Kory Read: Obsessed with Stella Reddy Suicide So She Will Disappear!

Kory Read refuses to accept that it was his actions, with stellareddy.com, and the other sites like 859kennedyroad.com, that caused my Mental Health to go to shit.

He admits to his actions here against me though, I am happy to see! I don’t think he realizes it though! Everything he wrote on this page, also applies to them as well, don’t you think? 

There is no common sense in this content. Of course I am upset over stellareddy.com and it’s contents online, who wouldn’t be? It is in my personal name and contains my information, not theirs.

I don’t see Kory Read’s name in the title, do you? Do you see his information, with pictures, addresses, and personal info contained within the content of stellareddy.com, even the other sites, or  any of his family members? This site is about me, not about Kory Read & Allison Read. It is everything in my name, so yes, I will stalk this site for new fodder. 

I am NOT a robot, I have feelings so of course this will get to me. As I said, common sense tells you that any person would be upset and hurt over finding domains online like this about them. 

Kory Read is obsessed with me and my life,  otherwise, why bother to have a domain in Stella Reddy at all? Why post anything, if he truly wanted to move on and forget? If Kory Read honestly wanted to move on, he would delete these sites, all of them. He contradicts himself, all the time, in his own content! Hypocrite! 

Kory Read wants me dead and he prefers to be the one to drive me there. His day is done in my life and over my emotions though. I don’t get affected like I did. We all can read between the lines of his little narratives online that he wrote and see the truth of this situation, as Kory Read spends way too much time putting down other people, especially me. Why do that if he has nothing to hide? Crying “wolf”, all the time now. Too late old man, your time is done. 

I have read that exposing a narcissist will cause them to lash out at you even more to drive you to insanity, so I am not surprised to see Kory Read’s post. I was expecting something! It is still terrible though and disgusting behavior from an ADULT!

I see the desperation to shut me up on this page and more attempts to shame, embarrass, and humiliate me anyway they can, again. When will he understand that his influence over my emotions is gone? Nothing he can ever write anymore will ever affect me like it did in the past.  I truly don’t get down in the dumps anymore by anything he writes. Shocked maybe, but depressed, no. 

Kory Read is trying to sic my hubby on me for my action with this site, all while Kory Read & Allison Read still maintain stellareddy.com. Hypocrites! Trying to manipulate my husband to get at me to take down this site.

Kory Read can claim he is moving on and forgetting about Stella Reddy, the very fact that these domains remain online defy that statement. Renewing these sites, spending so much money on them to keep them online, does not show you are moving on either. 

Really, why would any spouse who allegedly loves their partner allow them to behave in such an unhealthy manner for years upon end?

Why would Allison Read allow Kory Read to continue with his smearing domains online that is so unhealthy, not just for them but for their children, for 4 YEARS! ? All I see here is projection, as Kory Read is the one who has been posting online in 5 domains containing basically the same narrative, since November 2017. If they truly wanted to move on, as he says, then they would remove all the sites, wouldn’t they? 

How can you “move on” when there is so much information on the internet about you that will follow you no matter where you go? You will be spending so much time wondering if the people you meet have seen this website and the info it contains and you will wonder if this info will affect your relationship with them! It does work both ways! While you think your sites are turning people against me, they will also turn people against them, you name is out now as the owners of them! 

They put so much online about me hoping to affect my life, but don’t see what it is doing to their own in the process.

It is very unhealthy for Kory Read to keep posting and maintaining all these domains, for the past 4 years, when it is clearly obvious all these domains contain is accusations and speculations of the writer.  There is no evidence here, just word salad, name-calling, and false allegations, as there is no proof provided that anything was true. Opinions don’t count, actual evidence does.

But, there is a lot of evidence on stellareddy.com, and the other domains, that show they are Bullies though! All you need to do is read the first page of stellareddy.com to know it is a cyberbullying website, that tears down Stella Reddy’s character for every little thing she has said or done, from 4 yrs ago! Its just not possible for the writer to know what he speculates is true, just like his assumptions below that I have been trying to get into the stellareddy.com, like he accused me of trying to get to Canada Post in the past. As he says, the emails go to them so it is kind of silly for someone to do that as they won’t get access. 

He is reaching, for anything, to blame me for.  Just like he accused me of trying to get keys to their post office box  from Canada Post, during HRTO process! LOL 

“Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.”

I spent most of the day in a bit of shock actually, remunerating on these words above, as Kory Read made an admission here but I don’t think he realizes it. It took time for me to think about what to say about this. 

Yes, my mental health starting getting really bad around this time, as it was all coming to ahead for me.  After all the stress of the LTB in September 2017,  the 859kennedyroad.com website showed up November 2017. Then there was the bullying I got within the property, from them and other tenants, from Sept 2017 till he filed with Human Rights on June 4, 2018. It was piling up and I was reaching the end of my rope. That is a long time to be Bullied on a daily basis from so many people.

On July 4, a month later, I had a mental breakdown and went into psychosis for 2 days after seeing the email Kory Read sent to my bosses about my own personal application with Human Rights.  I quit my job the same day.  I wrote this email below and sent it. I don’t remember writing this, but I can see I did. Apparently, after this email I got on the phone. I also include the other one I sent on July 7, 2018. You can feel my desperation in these words and my major depression. 

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: July 4, 2018 5:34 PM
To: ‘
Subject: FW: Email # 1

I am sorry to lay this on you today but I have no choice as I am tired of being a mess, and I need some peace. Sometimes I feel like I am still in school being bullied by the school bully. As soon as I start getting perspective and feeling a bit better, they create more drama and poison to try and embarrass me, make me quit, or get me fired. Their poison has infected everything in my job and personal life and has made everything so much harder to deal with.  They have their wish, as I am only human and take only so much and I can’t take the atmosphere anymore. I am tired of getting sick to my stomach waiting for the next thing to come. Our contract says 60 days notice is required but I am sorry I can’t do that, as its too much. Once I know how much notice you can accept, I will submit our resignation. I love you guys and have a lot of respect for you but I can’t take this stress anymore. My mental health is suffering too much and I know right now I can’t get it back on track while still living and working here. We still need that week off on the 13th, please.

As with all bullied people,  after time I find I am in a severe depression, to the point where I have to call the mental health helpline for perspective to keep going every few days. I have been trying to get the energy to go to the doctor for some pills but have also been putting it off due to the side effects I get from them, but it has to be done. While it is easy to say that this person is only doing this to press buttons and get a reaction, what every one seems to forget about is that as humans, whether it is logical or not, we do get affected by these things and eventually a person will break, and I have broken.  I keep hearing, give it time, wait, don’t react, don’t do anything, they are trying to get to you, the end is near, but no one seems to accept what it is actually doing. I can tell myself its all him trying to create drama and get at me, as well as you, but no one seems to accept that it is working. This is an embarrassment to all of us, you as the owners and me as the person working here being accused of all this stuff and over time it has affecting everything, as they intended, whether we want it to or not. Anything can affect someone else over time, whether we want it to happen or not and all the self talk won’t change it or stop it from happening.

I have been forgetful, distracted, irritable, paranoid, anxious, not sleeping, crying all the time, not able to concentrate nor think straight for the past few weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. I came close to a breakdown a few weeks ago with the last email and drama they created and have lived with a constant knot in my stomach and fighting every day with the urge to run away, ever since. I came close a few times of just walking out. With every issue that goes wrong, or every new frustration, work or personal, which have been a few, it just piles onto my anxiety and depression. I even found tears coming to my eyes the other day in the office when I had this woman crying over not being accepted to live here.  I haven’t felt this bad in many years. I start to feel a bit better and they throw out more stuff to bring me back down. Unfortunately even symptoms of my PYSD has been coming out recently that I am not able to control like I did, such as severe panic attacks. These issues with these people are severely affecting every aspect of my job, even my home life with Russell as I am a mess, and I can’t do it anymore and I have reached where I don’t care the end is near, I need it to end sooner.



From: Stella Reddy
Sent: July 7, 2018 12:07 PM
To: ‘altoproperties@gmail.com’ <altoproperties@gmail.com>; Luigi Liscio <luigi.liscio@gmail.com>
Subject: Personal

Hi Guys,

I am sorry. This is very embarrassing for me but I need to apologize. Mental health issues are not easy to talk about for anyone but I need you to know that I have not been myself for a few months now. This is hard for me to tell you but it all came to a head a few days ago when I got that email from those stupid tenants in 303. I don’t remember much about the past couple of days, its mostly a blur, but I ended up seeing a doctor yesterday and was told I was having a psychotic episode brought on by extreme stress and that I am in a severe depression.

Stupid PTSD symptoms came back in full force with the paranoia, anxiety, depression, you name I felt it the past few days.  I am on medication now and they gave me Paxil, which works for it all and was the only one I found that worked for me in the past, but will take a few weeks, though I do hate the side effects.

I remember sitting on the bed yesterday morning sometime and noticed all my clothes was packed in a bag by my feet. I started crying as I couldn’t remember doing that and I was feeling so bad. I remember thinking I want the pain to go away, and then I recall being on the phone with someone at the mental health help line but don’t remember calling them. All my stuff was packed up in a couple of totes here, seems I was intent on leaving but I don’t remember packing it. I remember clearly being on the phone with the mental health help line, I’ve been calling them a lot lately, who convinced me to go to the doctor. They wanted me to go to the hospital but was told they may end up admitting me and I couldn’t do that, so they directed me to a walk in clinic up the road, which is where I went. I even got to see a shrink thru video link at this clinic. I now have medication and am being referred to CMHA at Scarborough General as outpatient. It also seems I quit my job and you brought in that property manager and with Russell they will look after the building here. I don’t remember any of that.

I would never wish this feeling on anyone and have to admit I have never been this bad, not since the fire in 91. Russell refuses to tell me everything I said and done the past few days since Wednesday morning but I do know it was really hard on him and he told me I scared him. He never slept for those 2 days as he was afraid to sleep he said. I wasn’t going crazy beating everything up but I was very emotional and mean. All he said yesterday was that I was not here, that someone else took over and all he did was made sure I wouldn’t hurt myself or anyone else. I am pretty sore with everything I did and I have a couple of bruises on my arms but it seems it all came from packing up my stuff. Its been rough and will remain so for awhile I’d say. I have been extremely emotional.

So, I plan on taking it easy for the next little while and not worry about anything. I have to lower my stress level and get my BP down too, it was 198/125 yesterday and there are concerns over that. As long as Russell is ok managing everything here with help from the management. Russell has been pretty good as he don’t tell me anything about work and he won’t.

I also have a cyst on my tailbone again after about 20 yrs that needs to be surgically removed so I was referred to a surgeon for that and have strong antibiotics for it. It makes sitting a it difficult at times but I manage. If it don’t rain it pours hey? Stupid pills, make me feel pretty weak at times so I am off, can’t type anymore.

Don’t worry, I am fine and will continue to get better. I plan on doing what I can to ensure that happens as I do not want to be this way. I am looking forward to being lazy for awhile and not have to worry about much. You got my new phone number right? Just in case its 416- We will chat soon when I don’t feel so embarrassed.  😊 So much is a blur for me the past few months and its been building to this. I know, I should have went to see someone sooner.

I am sorry if I scared you, as I know I scared myself, but in time I will be back to normal, well normal for me anyway!


The total lack of human decency being shown from one human being to another is what blows my mind. I have never been the recipient of so much hatred before, just for my very existence, like Kory Read has shown towards me in this website he made in my name.

All I get from this page, is Kory Read wishing for my suicide. Why would anyone want what he write here to happen to another person? “he wants her to have another “episode” where she tries to kill herself, maybe not “stopping” her this time.”

I will never understand this type of thinking from any one, and I hope I never will. It is way too mean and cruel for me to think that way about another human being. 

I am thankful my depression isn’t that bad anymore and I have built up quite a bit of confidence since my last “episode” where I tried to harm myself. It was November 2018 when I was found banging my head against the brick wall of our apartment and ended up in hospital for it.  I kept a daily picture and video log of that time, of my recovery from that, to remind myself not to do it anymore and it worked. I haven’t tried to harm myself since that day and I know I won’t now. I am too strong willed for that, though some say I am too stubborn instead! I won’t reach that point any more. 

No situation is worth giving up your life over, as time does heal and things do get better. Once you take back control of your own life and make your own decisions, right or wrong, you gain confidence in yourself and you push on. I have been down so often in my 55 yrs and always managed to get back up and keep going, I know I will do it as often as I need too. I will always make my way through any situation, as history has shown me I can. That’s confidence for ya! 




So it is time to update the site. The obsessed unhealthy behavior of our family’s stalker Stella Reddy has been busy over the past couple of months.

On almost a weekly basis, she tries to hack this site’s WordPress control panel, hoping to receive an email to log in and delete the site herself.

We received emails like this below from our hosting company regularly.

Stella Reddy is trying to obtain a Password Rest Link via email.

Yes, it is pure assumption that Stella Reddy is doing this, but realistically who else could it be?

You see StellaReddy.com does not expose the racist behavior, ignorant black-phobia, and jealousy of a Black woman by any other individual other than Stella Reddy. 

And with all of Stella Reddy’s previously well-documented and proven examples of stalking our family. It is pretty apparent that Stella Reddy is upset and wants this site taken down. 

And since she can’t get it removed, she figures that she will continue to illegal try to obtain the administrator password via an email, where she would then log in and delete the site herself.

What is hilarious is that Stella Reddy is so delusional that she has convinced herself that somehow the password rest email with the link would magically be sent to her and not the owner of the domain, us.

One would correctly consider Stella Reddy a potential threat to our interracial family at this point. Stella Reddy has stalked the family while living at 859 Kennedy Road and for two and half years on the internet. 

Stella Reddy was email people, joining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter groups, etc., passing around the photos she got from our social media of us and our children until she found someone who knew and was will tell her where we lived.

Now that folks are what is considered a bonafide stalker.

STALKER: a person who stalks: a person who pursues someone obsessively and aggressively to the point of harassment.

Being stalked is not a good thing, but I guess it is a form of a compliment?

In a small way, it is comforting to know that Stella Reddy and her enabler Russell Reddy have become so pissed off over the site that they have jointly now devoted their lives to trying to follow our family and our daily activities via the internet.

But you see, we don’t hand them information as we do not promote illegal behavior like stalking. We keep our lives private. If Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy want to be our unhealthy fans/stalkers, they need to work for their own information.

You see, it is clear that Russell Reddy is just as obsessed with our interracial family as his obsessed wife Stella Reddy because he allows her to devoted endless amounts of time in front of their computer, typing away her long-winded rants, search for our family through social media, posting endless lies and false claims, and maybe encouraging her to deliberately commit illegal acts like trying to hack this site administrator account.

Realistically, would any loving spouse sit back, passively, and watch their ( so-called love/wife ) spend every day in and every day out, day after day, devoting their entire existence to an unhealthy obsession/stalking against a group of individuals thousands of miles away? 

Either Russell Reddy is 100% behind her in her quest to seek as much information as they can out about our family, or he wants her to have another “episode” where she tries to kill herself, maybe not “stopping” her this time.

Or maybe her loving husband Russell Reddy is just waiting for nature to take its course and end it for him. 

Not sure what Russell Reddy’s motives are, but it is clear that he has to see and know she is in front of the computer every day, hours upon end, obsessing about our family. 

And that unnatural behavior alone would draw concern from any loving spouse who in turn should seek some help for them. 

One has to wonder, has Russell Reddy ever gotten or even suggested help for his wife, Stella Reddy?

Really, why would any spouse who allegedly loves their partner allow them to behave in such an unhealthy manner for years upon end? 

Again, either Russell Reddy is enabling her, or he wants it to end permanently. And if he can’t stop her, maybe nature will stop it for him.

We will never know, as Russell Reddy sits by passively in the shadows, saying nothing, allowing his wife Stella Reddy to continue to burden and overwhelm herself with emotions and guilt, the whole time trying to justify in her head her inexcusable racist behavior since 2017.

So this game will start over once again as my daughter and spouse will be moving here with my son and I, so our daughter can attend medical school at 17. We will all once again be together after a couple of months apart.

Will Stella Reddy finds us this time? NOPE!!! 

Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.

Stella Reddy is a performer who puts on whatever face/mask is needed for the time. It is that plan, and it is that simple. This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.

With that said, our family has moved on with our lives. Forgetting about Stella Reddy and her ignorant family. Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.

Racism, unfortunately, will always exist because Caucasians like Stella reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy can not stand the idea that a Black female is more successful than they are, or ever will be. It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others.


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