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This link above will take you to Wayback Machine to see a copy of a old domain owned by Kory Read where he tried to get a personal business going of looking after children. He is once again trying to get it off the ground. He used the same contents, even pictures, from the old site.

The new site though has no name, no address for the business, no way of contacting anyone except thru a form on the site. How can you trust it?

I appreciate that this is something they should be able to do, but when I think of the words they have written online about so many other people they clearly don’t know, it is a scary thought to know the person who wrote all that wants to be involved with children and have any influence on their minds.

PlayLearnHaveFun.com – Team Rhino – Never Let Good Eniugh Be Good Enough!!!

This thought scares me no end! With Kory Read having any kind of influence on children of any age, with his domains that he has online tearing down me and others. scares me as I question what he would be teaching them!

Reading the contents in the above list of domains, anyone would be terrified to leave their child with such a person who writes like this about other people online. It is terrifying to think what influence such a writer would have on young minds!

While I know that generally people are too smart to fall for the contents within such a site, especially when there is no information there about the people who would be looking after the children, it could happen and I am begging you to please not fall for this scam. Kory Read should not be responsible for children with his ability to write out his personal opinions about total strangers like he does.

He used his own children in his Bullying of me so I can see him using total strangers children to Bully someone else! The video I have of his young son holding Kory Read cell phone up to record me sitting on my balcony enjoying the sunshine I will never forget. He called out to his Dad “see me Dad? I am getting her on video”. It broke my heart to see and hear this that day. Teaching his young son how to intimidate and Bully another person.

I will never forget that day and have the recording I saved that I took from my own phone for evidence of the abuse they gave me, just for sitting on my balcony trying to enjoy the nice weather.

Do you wonder why I became so fearful?

Should the authors of such vicious, malicious, personal attacks of others online be allowed to be around children?

Ever since all this started in August 2016 Kory Read & Allison Read have written about my family members, including my own adult children, my great-nieces and great-nephews and their parents, and my sister. They have used my family to try and abuse me more.

Even the email they sent March 1, 2021 they bring up my kids! Yet, I put their children’s name in my site and it becomes a war. More evidence of their total hypocrisy! They can write about whomever they want, even children, but you are not allowed to do the same.

My children have never been a part of this situation as I refuse to allow them to get involved. They are adults, both in their 30’s now and well established in their own worlds. I don’t want this vile garbage to affect them, any more than it has too!

The tendency of Kory Read & Allison Read to write about my family like they have just goes to show the double standards they follow. Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

They can write about my sister, devote a whole page to her on stellareddy.com, and talk about my children and my niece and nephews young children, but I am not allowed to write about theirs. 

I refuse to allow my family to get involved in this personal situation, but Kory Read & Allison Read have used their children to try and hide their association to these domains, by trying to put them in his young son’s name.

The real Kory Read is shown in this email below that he send me March 1, 2021 that gave me the determination to do my own site and expose them.

Right off the bat, Kory Read knows I have no interest in him and his family in this way he just wants to gloat and show off. It is just more ways for him to put me down as a person, as he makes a lot of digs towards me.

From: koryread@yahoo.ca <koryread@yahoo.ca>
Sent: March 1, 2021 1:30 PM
To: sredd4848@gmail.com
Subject: D-Generation X – SUCK IT!!!

Allison and I just wanted to share these two remarkable letters that
Kniighetti received over the past few weeks. As you can see, they are
letters of acceptance for her to attend medical school after graduating from
high school this year.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Kniighetti will be attending Medical
School without having to go to university. As you are not very educated
yourself.See the dig? Kory Read has no idea about my education! How do The usual process is that one must attend university and obtain an
undergrad degree before applying to a medical school.

The best part about it is that you have done nothing but spew your hatred
for our family with your racist and ignorant lies and deliberate attempts to
portray our family as being nothing but a bunch of pitiful individuals for
the past five years. Who instigated this situation with their many refusals of access? Kory Read loves to project his hate onto me. 

On endless occasions, you have referenced our children and ourselves in your
hatred and racist comments on your websites/blogs as lazy bums, who lie,
have no ambition. You have endlessly criticized and insulted our children
and our parenting skills. Yes, I have referenced them as lazy bums, only pointing out that Kory Read himself has shown he don’t work and relies on his wife to make the big bucks to pay the bills while he sits in front of his computer maintaining his many websites. Yes, I don’t like that they use their kids a pawns in their Bullying of me and others. Just like this letter! Kory Read uses his daughter as an excuse to further bully me over!  

Unlike your failure of a child. Our daughter will be attending medical
school this coming September 2021, straight out of high school. This is Kory Read talking about my child, trying to “one up” me. How childish can you be? See what I mean about having this man around children when he writes about a child being a failure? 

It is clear that once again, you have proven that you know nothing about our
family, and that you have never known anything about our family. Why would I care to know anything about these people when they are nothing to me and have no reason to be in my life? I only know what I see, and I see a lot in his writing! 

You assumed because Allison was black that she was not a good enough mother
to provide a home for such a smart and gifted daughter. You also believe
that because I spent most of my time at home with our children, I was a
horrible father who was not a role model for our children.Kory Read once again trying to claim to know what I “assumed” when he really has no clue. 

Well, Stella, it appears you could not have been any more WRONG!!!

From this point on, if you choose to reference Kniighetti, we all would
appreciate that you referenced her as Dr. Read, something that you and your
failure of a child would never achieve. This is the true Kory Read and how he thinks. Grandstanding, one upmanship, and boastful. Putting down someone else just so he can try and look good himself. 

With that said, you can now go back
to your life of being a Pot Head every day,  crying about how the world has
done you so wrong, and continue on with your imaginary PTSD so you can
continue to live off us, the taxpayers.

Kory Read shows with this sentence that he truly has no idea how CPP Disability works. He shows hit total lack of understanding. Name calling, with the pothead reference is what he does and pretending he is a doctor putting down PTSD again. More personal digs against me is what he does.

Because as it goes, we have one more child to get into medical school in 6
years! When Eexii gets acepted in also, I will certainly be the first to let
you know. Why? Because nothing brings me more joy than rubbing this in your
racist, bearded pig face. Because you need to understand that black people
can be successful and educated.

Our work as failure parents has obviously paid off for Kniighetti. We are
just glad that we were not as big of a failure as you were for your
children. This is Kory Read involving his children.

So you can now continue to hide in Newfoundland with all your racist friends
and family, and hopefully Covid-19 will find you, because you are a
disgusting Donald Trump supporter who can not stand the idea that a Black
person is more successful and makes far more money than you ever have.

Poor Kory Read, showing his competitive nature with this email. What was it he said on stellareddy.com? “It is such as shame that they live their lives competing with others.” Who is the competitive one, I wonder? 

I feel no competition! Kory Read & Allison Read will never come close to experiencing what I have in my life!  I have 10 years on them in age, my life path has been extremely different than theirs, thank god! I would never wish for any other life than my own and I am grateful for what I have had. I don’t want to be anywhere than where I am today with whom I have in my life. 

I can only imagine how pissed off you must be to see the “Mulatto”
Kniighetti being more successful at 17 than you or our family have ever
been. It has to burn you inside. This is Kory Read, calling his own child names!

I had to ask someone what that word was, as I never heard it before this. I lived where I worked so was a bit insulated in my little bubble with work and I didn’t pay attention to that stuff. I had more important things to worry about! Ya know, your brain can hold only so much info the one time! LOL 

So in the words of D-Generation X – SUCK IT!!!

Kory Read is competing with everyone who is doing better than he is. It’s like when they got their car, they claim I got jealous because it was new so I refused to give them a “free” parking spot out of my jealousy. How absurd can ya get? lol

This is the sign of arrogance and it is causing his own downfall. He is exposing himself and his own true nature with every word he writes!