May 19, 2022 Ramblings by Stella Reddy

The Smear Campaign

I was adding a new post this morning and my site got a little screwed up and I lost it…. lol Awe well I don’t mind.

I have been looking for things to write these days as in all honesty, I am over this Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying that those Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, have online in a domain in my personal name. Their time in my life is done. My thinking has changed over the past year. I am ME once again!

It no longer matters what they have to say about how I did my job, almost 6 years ago. Why should it? They are a couple of tenants, out of thousands I came into contact with in my career. They made accusations that they have never been able to prove, in 6 Years! I spent way too much time on this bullshit that will never go anywhere. They filed with various legal systems, and either lost, or walked away, from all of it, because they LIED! Nothing will ever change with this situation, it is what it is and now it is over. Websites online filled with lies, won’t change that they lost. 

I now see them as previous tenants who are on a vendetta against me for doing my job.. Not important when you look at it, as it does nothing to my life, in the end. I am still here, living my life, free of them! I always will be. It was hard there for awhile, but fear will do that to you. I know now I can move on and never give them, and their nasty domains, another thought, as they won’t do anything to me. Not anymore!!

They have no power, no influence, to ostracize me from my community, nor do they have any influence over anyone I may have in my life, why should they? I already made new friends, joined a dart league even, and spent time with other people where these things were not even talked about. The only time these things come up, was when I bring them up! It is history now. They were tenants, not part of my personal life and have no right to speculate on it. They are nothing to me, so why should what they say about me, matter? They, and their sites, will never be mentioned anymore, as it is irrelevant to my life now.

No one reading their words will ever run away from me, you know why? No One is reading their words! No one I know anyway, unless I ask them to do so! It is also because they are by an anonymous person they don’t know, whereas I am right there, in front of them and they can see what type of person I am for themselves.

Normal people don’t go through life believing every bit of gossip said about another person, especially when it is written in a domain in that person personal name, but all written by “administrator”. Normal people don’t automatically go home and do a search on a person they just met either, like he implies. Even if they did and finds those sites, they won’t believe it, as the person writing is also a stranger! 

The people that matter to me, know that the words written on these sites are all lies. That is all that counts these days. People can see these websites now for what they are, as I have. Time has exposed their lies….

My fear is gone. My anxiety over those sites being online, is also gone. I know the truth and its enough for me to feel very safe and comfy. Kory Read loves to call me a liar all the time, but we all now see that as projection, as you can see the outright lies they tell, the biggest being that they know me to imply like they do, especially on my personal life that they know nothing about!

Kory Read’s speculations over my vehicles, over my health, even over my career, all show he has no idea what I have in my personal life. How could he know? Kory Read didn’t even know I had a home waiting for us to move into, no idea that we could even afford to move, let alone live as good as we are.  Kory Read hates the fact that no one is willing to accept that he is the authority on me and my life! 

How could he know the type of person I am, from being a tenant? Kory Read didn’t even spend much time in my company, so how could he know how I am like as a person? He don’t. Everything in his contents came from his own imagination, from the bits of info he did have access too during HRTO. You can tell by the posts there. I don’t need to defend myself, never did, in time the truth come out anyway. Its easy to see they are being mean and spiteful and it is all out of revenge for my part in evicting them.

Implications don’t count, facts are all that matter in this situation. Kory Read has none, he don’t even know if what I share on my own sites, is even true. How can he? Is Kory Read around to see what I am really doing in my life these days? Do he have anyone telling him what I am up too anymore?  Nope! That is one thing I have learned about the internet, you can write whatever you want and no one will know if what you say is true or not, unless you are in my life to know.

Kory & Allison Read will never know me, nor what I do in my daily life, as they are not part of it to know anything. Their many speculations on my marriage give that away, as everyone knows I have a really good marriage! He gives his jealousies away every time, hey?

Awe well, Kory Read can continue in his delusions, it don’t affect me and my life anymore! Their time in my life is done and good riddance. Their actions will catch up with them eventually, I am a firm believer in Karma!



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