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I am sure we all heard of Quora Digest, where you can find information on any situation, written by individual people, to help one another. I found this site in the beginning of this Smear Campaign by Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, and you can even find some contributions I made over the years in there too!

I like reading about Narcissist and Adult Bullies posts that are there, as I gain a lot of insightful information. The articles below are some such insightful info I can find there that help me in my own situation.

It is for posts like this, that I am able to make fun of their antics now and laugh at it all, rather than get all twisted in knots, filled with emotions and fear. I do have the last laugh! Where has their revenge gotten them?

I am not living my life in fear, and don’t care what they think about what I do, or don’t do, their opinions don’t count, as they have absolutely no influence. They were prior tenants who went looking for revenge for their eviction, not anyone special. They are no different than all the other tenants I met in my 18 year career in Property Management in Ontario. They believed they were special and deserving of special treatment, and they are not. 

I have met a lot of people over the years, some who held careers as lawyers, doctors, and even a couple of CEO’s of big companies, and I came to see that no matter the clothes you wear, the job title, the money you have, underneath we are still just people, no better then the person standing next to you. Kory Read stands next to someone, and compares their life to his, and finds fault. This thinking is all throughout his writings online. He feels entitled. 

How will a narcissist react knowing they were not successful in ruining your life?

This is the kind of question I must reply.

You have no idea how this eats them on the inside. A narcissist will feel weak and ineffective. Ha, ha, ha!

Who laughs last, laughs best.

So please even if you feel like biting the dust with depression, wear your best and smile. Today may be the day you will face the narcissist that may have done everything to destroy you.

I did have this awesome moment. A decade later!

And I felt so good! Smile and smile a really wide smile. Message is – I am living and thriving too, you monster!

I like articles like this one, as it lets me see the absolute truth of this situation and why I believe in Karma. They expose themselves and their actions, given enough time. 

A Narcissistic person has no sense of what they have done, as they just do not see it. They are deficient. They do not see what they do, is wrong, so will never accept they do wrong. Science has shown that their brains operate differently, and it hinders the ability to grow and develop any genuine substance and depth of character. Kory Read will always be superficial and self-centered, caring only about himself and his own personal needs, living in his grandiose fantasies of ” success in society” and being better than anyone else. His writing gives it away, and he just do not see it!

These domains he has, like, have shown that to be true, as Kory Read has kept them online, even though he was shown to have lied. To Kory Read, what he writes cannot be lies, as they are his own personal determinations and are all that counts in his world. What every individual says is wrong, only he is right. The actual legal decisions don’t mean anything to him, he don’t agree with them, he tears them down instead. Even my own truths on my own life, are wrong, according to Kory Read. 

Kory Read is telling you, in no uncertain terms, that I, Stella Reddy, don’t know what I am writing about, that ONLY Kory Read knows what my motives and actions are, and what my words mean. He is telling you that he is the authority of me and my life and can read my mind. Hmmm…..

Karma has found them. Saying something negative and hurtful can create bad karma, and they did that in spades! Karma is deeply connected with the things you say to others. Saying something with harsh, cruel, and negative intentions creates negative karma, no matter who you’re talking to, or how you do it.

Kory & Allison Read have done nothing but create bad Karma for themselves with their words and actions, and it will affect their lives in profound ways in the future. No bad action will ever go unpunished in some way, I firmly believe that. These domains of theirs, with it vicious contents about so many individuals, will haunt them for life, as it shows just what they are willing to do against another person, for some slight they perceive was done to them. I was part of their eviction, in my job, and they attack me so maliciously in such a personal manner, by stealing my personal name for a domain title, where they use the contents to try and convince you they know me and my motives against them so definitively. Where they use the contents to convince you I am a racist person and that I, and so many others, illegally evicted them. How is that working out for them? It isn’t and never will. Karma will reward them for their negative actions against so many people, as I see it now. 

Why don’t narcissists ever pay for the harm they caused?

A very very good question,

This is so heartbreaking as victims of narcissistic abuse are often left feeling abandoned not just in terms of being discarded from the relationship itself but also in terms of moral and ethical and even legal justice.

Those who have experienced a relationship with a narcissist are often left wondering why a narcissist is able to behave the way they do and escape consequences for their actions. It is almost as though the law of reciprocation does not apply when it comes to a narcissist and this in itself becomes a severe insult to injury as though salt is being poured into an already fresh psychological wound.

Those who have been on the end of a narcissistic relationship (either personal, professional, social, or familial) will experience a sense of disillusionment in the systems of social justice, natural justice, and legal justice as the narcissist continues on their way irrespective river of the moral, ethical, psychological, and even physical damage they have caused. This essentially creates a multiple victim or victimised experience in that the very systems that should protect and help heal one person while holding the other person to account fail to do so.

Narcissists quite simply do not care. They do not care about the feelings or wellbeing of others. They do not care about consequences. They do not care about damage or distress that they cause. They simply do not care about anyone other than themselves. Narcissists simply are able to operate and function without a conscience.

Narcissists generally do not see themselves as being accountable and typically regard themselves as being outside the rules and mores which function to allow for people to exist harmoniously and with relative societal cohesion.

For this reason, narcissists avoid accountability and responsibility for their actions which are undeniably dysfunctional and incompetent. The avoidance of accountability is done so as a means by which to protect an extremely fragile and unstable sense of identity which could not cope with being seen as deficient in any capacity.

This therefore, hinders a narcissists ability to grow and develop resulting in a significantly psychologically stunted and extremely insular individual who will epitomise self-centeredness. Additionally, this will significantly limit a narcissists ability of reaching a true and authentic sense of self resulting in a greater likelihood of being attached to superficiality rather than genuine substance and depth.

Ongoing research has found that the frontal lobe and the cerebral cortex less developed in narcissists. This means that for a narcissist the areas of the brain responsible for empathy, memory, emotions, and behaviour are less developed allowing for a narcissist to move on rapidly from one person to the next with little concern or conscience. Ultimately, because these areas of the brain are less developed, a narcissist is less likely to experience the same depth and range of emotions as others.

This becomes more intriguing when considering the role emotions play in the formation of memories which again, are constructed differently for narcissists allowing them to be less anchored by either sentimentality or emotion.

When a person or people do establish and maintain boundaries, withdraw from interacting with a narcissist, and / or go no contact, the narcissist will typically make themselves out to be the victim and as such will fail to see that these actions are the inevitable result of their poor behaviour.

Whenever I would question Kory Read over any of his actions during HRTO process, I was met with more accusations of misconduct instead. He would do everything possible to not answer direct questions put to him, even from HRTO! He thought he could do no wrong and to hell with anyone else, even the Judicial Tribunals!

At no time, does he ever acknowledge his ownership of all these domains over time, until the last page of as he got frustrated over giving me his address by accident. Kory Read will never admit he added my email address to the forwarding list, rather than the blocked list, and I got 5 emails meant for him, including the rent reminder for their current address. He made a mistake and will never admit it, just like he will never admit he refused access.

Why does a narcissist treat you worse when you call them out on their behaviour?

Narcissists are indifferent and contemptuous when you attempt to hold them to account. In the sick, disordered mind of a narcissist, they can do no wrong and they’ll be damned if you try and stop them from obtaining narcissistic supply.

Whether you married the narcissist or were in what you thought was a “committed” relationship, the narcissist will never stop their pursuit of narcissistic supply from multiple other sources, regardless of how outrageous their abuse and betrayals are.

Narcissists are infamous for duping their partners as they gleefully lead their doubles lives right under your nose. There will be serial cheating, emotional / psychological abuse, gaslighting, triangulating, blame shifting, intimacy avoidance / withdrawal, silent treatments, shirking domestic responsibilities, smear campaigning, financial abuse, flaunting new supply and addictions; alcohol, drugs, pornography, compulsive masturbation, sex and gambling. The issues will be endless, yet the narcissist tries to dump their toxicity on you by blaming you for their behaviours. It’s insidious and appalling.

When you address an issue with the narcissist, this threatens their false self – the façade. They are not to be questioned or confronted. Should you try to press the issue, you’ll be met with rage, silent treatments, gaslighting, word salads and withdrawal. By this point you’re well into devaluation and the narcissist is quite likely grooming your replacement in between their strings of one nighters. This is why there is no reciprocity in a narcissistic relationship. They have an egregious sense of entitlement and they will always think they’re right no matter what.

Narcissists are incapable of taking accountability or genuinely apologising for their heinous abuse, misdeeds and betrayals. They have a pathological need to maintain and exert power and control over you. That’s why you’ll never get anywhere with a narcissist to the point you start capitulating out of exhaustion – just to placate the narcissist. Arguments and issues are circular and will never get resolved with a narcissist. The harder you try, the further down the rabbit hole you go.

Kory & Allison Read came close to breaking me, and I feel no shame in that. They used emotional manipulation on a person who has PTSD, and it caused all kinds of reactions, but I have come to terms with it now the past year. They tried every which way to win, and play victim to circumstances they created, but I am glad to see they will never have the power and influence to really break me down. Thankfully, I learned in time, what I was dealing with. My education saved my sanity,

Kory & Allison Read will never break me, my spirit is still here, and stronger than ever. I will never quit defending my name, as long as they are abusing it with 

How does a narcissist feel when they know they haven’t broken you? Can they tell? What do they do?

Every narcissist is different and because it’s a spectrum disorder, it’s always a matter of degree. My experience with the people I’ve had in my life who probably have this disorder or are sociopathic, is that they like to win. This means you have to lose. They seem to be unable of ending a relationship with any civility. They will either be a victim of all the things that they actually did to you or they will do everything they can to create turmoil in your life. The mere fact that you have dared to walk away, ignore them or act as though they don’t exist or move on with your life, will make them seethe with anger.

They will use lies, rumors, other people, even your own relatives and friends to ensure you are regarded poorly. They just can’t help it. They view themselves as superior to you. You are nothing and yet you managed to leave, obtain another job, forfeit the friendship that really wasn’t one to begin with. There never really is a relationship with this type of individual and that is what forces you to leave once you become aware that they are in the business of seek, conquer and destroy. This is what they do. It can look differently because everyone is an individual, however the patterns are the same.

How dare you? Who do you think you are? We’ll just see about that. This is what is going through their heads when they know you have truly made your exit. They will try. I really don’t think they can help themselves because you have caused them a great injury by no longer feeding the beast. They can also get bored and move on but you can’t, not to them. They always try something and if they provoke you and you even so much as flinch, it’s in the win column for them. Grandiose, covert, malignant, they all resort to some sort of win/ lose thinking and behavior.

These are my thoughts having been in different relationships with people with these attributes. They often are extremely charismatic, compelling and charming but there really isn’t any substance or true character, just a vacuum.

This was hard, but as I said above, my spirit will never be broken by another person, as I don’t give their personal opinions about me, any credence. I take back my personal power, every time. 

Kory & Allison Read don’t exist in my personal life, never did, we have no connection, other than This situation no longer exists, except online within these domains, it is over, long ago! 

For so long, I bought into the illusionthat the narcissist has power over you and is, on their own, capable of annihilating you, making your life a living hell, or destroying everything that you thought your life could be.” It is a complete ILLUSION, as they don’t have the power to do any of that, they just make you think they do!

Once you accept that truth, you free yourself! I came to see that no matter what these Bullies write, or say, it won’t do anything, as they are nobody important to me, to do anything! 

By working on myself and realizing my own fears, and facing them, I have released all my fear, heartbreak, guilt, and insecurities, and Kory Read can no longer use these things against me. There is nothing, no words of degradation, that will ever get to my psyche, ever again, written by Kory & Allison Read.

I have done the work needed to detox my mind of these Narcissistic Adult Tenants, who have Bullied me. It was all I needed to do.

“Here is the fact that you need to know: if a narcissist cannot have the upper hand emotionally and energetically against you, and can no longer emotionally derail you, then they have lost the fight.”

Once I reached the point where Kory & Allison Read’s words have no emotional effect on me, it no longer stopped me from living. My fears disappeared! I regained my personal power and no longer care what they do or say against me. I speak my truth, point out their abuse, and expose their names as the writers online with and the rest of their domains. I am free to speak my mind and have no fears to do so anymore. 

All I do these days, is make sure they don’t commit any more fraud in my name, otherwise, I ignore their antics. I save it all as evidence, but I laugh at it all these days. It has become very laughable after all this time, to see how desperate they have become to be believed. 

How do you recover your soul and spirit after narcissist and emotional abuse?

The most powerful way to get a narcissist out of your life, and to completely leave you alone, is by detoxing him or her out of every vestige of your inner being.

When this person doesn’t exist for you, for real emotionally, this person will not exist for you.

I can assure you, no matter how enmeshed you feel in the thoughts of the narcissist, and even if this has been going on for years or even decades, that 100% when you do the inner work to detox yourself from a narcissist, you will go completely free.

You may think that this is not possible until you start doing this work and discover just how possible it is.

Regardless of the situation, when you detox this person out of your inner being, you will discover how this person will dissolve out of your experience.

No contact is not just essential to get a narcissist to leave you alone, No Contact is also vital to grant yourself the space to start healing from a narcissist.

No Contact is easier said than done. We all know how difficult it is to stay away from and repel the narcissist’s hoovering attempts and stop the ways that he or she can trigger you into breaking no contact, and all the other sneaky tactics that narcissists use to get your attention and ego feed from you.

Narcissists need a payoff for their efforts and the prize is always narcissistic supply. If a narcissist knows that he or she affects you, then the narcissist believes that he or she is significant, and that is the exact fuel that keeps the narcissistic cruel, malicious, attention-seeking, punishment cycles continuing.

Please know this: there is no greater insult to a narcissist than when they are no longer gaining any attention, energy or reaction from you.

It’s so important to understand that an energy exchange with a narcissist does not need to be physical and literal. Even if you are checking up on the narcissist, without him or her knowing, there is a psychic phenomenon occurring whereby the narcissist is still receiving your emotional energy through the ethers.

If you still feel emotionally hooked in, affected and traumatised by the narcissist – which is evident if you are still obsessing about him or her, then the narcissist is still getting energetic narcissistic supply from you. This grants the narcissist the fuel that allows him or her to continue violating you.

You have purposefully eradicated every part of yourself that has been buying into the illusion that the narcissist has power over you and is, on their own, capable of annihilating you, making your life a living hell, or destroying everything that you thought your life could be.

When we go Quantum, and wake up out of the trance, we realise the truth – that the narcissist is a deep soul experience causing us to meet outside of ourselves the fears and insecurities that were all along buried in our subconscious interior.

A startling thing happens when we stop trying to manage the fear by battling the narcissist (which of course breaks rule number one – No Contact, literally, emotionally and energetically) and instead turn inwards to manage (which really means eradicate) the fear that we are feeling inside of ourselves.

This creates a massive shift in consciousness. Without our internal trauma, we see things clearly as they are, as the truth of the matter. We become wise; we know that the narcissist is in fact an insecure, powerless individual inciting and using our own fear against us.

By releasing ourselves from our inner traumas and fears, we know how to show up, we stop dimming down, playing safe and handing our power away trying to appease narcissists so that they stop hurting us.

Rather, we rise up and stay true to our values and our boundaries regardless of what somebody else is or isn’t doing. We are no longer scared of other people. We are willing to lose it all to get it all. We understand that living outside of our own personal integrity never ends up going well. And we know that when we align with personal integrity and be what we wish to receive from life that we produce our most powerful and complete results.

The shift is miraculous.

This integrity centred living is so authentic and powerful, the effect it has on a narcissist is as annihilating as shining a bright light onto a vampire. The narcissist as a false self can only operate in the shadows; they can only do what they do when they are using your fear, heartbreak, guilt, and insecurities against you.

When you emerge solid, confident, powerful and unemotionally expressing facts, without any of the previous trauma derailing you emotionally, that is when narcissists come undone.

Here is the fact that you need to know: if a narcissist cannot have the upper hand emotionally and energetically against you, and can no longer emotionally derail you, then they have lost the fight.

Without you acting out of your dishevelment the narcissist becomes painfully aware of their own. This is when it is time for the narcissist to exit the scene, no matter the cost, and take their disordered self into another environment whereby they can extract narcissistic supply and significance again.

Narcissists are broken children in adults’ bodies trying to bully and intimidate their way into position; they are no match for someone powerfully embodied in an adult body.


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