March 15, 2024 Ramblings

We are slowly losing all the snow we have gotten! There are still so many piles of snow around, and even in some places I still had to walk on the road, as there were no sidewalks, while I was out lately. With all the rain that fell on top of it, it has become harder to remove. It was fun to watch the sidewalk plow yesterday though. Unfortunately, my hands were full so I couldn’t take any photos… Just this one above in my backyard… The snow doesn’t look so pretty anymore… lol

I have gone out quite a bit the past few days, running errands. I had to get my medications yesterday and noticed a spike in the cost… I pay for my prescriptions every month and notice it is going up with everything else! What can you do? I have diabetes too and am on a special diet that is not cheap. I feel for the people who struggle with these things…

It has been many years since we had to struggle financially…but I do remember what it feels like, which is why we live on a budget and put some away for emergencies. We don’t use credit cards and never had. My mentality is that if you want something bad enough, you save for it. The only time I used credit was for my car and I paid it off in 5 years, even though it sat parked for 3 of those years as I couldn’t drive anymore…I miss driving at times but my neck and arms are no good for that anymore.

Living in NL, you will see the spike in costs for a lot of things, as everything is shipped here and it is added to the price. The price of food is getting a bit much for some items, imagine almost $9.00 CAD for a bag of Oranges when I used to get them for $4.00 CAD! But I still get them once in a while as I like them and they are good for you!

Living within your means is harder these days, but I try my best! That was one of the cons with moving back here, the costs of some things, which is why I quit smoking!! I can’t afford to smoke here in NL, they cost too much. As I wanted to live here, it was a good incentive to quit… 🙂 We moved in Sept 2020 and I quit smoking in December 2020. I still get a craving once in a while, I smoked for over 40 years, but I can deal with it. I don’t miss the smell though! Once I quit, I can smell it more and I don’t like it… lol I feel better for quitting!

I can’t wait for the snow to disappear and clean up the backyard for use again. We got a new BBQ and I can’t wait to use it! I am in the process of finding a new Bistro set to put out there too this year. Last summer one of the chairs I had broke at the legs, so I need a new one. I still have the gravity chair I got many years ago! It is faded in colour but still works great.

Some of the many trees out in the yard need to be trimmed back to this year. Do you see all the trees in the picture? I have more that you don’t see too. Altogether, I have 5 trees out there and I love every one of them. They create such a beautiful canopy in the summertime! I am hoping to redo my garden this year too and plant some new flowers. We will see how that will work with my back, but I will try my best when the time comes in late April/early May.

I am hoping to get the garden set up so I can have somewhere comfy to sit while I recover from the spine surgery I am waiting for. I haven’t gotten a date yet but I do know it will happen in the next 3 months. As it will be during the nicer weather, I want somewhere easy to go to enjoy it!

Having such a big backyard, surrounded by trees that give me some privacy from the neighbours, is such a Godsend. I am just steps from Mother Nature! The leaves are a mess to clean up every year but it is so well worth it to me as the benefits outweigh the work. Spending an afternoon relaxing in the sun is such a great thing to do, watching the leaves overhead and listening to all the birds that come around. The sounds of Nature are music to me and so relaxing!

Spending time in the backyard, taking in all the sights and sounds, has helped me recover over the past few years and I know its benefits will help me with this surgery too.

Do you have a place close by where you go to soak up Mother Nature and reset your equilibrium? Even a window with a view of a tree will help, as it helped me while living in Toronto ON at times.

At my last place of work, we had a tree out in front of the property and I would sit on my balcony and look at it, even had some birds come around at times. I would zone out and focus only on the tree and try to block out all the traffic and sounds of people all around but my best times were early morning before everyone started moving. I had insomnia at the time and didn’t get much sleep so spent a lot of time out on the balcony, enjoying the peace.

I am excited about all to come. I can feel the anticipation in the air all around me! What are you excited for to come this Summer?

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