“Make It With You” by Bread

This was my wedding song in 1996… I still believe we can make it!

When I first met my husband it wasn’t our time. It was 1990 and we were both enrolled to get our high school diploma…We became friends who over time, lost touch sometime in 1992, after he graduated. I was behind due to the fire I had but I did go back and finished!

Fast forward to the Summer of 1995 and we ran into each other by chance… We have been inseparable ever since and got married the following year! It just felt right, from the moment we met and it still feels right! There is a connection between us that has never dimmed, no matter what life wants to throw at us.

He is there for me and gives me his strength when mine is waning and has held my hand through all my health diagnoses. With his help, I came to see I was losing just skin, not what makes me a woman because of the cancer I have been fighting.

I met my soulmate.

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