Laminectomy/Discectomy Of The Spine

I saw the spine surgeon yesterday and he told me I was a candidate for this surgery. This time it is a Lumbar laminectomy/discectomy of my lower spine for stenosis and the bulging disc I have there. Emotionally, I am not anxious or upset over that, as I had hoped there was something to be done to help me be more comfortable in my retirement! I have had so many operations it doesn’t scare me anymore…The recovery time needed doesn’t scare me either, as I know it is only temporary. I will be back to my normal self in no time, minus some terrible nerve pain!

I do what I can to maintain my physical health and don’t mind temporary pain for long-term gain!

He informed me this surgery won’t take away my back pain, but it will take away the terrible nerve pain going down my legs to my toes that has prevented me from walking or standing around too much since August 2023. It will give me back my freedom to walk this beautiful City that I have missed in recent months. I’ll get to enjoy the vacation I have planned in August!

I have lumbar stenosis and a bulging disc that they are going to work on by removing the bad areas that are putting pressure on my nerve roots causing the radiating nerve pain in my legs and feet. I might even get back feeling in my thighs…

The doctor told me my back is in bad shape and has been for some time for the symptoms to get this bad. I remembered the Degenerative Disc Disease diagnosis I got back in 2007 from a Doctor in Mississauga ON when I was living and working there. So yes, I have had this issue for some time and it has taken this long to get to this point.

He won’t touch my cervical stenosis yet but said it might be a conversation down the road when my left arm becomes useless and I can’t move my neck at all without nerve pain. I am not there yet but I am glad I have a doctor to see when it does!

The health care system in NL is awesome, once you can see someone, which is what takes the most time. Getting tests completed is also slow but the care you receive, at least to me, is top-notch. I have no complaints about the Healthcare I am getting here, once I manage to see someone.

Hubby mentioned last evening that this is my 3rd surgery since March 1, 2023. I had two already to remove cancerous lesions, one in March and the second in July. I waited 6 months to see an Orthopedic specialist who ordered a CT scan of my spine, which took about 6 months to get done, then another wait of 5 months to get in to talk about the results, then another 7 months to see the spine surgeon. Now I wait for 3-4 months for surgery to be scheduled. In the end, though of all these surgeries, I get a better quality of life.

I don’t mind the wait, as I know eventually it will come. I have gained a lot of patience in recent years that I never had before. Being Retired does slow your life down, as there is no pressure anymore. I don’t mind pain, I have a high tolerance, but the nerve pain I can’t tolerate too much and will do all I can to get rid of it!

Below, you will find some info on the procedure I have coming but no worries, I will be okay! I am grateful I have the option.

Has anyone else had this procedure? Your comments would be appreciated…

Information for cervical or lumbar laminectomy/discectomy

The spine and spinal cord

The spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves that connects the brain with the rest of the body. The bones in your back or neck (vertebrae) cover and protect the spinal cord and nerves. The vertebrae are separated by pads or discs that allow movement. Nerve roots branch off and leave this spinal cord between the vertebrae and go to different parts of your body.

Spinal stenosis and disc herniation

The pressure on the spinal cord or nerves can cause weakness, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, difficulty walking or pain. Pressure can be caused by spinal stenosis (narrowing of the space where the spinal cord and nerves sit) or disc herniation (bulging). This is sometimes also called disc prolapse or a slipped disc. Pressure can also be caused by bearing of the discs, injury, or for some other reasons.

The operation

Laminectomy is an operation that relieves the pressure on the nerve or spinal cord. Part of bone (Lamina) of one or more of the vertebrae is removed through an incision (cut) in the back or neck to make more space and relieve the pressure.

Lumbar discectomy is done to remove the part of the disc that is herniated (bulging). You may need either laminectomy, discectomy or both. It will be made clear to you the type of operation you will have.

4 thoughts on “Laminectomy/Discectomy Of The Spine

    1. Thank you for your comment… I hope her procedure went well and that it helped her. As long as I get relief it will be worth it to me.

      1. She has a degenerative disease so it didn’t work- but we are looking at disc replacement now. It’s a good thing we live today! The options are so much broader !

      2. I am sorry to hear the procedure didn’t work for her… I heard of disc replacement and I hope it is a better option! There have been so many advancement’s, even since I was diagnosed in 2015. I have stenosis of the spine, mostly on the left side, and a herniated disc so I hope this works for me! I guess I will find out.

        Yes, I am very grateful we live today with all the medical advancements that have been made. I watched how treatments changed over the years for the recurrent cancer I have, as years ago they tried to convince me to get a full vulvectomy and I wouldn’t. Good thing as they don’t recommend that anymore unless absolutely necessary. I prefer to lose a bit at a time, rather than it all at once!

        Thank you Kimie for the info, it is appreciated. Hope you are having a great day!

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