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Above are pictures I found on social media of Kory Read & Allison Read. These people are my Adult Tenant Bullies. I wrote this page when I was still very angry with their actions online in my name.

These are the instigators, the ones who stole my personal name for a domain title, where they triangulate me with the world, over the internet, in stellareddy.com.

I have no idea how my Bullies think any of these actions are acceptable as Kory Read & Allison Read show how manipulative they are in this content.

I have a right to be mad at their actions with stellareddy.com. I have a right to make and post my own website, but according to Kory Read, I am not.

Hypocrites, do as I say, not as I do!

Kory Read wants to be thought of as so special that I spend my every waking moment thinking about him and his family.  These words just totally give him away, don’t they? Projection!

You don’t need anything else to prove just what type people they are. Read on and see what they are willing to say about a total stranger.

Kory Read thinks this is all a game.  Playing with someone psyche is a game to him. Destroying my mental health is a game to him, while he tries to ruin my reputation and credibility as a person. Kory Read is so vindictive and deliberately mean in his content, even trying to push me to suicide. The words below give this grandiose thinking away!

we enjoy this game of cat and mouse with her and her husband. We enjoy owning Stella Reddy and having them devote their entire days, weeks, months, years, and literally their lives to us.

Stella Reddy goes to bed thinking about us, and wakes up thinking about us, and that is good enough for us.

Stella Reddy, you keep stalking us, because there is nothing you can do to us. You know where we live, so hurry up, you and your sister Cindy Jones get those court papers served to us. Also, make sure you get the Toronto Police Service ( TPS) involved.

“Triangulation is a manipulation tactic where one person will not communicate directly with another person, instead using a third person to relay communication to the second, (Kory Read is using the internet) thus forming a triangle. It also refers to a form of splitting in which one person manipulates a relationship between two parties by controlling communication between them.

Triangulation may manifest itself as a manipulative device to engineer rivalry between two people, known as divide and conquer[1] or playing one (person) against another.[2]

Kory Read is using the internet to manipulate others to divide and conquer my life! It is so OBVIOUS!  


In the context of narcissism, triangulation occurs when the narcissist attempts to control the flow, interpretation, and nuances of communication between two separate actors or groups of actors. Ensuring communications flow through, and constantly relate back to the narcissist provides a feeling of importance. Common scenarios include a parent attempting to control communication between two children, or an emotionally abusive partner attempting to control communication between the other partner and the other partner’s friends and family. A narcissistic person wants to ensure the other actors communicate through them but remain otherwise isolated. In some cases narcissists will use control of communication to drive a wedge between the other parties. This can be done by falsely making one of the actors or groups of actors into a scapegoat for problems that the narcissist is actually responsible for or that are otherwise unrelated. In addition the narcissist may falsely credit the other actor with saying or thinking something hurtful, or may put too much emphasis on an aspect of something that was said to them that ignores the wider context.[9]

Alternatively, the narcissist may attempt to use triangulation to put a third actor between them and someone with whom they are commonly in conflict. Rather than communicating directly with the actor with whom they are in conflict, the narcissist will send communication supporting his or her case through a third actor in an attempt to make the communication more credible.[10]“ This is what Kory Read has done with his many domains online!

The whole Smear Campaign within these domains are all triangulation, if you know what to look for.

I have seen Kory Read do this action throughout the past 4 yrs in various letters and emails I have. He is trying to pit the general public against each individual he names on his websites.

“I am a firm believer in Karma!”

So here we go.

Now we have the Boo-hoo Stella Reddy who is now crying about the lack of involvement by Alto Properties Inc. owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio from the beginning,. After the interracial married couple / tenants forwarded their letter to them in regards to Stella Reddy’s racist, discriminatory behavior back in August 31, 2016. That was two months after Stella Reddy started working for them.

Notice, Kory Read admits it took him 2 months after I started working for them to send this letter filled with general allegations. Why wait all that time if it was SOO important to them and affected them so badly? You do realize they didn’t mention any of it until they started getting N5’s and didn’t file with anyone about this until June 4, 2018.

This is also a total lie, as I have tried to get the property owners involved. I tried to get this cleared up right from the beginning but there was no cooperation from Kory & Allison Read. I share on my own site the emails where I was go-between trying to set up a meeting with the legal tenant, Allison Read, in the office, but she refused.

 “Sorry, but I am not comfortable with that environment and it does not work for me or my family. If you wish to email with your concerns please feel free to forward it to me. I have already expressed my concerns in my letter. As you are the requesting a meeting with me, I am comfortable with no meeting at all. Thanks Allison”

At NO TIME do Allison Read cooperate with any meeting with anyone, it is always either their way or not at all, as you can see from the writings they share. She clearly states here that she said her piece and that was it, she was even good with no meeting at all. That is not someone wanting to fix things so they could stay living there.

Another great example of Allison Read showing herself to be this “Sapphire” as described by her own husband on these sites! If Allison Read was so interested in being heard, nothing would have stopped her from meeting with the owners, would it?

At the time Stella Reddy was more than happy and more than willing NOT to allow them to get involved with the situation. Hmm.. triangulation at its best, this sentence, as Kory Read knows it isn’t true, as there is evidence I tried to get a meeting set up between the owners and Allison Read, as evidenced in emails.

It is not until this very day on July 26, 2020 that Stella Reddy now starts making this new claim and attacks hers former bosses Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Lisico how they apparently now neglected to investigated the interracial married couple / tenants claims of Stella Reddy being a bigot and a racist 4 years ago. I called Health & Safety over Kory & Allison Read, not the property owners. I wanted to see if there was anything they could do to help get these smear campaign websites removed online. Once again, Kory Read trying to imply it was someone else! Of course, Kory Read jumps to conclusions he wants you to see!

It appears that Stella Reddy is really agitated at them for some reason. But why is Stella Reddy so agitated? Especially since Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio stood behind her and encouraged and participated in her racist and discriminatory actions against the interracial married couple / tenants for all those years. I saw red when I saw this sentence I highlighted above, as with these words, Kory Read is trying to lay blame on others once again, rather that accept ANY responsibility for his own actions that caused my agitation. You would think I have no reason to be agitated over someone else’s actions…

Is Kory Read really that delusional? Do Kory Read truly believe that his actions against me wouldn’t cause me to be “agitated” ? Kory Read once again implying I have no right to be upset over anything he does. 

So why the sudden change of heart by Stella Reddy? Change of heart? Where?

Because either the racist Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy have been evicted from their unit at 859 Kennedy Road by Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Lisico. Kory Read would have loved for this result, but no, my husband quit his job August 3, 2020, and we moved Sept 15, 2020.

We left Ontario to get away from the target Kory Read put on us with his many websites and the malicious content within them. Kory & Allison Read, with their many smearing websites, drove us out.

Putting my name, picture, and address online with his vicious words of condemnation of my very existence caused such severe fear within me of being attacked, verbally or physically, by either Kory Read or someone from the general public, who got incited by his false allegations.

Or Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio have finally decided that the websites are to much for them and have finally fired Russell Reddy after 4 years of a media-oker  cleaning around the building. Kory Read loves to speculate and of course his speculations involve others being at fault, rather than what he has done. Goes to show Kory Read just do not know much about employment standards, as if they fired my husband over that, they would have been in trouble!

No matter what the reason, it does mean that Stella Reddy and her enabling husband Russell Reddy can not afford to pay the rent to live there anymore and have to “cut all ties to this building and to Ontario. I am going home” to Newfoundland.Please, tell me why would I remain in a province where Kory Read is trying to instigate actions against me, by posting that content on his many domains? I was terrified. Besides, what rent did we pay? We haven’t paid rent in 20 years!! Building Superintendents in Ontario get free rent as part of the job!


Either way it appears that the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband Russell Reddy are on the move due to something Luigi Licio and his son Anthony Lisico have done. And they are pissed off about it. Threatening to now get the Ontario Health And Safety after them! See how Kory Read tries to blame others for driving us out of Ontario, rather than accept his actions were to blame? What does Kory Read think having his domains online like they are would do to me after time? Do Kory Read think I would stay there with what he has online about me?

“I didn’t want to go this route but as I said, I have reached my limit and can not tolerate inaction no longer… Time for accountability, from all sides”

As Stella Reddy once so notably said to the interracial married couple / tenants “What other reason could there be? They caused their own eviction but refuse to accept it.” Kory Read is delusional if he thought I would actually stay living in this building with his many domains online as they were. He didn’t think I would just pack up and leave the building like I did so now has to try and explain it away with his personal opinions.

Stella Reddy’s big plan that she continuously bragged and boosted about to retire and live a happy conformable life at 859 Kennedy Road are NOW OVER!Oh well… no big loss to me actually!859 Kennedy Rd was just another building, like the others, we worked in. It was a job.Things changed due to Kory Read & Allison Read’s actions online. Simple really.

You see Stella Reddy and her enbaling husband Russell Reddy can not afford to live in Toronto, as NEITHER ONE OF THEM ARE PROBABLY WORKING now, and Stella Reddy, who is leeching off the Government of Canada for her Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits only gets as she states “$694.16 per month”  You can tell how jealous Kory Read is feeling in this paragraph, over the fact that we CHOSE to leave and were financially able to do it. Kory Read trying to do what he does best, imply things that he wanted to be true. So many of them in this website! Looks like Kory Read & Allison Read couldn’t afford to live in Toronto either!

As for the CPP disability I get, this sentence also shows he knows nothing about this program as I am not leeching off the Government of Canada, for it, I worked for it. It also goes up every year, so I get way more than that now!

It is amazing is how Stella Reddy conveniently was able to suddenly work in June 2016, despite her February 2015 Cervical Spinal Stenosis diagnosis of which got her approved for for her Canada Pension Plan in March 2016. Such jealousy! How is any of this relevant to Kory Read? Yes, it is amazing what Rehab will do for someone with a new diagnoses that affects there mobility. It is amazing how you can learn to do things in different ways that don’t hurt so much!

“at the time, I was not able to work due to a newly diagnoses of Cervical Spinal Stenosis, which was causing severe pain in my left side from my neck that I developed in Feb 2015, and this is why I had to stop working. As we had worked in this property for 3 years as building staff, the management approved us for an apartment. It was also during this time that I closed my personal bank account and is currently using my husbands. Due to the stenosis I applied and was approved for CPP Disability in March 2016, which I am still receiving.”

Stella Reddy also likes to claim that she has imaginary Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) from a house fire in Newfoundland back 29 years ago in 1991. When did Kory Read become a doctor to be able to say this so unequivocally here? Kory Read minimizing my health issues, claiming it is all fake when it is so obvious he has no idea what he is talking about.

Was he there? Is he a doctor? Was he a part of my life to know any of these things he writes here? 

Stella Reddy’s behavior is an insult to all individuals who really have PTSD.

Kory Read’s blanket statements show his lack of empathy towards anyone who experienced trauma and these words, written by Kory Read, show his lack of consideration towards anyone with mental health issues. How the hell would he even know what I have experienced? It is because of people like Kory Read that there are still so much stigma and discrimination towards people going through mental health issues.

You can feel the jealousy and degradation from Kory Read in the paragraphs below towards me.

Stella Reddy uses her conveniently fabricate PTSD as a crutch and a way to to leech off the Canadian government. Just like she did to her husband and enabler Russell Reddy when she decided she wanted to retire from Property Management and live off his small cleaning income. Hmm… Isn’t Kory Read leeching off his wife? Didn’t he admit he was a “stay at home” Dad while his wife worked, looking after teenagers? How can Kory Read negate me for doing the same thing he is doing? At least I have income and can contribute! Such attempts to degrade me and how I live my life.

Stella Reddy constantly plays the pity card as she tries to relate the events from June 2016 to present for her PTSD. Kory Read constantly plays the pity card as he tries to relate events from June 2016 to present for his family being ”targeted” by so many individuals and agencies, as he has online in the content of his websites. Kory Read is a hypocrite and these paragraphs proves it! Kory Read gaslighting again!

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.

Stella Reddy house fire has never been an issue in her conveniently fabricate PTSD. How does Kory Read know this?

Stella Reddy has never claimed to have the symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the fire that night 29 years ago. How does Kory Read know this?

Stella Reddy always relates her conveniently fabricate PTSD as being related to the situation in which she created with her racist and anti-black behavior.

As noted on so many websites about Narcissism, people like Kory Read make excuses about why they do what they do. They try to put the blame on someone else, like the property owners as he did above. 

With this page on stellareddy.com, Kory Read is implying that I created this situation myself and these websites of his online with the content within them, are my fault. Kory Read is stating here that if I didn’t do anything against them, then these sites wouldn’t be online. That is the brunt of it, isn’t it?

Just like the email I got before where Kory Read tries to BLACKMAIL me into going to Divisional Court and state I gave the Form N5 to them in bad faith and he would take down the sites and Facebook posts.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she had a pattern of her making the interracial married couple / tenants sit around all day, waiting 3 times for her and she never bothered to show up, without notice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when ……

  • when she was plotting and serving illegal N5’s against the interracial married couple / tenants. Sure, I would take the chance to ruin my reputation within the property management industry just to “target” Kory & Allison Read.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was throwing away the key to their unit to justify her illegal N5 to get them evicted. Yep, sure, like I would again, take the chance of getting caught by doing “illegal” things against Kory & Allison Read?

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was in front of the racist Caucasian Social Justice Tribunal Member Kevin Lundy of September 26, 2017, lying and providing altered and false documents as evidence to have the interracial married couple / tenants evicted. Triangulation at its best! Where are these “altered and false documents”?

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she refused interracial married couple / tenants parking at the building, but at the same time gave the all-white tenant that same privilege she was refusing the interracial married couple / tenants. Such discrimination shown by Kory & Allison Read towards other tenants!

She did not have PTSD when …

  • When she deliberately lied and stated that the the interracial married couple / tenants were the only tenants with a barbecue despite there being 4 other tenants. One being her own sister Cindy Jones. Yep, I will stick with this one, as there are different types of BBQ’s out there, including electric like what my sister has…  Besides, Kory Read showed there were other PROPANE BBQ’s, but he didn’t show them being used by anyone. I am sure I treat other tenants differently and take the chance of being found out… lol 

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she showed support that she was a racist Donald Trump on Twitter. Hmm…fake much?

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she threatened to call the Children’s Aid Society on the interracial married couple / tenants bi racial children, twice. Yes, I did this and I should have called them. Kory Read was using his kids to bullying me, as I watched his young son holding up his dad’s cell phone that Kory Read gave him to used to record me sitting on my balcony. Reactive Abuse is what I did. 

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When using racial slurs, racist actions, derogatory and prejudice language during the ltb hearing in a public form. No worse than Kory Read goading the audience at the hearing with his words. Anyone would react in shock like I did upon hearing such detailed lies like I heard that day about some prior meeting they know didn’t even happen. 

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she messaged the the interracial married couple / tenants two young bi-racial children with hateful content on Facebook messenger. Kory Read’s many lies and manipulation!

And the list goes on forever.

Below, Kory Read attempts to convince his readers that I my world was crashing down and that I was being held “accountable” for what he claims I did to him and his family. Yep, my world was crashing, but was being caused by KORY READ!

I was being terrorized and bullied by Kory Read and his many domains online with the content within them, and his bullying within the building itself. I had my picture, telephone number, and address, advertised online making it easy for any person to find me to attack, either verbal or physical.

Of course, Kory Read implies I am not bothered by any of that. To them, I am not human with human emotions.

When everything was going in Stella Reddy’s favor, there WAS NO ISSUE OF PTSD. But now that Stella Reddy feels like the world is crashing down around her. And she is beginning held accountable for her actions and having to answers for her behavior.

Now the conveniently fabricate PTSD is an issue that she wants people to believe. It appears to be a convenient illness that Stella Reddy has been using for years for multiple reasons to try and gain pity and sympathy. This sentence is Kory Read’s way of minimizing my mental health issues, so he won’t be seen as responsible for making them worse!

Stella Reddy is a fake and is milking the Canadian Government like others do in order to not have to work full time, if at all. This sentence shows Kory Read’s depth of degradation he is putting me through online and in person. With this sentence, Kory Read has made himself to be the judge, jury, and executioner of myself. It also shows how Kory Read is smearing me within the content of these sites. How the hell would Kory Read know what he says is true when he don’t know me?

As it has been proven time and time again. Stella Reddy is a liar, a really bad liar. And the pattern of her lying only continues with her conveniently fabricate PTSD. Kory Read loves to project his own lying onto me, doesn’t he? 

As Stella Reddy stated before “I am a firm believer in Karma!”

Yes, Karma has spoken and like she did to interracial married couple / tenants. The racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband Russell Reddy will be moving and they will NOT BE HAVING THEIR BIG OLD RETIREMENT PARTY as they hoped and planned for at 859 Kennedy Road. I am so very glad to be out of that building!!

Instead they are forced to move due to their own actions and inability to recognize their own faults and misdeeds. In the end KARMA struck and now the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband Russell Reddy will try and run away from their racist history to Newfoundland. Kory Read Gaslights! How would he know any of what he writes is even TRUE? He don’t. 

When last checked Newfoundland still had the internet and people could still search up individuals by names and their history. Just in case the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband Russell Reddy think they can hide from the internet, their racist and anti-black behavior and these websites. Kory Read is actually being honest here, as he truly believes that no matter where I go and what I do, these sites of his will follow me and prevent me from having a good life. He shows his Bullying ways so clearly with these words. He just do not have the influence to make me accountable in this manner. 

What Kory Read don’t realize is that over time, the people who believe his lies online will eventually start to question him, as the facts don’t line up with what he claims.

  • No one will believe that Kory Read & Allison Read were that important for other people to break the rules and put themselves in this position of being smeared online in this way.
  • No one will believe that these Bullies know me like they claim they do. They are so blatant with their allegations, so arrogant with their assumptions over my every move and word, when they just do not know.

Remember, I knew how aggressive and confrontational Kory Read & Allison Read were, as they showed me with the pest control and the BBQ’s, so why would I bring their wrath down on me deliberately by doing as they say I did? I wasn’t stupid and I kept EVERYTHING! You can’t deny words right in front of you.

No one will truly believe that each individual, myself, David Strashin, Kevin Lundy, and others named, would take the chance of getting caught and ruining their careers, just to “target” Kory Read like he claims.

Kory & Allison Read are not special that any person would take the chance of losing their jobs over. They may think they would be worth that action, I do not and I am sure the others being smeared will agree.

Kory Read and his many CRAZY-MAKING! I look at these words above now and I am amazed I allowed them to get to me so bad like they did, as these actions show without a doubt they are making things up as they go along!


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