Kory Read Bullying of Stella Reddy is Now Over


No More Bullying of Stella Reddy online because I refuse to allow it too anymore! I am learning to regulate my emotions.

I spent the past year working out all the angst I have felt over being bullied so severely online within stellareddy.com and while I know I still have some work to do on myself, the majority of it is now done. Writing out this site, sharing my pain and exposing the narrators of these bullying sites, has helped me in ways I am still figuring out.

Standing up for myself, does work!

I have managed to get back to myself, and knowing my own truth is all I need. I don’t need to pay attention to the nasty vicious words of a total strangers online who are too much of a cowards to show themselves. They made this mess, now they can deal with the consequences of their actions. In time, I am sure they will.

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Kory Read testified that Stella Reddy had made racially insensitive comments with respect to the Tenant’s background and that of her son. Although Stella Reddy denied Kory Read’s allegations, it is worth noting that she made a similar comment at the hearing, though appeared oblivious to the offence that this caused to the Tenant and Kory Read.

I worked through my issues. I know what I did and didn’t do.

No amount of gaslighting and manipulation will ever confuse me again over facts I know to be true.  Kory Read & Allison Read have lost their power over my emotions as I refuse to allow them to have any. Simple, isn’t it?

I know now who and what they are and why they are doing it. They make it very obvious with the spite they write with online. https://stellareddy.com/the-obsessed-unhealthy-nature-of-stella-reddy/

Or maybe her loving husband Russell Reddy is just waiting for nature to take its course and end it for him.

Kory Read is like a child, retailing out of spite and jealousy for the nerve I had in getting them evicted. He actually stood in the LTB hearing and stated he didn’t want anyone to enter when they were not home. It was these words of his that cemented their eviction, as no tenant can do that. It was these words he spoke himself that got them evicted, not any papers I gave them, not any words I spoke there, but their own.

Once Kory Read said these words out of his own mouth, it guaranteed their own eviction. Kory Read & Projecting Obsessions & LTB Audio!

Over the past few years I have felt more emotional pain than I ever have in my life, yet I am still here. That means something.

In my life, I experienced more than my fair share of troubles from various physical and mental health issues, yet, I am still here. That means something.

I had a hysterectomy at 23 due to cervical cancer and while I recovered from that, 4 weeks after my surgery, my partner and father of my children, died in a car accident. I lost a year after he died, as I was traumatized by his early death leaving me with 2 young children. I am still here.

I had to go to court and testify in a sexual assault case, which was very emotional and hard to do, but I did it. I am still here.

I jumped 32 feet 30 yrs ago to escape from my burning home and lost everything I ever owned as well, including my independence while my broken legs healed over the following 2 1/2 yrs. I spent 3 months in the hospital with 2 broken legs, broken knees, smashed up face, and 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over and severe smoke inhalation. I got back on my feet then while dealing with PTSD as well with its many mental health issues all while my children were placed with a guardian while I recovered. It was one of the most difficult physical times of my life!

But, as you see, I got thru it and I AM STILL HERE!

I have had recurrent cancer of the vulva for 22 yrs, my last major surgery was in 2013 and I get checked every year. I even recently found pre-cancerous lesions on my back that was biopsied recently so I have to monitor for that now too. I am still here.

The Cervical Spinal Stenosis I have in my neck is the worrisome issue as it will eventually lead to being paralyzed, which is why I am determined to enjoy my freedom now as much as possible. Yet, I am still here!

I don’t want to live in discord and emotional pain, it isn’t worth it to me. All I want is peace, live surrounded by good views and good people who treat me as a equal and who see, me. I just want to be myself, in all things and situations. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

You don’t like me, that is your problem, not mine. I don’t live my life for you, I do it for myself. I wasn’t put here on this Earth to accommodate and agree with Kory Read and what he says, no one was. I release myself from the prison they created with their vicious words online within these domains. They no longer mean anything to me, it is just words from a jealous, spiteful Narcissist upset he got evicted by his own actions.

Words do not have power to hurt unless you give it. I made the choice to see them as just words from a narcissist out of revenge for causing his eviction.

Kory Read thought his opinions mattered to people, that they would be accepted and people would turn on me as a result. I have been shown the past 4 yrs that he is so very wrong. I have been shown that no one cares to know what Kory Read has to say, which is why I am still here living my life free from them and anything they tried to do to me.

Every hope Kory Read has had for his various domains bashing me and others, have not come and never will. He just don’t have the influence to force the results he wants from these sites and their contents.


It isn’t my job to make anyone else happy, just myself. It definitely isn’t my job to make Kory Read & Allison Read happy. I have no obligations to them, no reason to even care what they think, let alone say. They are nothing to me so their opinions mean shit in my life when you really think about it.

If Kory Read & Allison Read want to accuse me of things out of spite for my part in their eviction, go right ahead. They want to Bully me online within stellareddy.com and the other domains, go ahead. It isn’t working after all this time and it never will. I see that now.

The time for influence over my life is over.

No poisoned environment here, no fear of being turned on, as I have no fear of these sites and their contents anymore. I have been shown the past year, even by people whom have seen these sites, that they just do not care about any of it.

I have learned that the personal opinions of a tenant don’t count to anyone who really matter in my life.

I release myself from their prison they tried to place me in and I am living my best life!!


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