May 7, 2022 Ramblings by Stella Reddy

Today will be amazing

The past few days I have been enjoying the calmness I have gained in my life and enjoying going with the flow. I have also been going out a lot this past week, as my ankle is feeling much better these days. I walk too much and I get sore, but I can do a lot more now that I did in recent weeks, so I have been enjoying it. I haven’t spent much time at my computer this week!

Went and had my eyes checked yesterday and was told I now need prescription glasses… lol Been getting away with using dollar store glasses the last few yrs with reading, but they don’t cut it anymore, and my distance is also going. I didn’t know how badly till I had it checked. You don’t really notice gradual things like that, especially when you are busy with other things! It was a gradual decline I didn’t see. Eye exams are not cheap these days, not like the last time I had it done! It has doubled… Oh well, I have noticed everything is going up!

I no longer consider the smear campaign in my name online as any threat to my present, nor my future. I have done so many things this past year that showed me I don’t need to worry any longer, the most important being the work on myself and my thinking. Fear can make things look worse than they actually are.

With my physical limitations, I knew that being physically attacked by someone incited by the content in the domain in my name, would cause a lot of undo damage and I was so afraid of it. I lived and breathed this fear for about 5 years, thinking someone would see their contents, believe it, and come beat me up or even try to kill me. While I had right to fear, I know now, I was being irrational. It was my PTSD talking. I had to get an my education this past few yrs to learn it was irrational thinking, based on fear.

I had to take these negative thoughts and pick them apart, one by one, and figure it out. I did that. I had to remove my strong emotions and look at the logic of their words, which is why I don’t pay attention to them anymore. Their many words and accusations, just don’t make sense and they use so many excuses for their behaviours!! There are so many contradictions within their narratives, it changed from one site to the next!

Why would anyone even read their gibberish, let alone believe it, when it is written by an anonymous administrator and the contents are about a actual person they degrade, insult, and make judgements on? This is what I came to believe and since it started sinking in the past few months, I have been slowly coming to terms with it all and feel much better! People have no time for this shit like they have online, it is pure garbage.

I learned that even though someone’s personal opinions could affect your life, the chance of their allegations being believed are next to none! I came to see they show with their words online, their total incomprehension of me as a individual and it is easy to see they just do not know me like they claim, nor do they know any of my thoughts or motives. They can’t. They make assumptions and these assumptions are so off kilter, you can tell. Some of their accusations are also very outlandish and childish for a adult of my age to have done. They accuse with their personal opinions and speculations, not on any actual evidence they have.

I am going to do the same below that they have done, so you can see how easy it is to do!! I will express my assumptions about a situation in their personal lives, like they have done to me as it is easy to write words and hope they stick, don’t mean what I say is really true.

I could say Kory Read is a domestic abuser, and beats his wife and kids. I don’t have any evidence of it, just a copy of a hand written note given by his wife when she applied for the apt rental back in June 2015, as she clearly states she was in a shelter with the kids, as she left a domestic situation, and needed a place to live. It is only her name and the kids on there stating they were the only ones to be living there and it contained her brothers personal info as co-signer. This is all hearsay, just like everything written with and the other sites they had! No different. I take the words written by Allison Read alluding to her leaving a domestic situation, so you can assume it was because she was being beaten up or being abused in some way, by her husband. There is no way for me to know if any of this is true, as I wasn’t there when she applied and didn’t check any references nor verify any info on the application for rental myself. If I had, I could say for certain. But, when I moved in there to live and work, Kory Read was already living there with her and the kids, and I have no idea when he moved in there either.

For all I know, the application and the situation for her to apply, could have been a scam. I have had people in the past try to scam their way into an apartment with some sob story, hoping you won’t check all their references and verify the info they give. I had couples before try to get an apartment in just the wife’s, or husbands name, with the kids, and not include the spouse as they were scamming Welfare. They didn’t want the spouse’s name added to the application, as Welfare wouldn’t give them as much and wouldn’t cover the rent for them. They were scamming the system and wanted me to help them do it.

Now, all the opinions about Kory & Allison Read above, are my own, based on info I gained about them over time and from their tenant file. I do know for sure that she was on Welfare, as they paid majority of the rent directly to the owners and she paid the rest. That was what started all this, as she paid in cash and I wouldn’t accept it. She didn’t want to incur extra fees. There were only 3 tenants who paid in cash, and the others didn’t complain, they understood the reason behind my decision. Allison Read didn’t care, she just wanted her way. She had no concerns if I was attacked for cash in the office at rent time, yet I was supposed to care that she had to incur extra fees for her to pay her rent? It was all about what they wanted and I was expected to give in to them, if not, I was bullied over it.

I never would help others scam any system. Nope, all people living in the apartment, goes on the application and on the lease, including children. If people move in and move out during their tenancy, a new lease is done, with the same terms, but their names are removed, or even added, as needed. If there is ever an emergency, it is required for services to know how many people might be in a unit to check for. Can you imagine if there was a major fire in the property and the fire dept wanted to know how many people to look for to evacuate, and there were people in there the staff wasn’t aware of, and they died because there wasn’t a need to look? What if a adult kid had moved back in with their parents and didn’t let the staff know, and these parents work all day, but the adult kid does not, I wouldn’t know to have them look in this unit, as I would assume there was no one there! This is why it is so important to inform staff and management of these changes and have their names added to the file, at least!

Allison Read didn’t do any of that when her husband, Kory Read, moved in with her. There was not one thing in her tenant file stating her husband was now living with her in the apartment, which is why when I did my HRTO application on them, I used the brothers name with hers, as I didn’t know Kory Read’s name at the time all this started, even back then all the letters and info to the office, all came in her name, as she was the leaseholder. I did not know the name of the man who was yelling profanities at me, and calling me names, on August 24, 2017 when I went to their door. I never learned that till much later…

As you can see it is easy to speculate on bits of info I do have, but I don’t know if its true or not. Just like everything they have ever written, they have no idea of their claims are true and no way of proving it either. They weren’t there and did not witness anything they claim to know in such certainty!

This is where I am these days, confident in knowing that and the other domains, are all part of one big scam! It is a scam, trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes and get you to believe the words of a anonymous person about other people! Kory & Allison Read are scam artists! They scammed so many companies by using her brothers name, including phone companies and even Hydro! I even found evidence they still use her brothers name for various services, which is how I found their new address awhile back in Hamilton ON! I have a lot of info about these Adult Tenant Bullies that I could share as they have, filled with my assumptions and many speculations, but it isn’t worth it to me to do that. I don’t want to do that.

As I said, I have been very calm and going with the flow of my life. I haven’t checked on the status of those sites in awhile, but I am aware that there were a couple due to expire last month and I have no idea if they are gone, or renewed again. I have no interest to look, as they no longer matter. I read it all before and have no interest in reading the same crap all over again. If it changes and I need to be concerned about anything, someone will tell me, I am sure!

Its Saturday! I am off for a day of adventure! I am enjoying my life these days, minimal anxiety and no fear of people and places! It is glorious!!

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