Letting Go of the Need for Approval

Growing up with the internet, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of cyberbullying and the toxic behaviour it amplifies. From smear campaigns in social media to the creation of smearing websites, the internet can be a dark place where one’s need for approval can become a perilous trap. This is my personal story of battling against the need for approval and finding the courage to let go of toxic people and toxic traits.

The World of Cyberbullying – A Harrowing Prelude

I fell victim to cyberbullying from Tenants in the workplace out of revenge for doing my job. Toxic Tenants attacked my character, mocked my appearance, and spread false rumours about me throughout the property and online on various websites, some in my own name. They stood in the building, always within my earshot, talking to others about me in such a nasty manner. The painful experience left me feeling a desperate need for approval, as I wanted to prove my worthiness to these assailants. I came to see that was my mistake, as I didn’t need their approval. Read on…

Falling into the Trap of Toxic People

As my desire for approval grew, I became susceptible to their antics. Whether it was online or offline, their manipulative tactics entangled me within their web, making me question my self-worth and sanity. These individuals used gaslighting techniques to control and manipulate my emotions, often leaving me feeling isolated and helpless. They tried to change the narrative over those 19 months with the HRTO process and I got caught up in showing that. Triangulation became a common occurrence, as they pitted me against others, including the general public, sowing seeds of doubt in my relationships with friends and family.

Awakening to the Toxic Traits Within Myself

In the midst of this turmoil, I realized that my need for approval was not only fueled by external factors but also internal ones. Reflecting on my own toxic traits, I began to understand how my own behaviours and beliefs contributed to my overwhelming need for validation. I was reacting to my emotions. It was an important turning point in my journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Finding Strength in Letting Go

As I started to detach myself from the toxic people and their manipulation, I discovered the immense power of letting go. I understood that my self-worth should not be determined by others, but rather by my own acceptance of who I am. I came to see they had no authority to cause anyone to attack me, especially writing as Anonymous people. I began to build healthier boundaries and surround myself with supportive individuals who uplifted and encouraged me.

Embracing Self-Approval and Growth

In my quest for healing, I delved into personal development, learning to embrace my true self and cultivating self-approval. I found mindfulness. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring my passions, identifying my strengths, and addressing my weaknesses. Through therapy and self-reflection, I recognized the importance of self-love, self-care, and continuous growth. It was my way forward.

Spreading Awareness and Empathy

Along my journey, I realized the importance of spreading awareness about cyberbullying, toxic behaviours, and manipulation. By sharing my story, I hoped to help others recognize the signs of toxic people, understand the damaging effects of smear campaigns, and encourage them to embrace self-approval and self-love.

Letting go of the need for approval was neither easy nor quick, but it was liberating. It involved overcoming the harmful effects of cyberbullying, recognizing toxic traits within myself, and cultivating self-approval and self-growth. Today, I stand strong, no longer defined by the opinions and actions of others. I follow my own path.

I urge anyone to join me on this empowering journey, embracing your worthiness and letting go of the burden of approval. Your self-acceptance will shine brighter than any smear campaign, and your happiness will be untouchable by toxic people. Remember, your true power lies in the strength to let go and in the approval of oneself.

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