Kory Read: Judge, Jury, & Executioner of RooseveltSkerrit.com NOW!

I was doing some searches this morning like I usually do for my name online and found the list below. Took time to show up, as it has been online since October 5, 2020. One of the sub-domains of stellareddy.com.

Kory Read is at it AGAIN! 

Why do Kory Read think he has the authority to do these actions against total strangers online? 

There is a difference to voicing your opinions and smearing someone.  Kory Read pushing his vitriol about a total strangers once again onto others.

Kory Read pushing his hate propaganda! 

This time, he is after government officials of the very country he is moving into so his daughter can go to Medical School there and the country his wife is from. This is also the Country they are tryin to get businesses going in as well of http://playlearnhavefun.com/ and http://767events.com/

Always, hiding his name! What is he so afraid of? Do he really think that hiding this way will stop people from finding out who it is, if they really wanted to do so?

It is actions like this that will ruin their lives. Kory Read was so boastful over his daughter getting into Medical School there yet here he is anonymously bashing the very Country that will allow her to do that! Trying to get businesses going there so they can support their family, and he does things like this that will not instill trust in them and their abilities.

Once these government officials finds out who posted the nasty content within this domain, it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t get kicked out and not allowed in at all! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot before you even take a step!

Kory Read loud obnoxious mouth will get him into real big trouble some day and I expect it to come very soon!



What is Kory Read so afraid of that he has to hide his ownership of these domains?? Didn’t he tell me once to take ownership of what I do? I have but he never does.

djnotnice.stellareddy.com djnotnice.stellareddy.com
rooseveltskerrit.stellareddy.com rooseveltskerrit.stellareddy.com
webdisk.stellareddy.com webdisk.stellareddy.com
webmail.stellareddy.com webmail.stellareddy.com
mail.stellareddy.com mail.stellareddy.com
www.stellareddy.com www.stellareddy.com
cpanel.stellareddy.com cpanel.stellareddy.com


This is Kory Read, you can tell by the style of writing… It will always give him away. trying to come across as being helpful when he is just being nasty. Kory Read don’t want to follow the rules, he thinks they don’t apply to him and what he wants. He does these things for the narcissistic supply it gives him, the sense of power.

I wonder, how many people really read this site?

I do not agree with what Kory Read has done with these domains. There are better ways of getting things changed than being outright nasty about it and making personal attacks like this against total strangers, no matter what they do.

Kory Read on his Hate Propaganda! He did it with me, now doing it to government officials of a country cause he don’t’ agree with what they do and how they do it, just like me!

As I said, I wouldn’t trust Kory Read & Allison Read, as they will turn on you for what you do and how you do it!



This is what Roosevelt Skerrit likes to do with Dominica tax payers money! This is the type of lifestyle that these elites live while the have-not’s have to figure out how to make it through until tomorrow. This is what selfishness and greed look like!

And ONLY those who benefit from it, would see nothing wrong with it!

We do this website anonymously as to prevent Roosevelt Skerrit and his government from trying to shut it down or intimidate or seek revenge upon our families and friends.

Roosevelt Skerrit is most certainly scared of what this website will have to offer, despite what he says. This website and all the information contain therein, is going to put it all out there for everyone to see and read.

Roosevelt Skerrit will no longer be able to sit back and watch as his corrupt actions are sweep under the rug and forgotten about by his elite Cabinet. It will now all be together on one website for all to have access to, read and understand.

Because this site is anonymous, it does not make it any less valid. Our goal is to expose the truth, political parties aside and rid Dominica of these elites.

We here do not support any other parties and never will. This is about helping ONLY Dominica and no one’s political career.

As it stands right now, there is absolutely NO Candidate in Dominica that is worth supporting. Time for new and younger faces with new ideas!!!