the cloudy skies won’t interfere with seeing the Solar Eclipse!

Woke up this morning to see more snow on the ground and cloudy skies for the Eclipse later today! According to the weather forecast, we here on the Avalon might have too much cloud cover to really see anything, but our weather is mercurial and could change at the drop of a hat!

I am crossing my fingers and toes that it clears up enough around dinner time for us to see this rare spectacle and I hope that everyone is safe and protects their eyes during this event. They stress it enough here in NL!

Who has plans to see the Solar Eclipse? I look forward to reading everyone’s impressions of this awesome event!

The rest of today will generally be cloudy with light snow and/or showers on the Avalon. Temperatures will hover near or above the freezing mark. Cloudy skies will also be present in the Big Land, and temperatures will also be near the freezing mark. Between those two areas, there should be some sunshine today, which will set some areas up very well for seeing the solar eclipse later today and this evening!

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4 Replies to “More Snow & Solar Eclipse!”

    1. No kidding…:) Such is Newfoundland weather! We got about 15 cm of snow the other night, it was enough to shovel. It’s supposed to start warming up later this week but it won’t surprise me if we see snow again before June comes. You get used to it!
      All your snow gone now?

      1. I am glad it warming up for you! I am excited to get to go out in the yard in a few weeks when I am recovering. It should be nicer by then… 🌞

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