Living In Fear Of Toxic People

Toxic People rely on your fear of their actions to try and keep you under their control. Very First Letter Written by Toxic Adult Bullies To Bully Stella Reddy

“I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “ were not comfortable “ with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “ a liability issue.

On March 21, 2022, I found the below on with Chapter 20 which is now deleted. The picture was saved though!

This post made the claim that they took these sites “offline” from hosting as a “test to Stella Reddy” and that I failed, as always. I didn’t know these people had the authority to “test” me or anyone nor did I know that these Tenants were “truth speakers” over me and my life.

This is the type of thing that Toxic People do to instill fear in their targets. They aim to strike terror in our hearts so that we don’t speak out about what we endured from them and they want to rule our lives by getting us to live in fear of them and the lies they could make up and tell others.

They make comments about:

Yes, it is pure assumption that Stella Reddy is doing this, but realistically who else could it be?

But that is okay, we enjoy this game of cat and mouse with her and her husband. We enjoy owning Stella Reddy and having them devote their entire days, weeks, months, years, and literally their lives to us.

Will she stop? I hope not.

Why? Because we really enjoy letting her create these huge sites, with endless amounts of lies, boo hoo stories, and content and then having them exposed for what they are and having them removed. It seriously brings us joy on an already great day.

So Stella Reddy you go ahead and create your racist websites, and they will continue to be ignored by us, and then suddenly one day you will wake up, and they will be gone and your account will be suspended AGAIN!!!

It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.

And to help Stella Reddy put her mind at ease, we also renewed this domain for another year, so now it will not expire until April 20, 2023.

So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”

Recently Stella Reddy is again promoting her Boo Hoo Pity Tour, crying about how she is treated so unfairly and still using her imaginary PTSD as a crutch to justify her racist and discriminatory behavior.

This is classic Stella Reddy racist behavior. Stella Reddy always portrays the people she disagrees with negatively by weaponizing her deliberate lies and false rumors in her attempts to clear her name of wrongdoing.

Welcome back to

Posted on  by Administrator

So after being offline for 4 months. It is time to bring back the truth speaker..

Now the site was offline as a test to Stella Reddy. Which of coarse she failed as always.

You see Stella Reddy has always complained about the sites being up and how inaccurate they are in their depiction of her racist behavior and beliefs. There are countless times that Stella Reddy has said if the sites “were gone” she would move on with her life.

Well the sites were gone for 4 months and what did Stella Reddy do?

Read Chapter 20 and your find out.

Each of these posts is geared towards creating fear in me of “more to come“. Some of the more notable comments they wrote are above from these posts.

In their new content against new Targets, their words online are put there deliberately to “instill fear” in people they writing about by making these comments below. These are Bullying words, no two ways around that anymore. When a person is “threatening” you with public exposure like this on a domain in your name, or place of business, know that they are Toxic Adult Bullies intent on ruining you and your personal life, over revenge for what you didn’t do for them.

All of their websites are all about discrediting you.

Don’t let it get to you, as time has a way of showing the truth of any given situation. I came to see that myself, as I am still here, still living a very comfortable life with no repercussions from their smear campaign against me. Toxic Tenants have no influence, just think they do.

In order to share our experiences with what we believe to be inappropriate and discriminatory behavior at Connaught Public School during the past two academic years, our family has developed this website.

In light of this, we will outline each incident and show how

We will detail every incident that led to accusing a 12-year-old Black student/child who was unknown to her, innocent, and well-behaved of lying in an effort to save her own image and career.

We will also demonstrate how

We will also demonstrate how

We wil go into great detail about the physical and verbal abuse that our son was subjected to from a variety of Caucasian classmates while also demonstrating how

We will publish everything that was said, done, and written by all parties involved 

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destroy their lies and racist behavior by making these individuals accountable. But to make sure they understand and they know it was our family that did it!

Let the cards start falling where they may!

We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public knows what is happening.

Each of these Petitions on is part and parcel of installing fear in their Targets over the allegations they are making against them. It is scary to see such things about you on the internet put there by strangers who show they have no consideration. Over the past few years, I have found my name as well in various places that were put there by these Tenants against me, especially LinkedIn last year.

The links below work right now but given time, they will remove them and re-post them again. This is the 5th time these petitions have been posted! They leave them there for a couple of days and after no interest, they are removed and posted all over again!

If you ever find your name online on any website, social media or even opinion piece, know that it was done in hopes of creating such fear in you to remain quiet and not speak up about the abuse you are enduring. Toxic People use these things to “frame” you and create fear in you of them doing more such things in your name.

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