Landlord & Tenant Board Transcript: The Truth is Here About These Tenant’s Eviction!

This page contains the complete transcript so nicely provided by Toxic Adult Bullies while doing the Appeal with the Divisional Court.

They tried to make it about me and the owners, but there was no evidence to support their claims. They had a hearing scheduled for themselves with the Landlord and Tenant Board on October 31, 2017, and once before the members to try and show their evidence against me, they withdrew their application so it was cancelled. I had never understood that decision, as they were so sure they would win, yet didn’t even bother to try.

Within you will read Toxic Adult Bullies claiming he refuses access when no one is home as he doesn’t want to wonder where his stuff is going, implying the building staff and contractors accessing would steal from them.

You will also read the details of this alleged prior meeting they say we had at some restaurant and my flustered response. The audio can be heard here:

Yes, I have always admitted I reacted badly to hearing these false claims and I accepted that I said inappropriate things but I didn’t know it at the time. I heard details there about this prior meeting I never heard before in the preceding year, so yes I would be upset.

Read all the digs they make towards my character and integrity and you would be upset too…I had no choice but to repeat all the gossip and rumours going around about me and what these Bullies accused me of.

I was willing to accept anything deemed necessary by Human Rights for doing anything they deemed I did wrong but Toxic Adult Bullies didn’t bother to show up for the scheduled hearing held on January 17, 2020.

Once they didn’t show up, I was finally convinced they knew they would lose, so didn’t even bother to try. They went to the internet instead, hoping that the opinions of the general public would do for him what the judicial system would not, and that was to go after me.

Toxic Adult Bullies have always maintained that I was afraid to get before a court and answer their questions, but this is a projection as I was there at the hearing on January 17, 2020, and waited on the phone for an hour like everyone else, for one of them to call in, but they never did. They were the Cowards! I had no issue going before any tribunal.

You can always tell by who shows up for the scheduled hearings who is afraid or not… Of course, Toxic Adult Bullies will claim everyone was in cahoots against them and this is why they didn’t bother to show up, after 19 months of the process. They will claim that no one would allow them to win, as it is all fixed to allow everyone to go free…

Common sense would tell you that if Toxic Adult Bullies were so sure of their claims, nothing would have stopped them from being there and at least trying. They didn’t even do that. What a disappointment, as I was eager to get into a Hearing with Human Rights…

I have no issue sharing this Transcript as it holds the truth of this mess, which is their eviction and the adamant stance they had over Entry.

It is within these pages where you see these Toxic Adult Bullies claim they refused access because they were afraid of their possessions going missing, not that they were afraid of the “racist” staff, which was me.

They broke the rules and were evicted for it. Very simple when you look at it from the beginning, not the mess it became because of their many lies.

I will never hide from the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be as the truth will set you free!!

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