More Evidence Of Kory Read Severe Gaslighting of Stella Reddy!


As I mentioned before, I have been re-reading the documents and emails I received over the 19 months of the Human Rights process with Adult Bullies Kory & Allison Read and came across this email thread below that shows Kory Read gaslighting of me with HRTO.  There are so many of them but this one stood out to me today. 

Gaslighting is such an insidious thing… It gets into your psyche and plays with your mind. That is its intention and what Kory Read was looking for. It has become very obvious with his newer content that he wants me dead and prefers to be the one who causes me to do it.

I am having a hard time getting past that. I just don’t understand the depravity for someone to think that way about another person. These emails also show that thinking. Kory Read has no clue what his written words revealed about himself either. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had them online as long as he did! He gives so much of himself away with his words! 

I hit “reply” instead of “reply all”, a simple thing, yet not according to Kory Read. He implies so much once again over my actions when he just do not know. 

It is due to emails like this, and others I shared, that show the depths they were willing to go to to try and destroy me. The crazy-making I was under was very extreme and not something I would wish on anyone. Word salad is what he did, always, to flip the script onto me! 

The lack of maturity also shown by Kory Read in these emails are also something to note. 

I talk about how his actions affects me and all he focuses on was a request for a summery hearing I did? Their total lack of empathy for what their actions with these domains was doing to my psyche, is clearly on display in all the emails sent by Kory Read to me during this process. I have so many, even down to the “OHH BOO HOO” response.

The Many Nasty Emails Stella Reddy Received from Kory Read & Allison Read

I see so much now in their written words. All it took was some distance, research, and a lot of reading to see the various tactics in play within the content of these domains they had online. 

It also helps that there is so much information online about these tactics that I could learn from! 

It is sad that so many other people go though similar things, but we all learn from each other and that is very helpful! I share my story mostly for me, but also so others can not feel so alone, like I did. I am determined to become so knowledgeable that I will never be fooled again, by anyone.

I have no problem anymore sharing how these actions by total strangers affected me and my psyche, as it needs to be exposed for what it is. The actions of my Adult Bullies was so bad to my


 mental health over such a long time and no matter how many times I told them what they do was causing damage, they didn’t care and stepped up their abuse to make it worse. You can see it in their many emails and documents they sent to me and others, it can’t be missed anymore.

Kory & Allison Read were deliberate in their actions of emotional abuse of me, you can see it, and removing it from online now won’t absolve them from these actions. They did it, there is evidence of it that will always remain. 

I was very angry, still am to some degree and I have a right to be. Kory Read was very vicious in his personal attacks over my very existence, even trying hard to drive me to suicide with his taunts of go use some rope and hoping I will have an “episode”. His total lack of human decency towards another human being is very clearly on display in his content and even in his documents sent to HRTO. They don’t have the right to do what they did to me, period. No excuse will ever be good enough to validate their actions in my name online. 

I need a break from reading all their garbage I have so I am going to take one. I’ll be back!!



From: <> >

 Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2018 8:40 PM >

To: Stella Reddy <> > Cc:; >

 Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, > 2018-32811-I. > >

 Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the > world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by > Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her. > > First and foremost, I have had absolutely no issue with the HRTO > receiving all the correspondents between Stella Ready and myself from > today. As I have obviously attach all parties to my emails from when > speaking to Stella Reddy. > > Reviewing Stella Reddy’s most recent email to the HRTO, it is clear > that she has deliberately not included all the correspondence between > us today. > > She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes > of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at > best conspiracy theories. > > After reading the entire correspondence attached to this email in a > .PDF file. They HRTO can clearly see that it is nothing like what > Stella Reddy wants the HRTO to believe. > > And yet we ( The Read’s ) are the ones that are always trying to be > deceitful and shady according to Stella Reddy. > > Why did Stella Reddy not include her email at 14:37 address to only me > and no one else? > > This is the same email where she again continued to rant, insult, > express her legal knowledge and tries to justify her defence to us. > > Who really is the one ( and I paraphrase from Stella Reddy’s early > email) picking ,choosing and deflecting? > > Stella Reddy has no control over herself. Instead of just responding > and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets > to include these ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about > myself. > > This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her > deceitfulness. Which in turn just bogs down the whole process? > > Seeing how she is willing to behave like this openly with the HRTO > and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others > are not around? > > I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of seeing her > response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella > Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how > wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court. > > Thanks and sorry for this stupidity. > > Kory Read

On 2018-12-10 07:46, Stella Reddy wrote: >

Attn: Registrar, > >

As you will see from the below once again Mr. Read attempts to > embarrass me with his assumptions over my behaviour. One thing I can > say, is that he does have a wild imagination! One email I sent > yesterday I hit “reply” instead of “reply all” without noticing and he > picks it apart and comes up with some wild story over why I did that. > How he can take one action and come up with all the stuff below is > beyond me! It is perfect as this behaviour is what I have had to deal > with since I met Mr. Read and his family in June 2016. Everything I > did and said, he picked it apart and came up some wild story over why > I did or said what I did and spread these suppositions to anyone who > would listen. These actions of his are all throughout the application > paperwork he sent in June 2018. It has been a constant issue and to be > honest I am really sick of it. I hope now that everyone can see why I > have been experiencing so many mental health issues since being here > and dealing with these people and their actions with me. All the > twists and turns of his words and assumptions would drive anyone crazy > I think! I am sorry I got sucked into those emails yesterday but I am > so tired and fed up with reading the crap they write and the delays > they are causing and I am getting pissed off over it all As I said in > my email, I have nothing to hide and I want this over so I can proceed > to Small Claims Court and suing them for Defamation and Libel over the > website they did and the Facebook posts. I have told Mr. Read numerous > times that I have no problem with anyone picking up for their rights, > as long as they have the proof to back it up. They can’t just willy > nilly come up with some elaborate story about someone and except > everyone to believe them, but this is what Mr. Read expects. Just as > he expects everyone to believe the wild story he came up with below. > > They filed this complaint against me and now that the time has come to > answer to my response they are doing anything and everything to get > out of doing that by requesting and causing delays. I cannot help but > wonder why Mr. Read is so desperate to keep sending paperwork to delay > responding to what he received. > > I hope this interaction has shown you what I have had to deal with and > please use these actions of his now to help proceed this application. > As I sent a request for a Summery Hearing back on Oct 2018 I may > resubmit to have this dismissed as they cannot back up their > application against me. > > Thank you for your time. > > Stella Reddy > > > > > > > —–Original Message—– >


Sent: December 10, 2018 1:52:26 PM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Subject: Stella Reddy Summery Hearing Request October 2018

Good Morning Mr. Zabikhulla, Upon reading this email from Stella Reddy, I caught a line that interested me very much. ” As I sent a request for a Summery Hearing back on Oct 2018 “ I am sorry, but we have absolutely no physical record or mention of this request in any of the materials that have been provided by the HRTO or Stella Reddy to us in regards to her ” Summery Hearing ” request. Can I please get some clarification on this issue and any paper work that exist? You can just email it to me, as time is of the essence. Thanks Kory Read


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