Kory Read & Allison Read: Attacking Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica Online

I truly do not know why I am still so shocked when I see evidence of Kory Read & Allison Read attacking people online, but I am. I am shocked at their audacity. The arrogance needed to post your personal nasty thoughts about someone else online so confidentiently is what I am surprised over. I have a hard time assuming what Kory Read does, I focus on facts I can prove, such as what I copied below.

I am not surprised to find Kory Read bashing someone else online in their own personally named website though, as I knew it was only a matter of time before he found another target to go after with his nasty personal views. He seems to have made it his current job, to seek revenge on others he is mad at for one reason or another. This one will get him into serious trouble, as I have read the Dominica puts people in prison for defaming its officials in any way.

To use stellareddy.com domain to do it with, trying to sic the people of Dominica after me as well, implying it is stella reddy doing these sites. This is the scary part. The way Kory Read set this domain up, under stellareddy.com, implies it is me doing it when I am not. More evidence of Kory Read trying to instigate people against me and sic people on me for nefarious reasons. This time, Kory Read is trying to sic the Government of Dominica after me with this reference to stellareddy.com. As there is so much of my personal info in stellareddy.com, Kory Read is hoping they will come after me, not him, for this site and its contents.

Political sabotage is what Kory Read is up too, trying to instigate the people of Dominica against its own Prime Minister with this websites and its contents. To me, Kory Read & Allison Read have become terrorists, instigating people with their words online against the people he names. All people he do not know nor is he personally involved in their lives to write what he does. It is all just his own personal speculations.

There has to be something that can be done about actions like this online! I am so tired of my name associated with Kory Read’s actions!

To attack a person on such a personal level when he don’t know this man, is disgusting for me to see but it is just like what he has done to me and others. Kory Read has taken the authority to criticize, humiliate, and embarrass other people with these domains and their contents, claiming ultraism, when in reality he is just mad and jealous over the people he attacks. You can see it, especially in this newer site.

I assume Kory Read tried to do something in Dominica and was refused and this website tearing down this PM is the revenge for that. Right from the beginning he says it’s not for money nor revenge but the simple fact of stating these words here so adamantly, means it is about that. The thought is there, otherwise he wouldn’t write it in the first place! Just like he has on stellareddy.com and the other sites.

He implies he is from there in the beginning but he is not. Who gave Kory Read the power to IMFORM anyone of anything? Not just with this person from Dominica but also with me and everyone else he names in his domains. 

This website was not created for money, nor out of revenge! It was created to inform my people of Dominica about our Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and all of the corruption that has plagued his political career since being elected in 2004.

So many people being attacked online by Kory Read out of spite, revenge, jealousy, you name it you can see it in his contents. Such outright jealousy over what other people have, do, and say is in Kory Read words of personal attacks.

When you look at it, the list of people Kory Read personally names in the content of his domains is pretty long… Not only was it me and others of my family, but it was also the property owners, all the staff at the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario that cover Landlord and Tenants Board and Human Rights and the court judges with Divisional Court. Then there are the lawyers and now the Government Officials of Domenica.  There is a lot of people Kory Read is personally attacking online within his many websites. Why do he feel he has the right to do this action?

I don’t care what someone has done, no one has the right to arbitrarily post personal malicious opinions about them online. Kory Read’s ego of getting away with personally attacking people in such as nasty way on domains has gone to his head and he thinks he is untouchable. He has managed to get domains online filled with his personal attacks of all named within, but karma is coming. Kory Read & Allison Read picked the wrong person this time.

This is evidence of Kory Read’s arrogance and also similar words, it appears that he likes to use…

I could make some great suggestions to increase Dominica’s tourism, but I will not help this Government in their corrupt and morally depraved behavior.

It is such a shame because I would love nothing more than to assist and watch Dominica’s tourism grow from its non-existence since 2004 to a thriving industry where EVERYONE in Dominica could benefit from it. But as long a the thief Roosevelt Skerrit and his Government of Elites are in power, my suggestions will have to stay with me.

This brings me to the Ministry of Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiatives, Denise Charles. I don’t personally know her, but it is pretty clear that, like Roosevelt Skerrit, she is out of her element. This is evident by their pleas for a Product Development Consultant.

One has to wonder what are her qualifications to hold such a position within the Government? I wonder what related experience and education she holds concerning Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiatives?

It appears that this was just another gifted position by Roosevelt Skerrit for a loyal Roosevelt Skerrit follower who is willing to drink the Kool-Aid for him.

I have a hard time writing about other people, as it is hard to know for sure that what you think is true. I look for facts, like similar writing style and use of words, before I made the claim I knew this site was by Kory Read. The stellareddy.com gave it away for me too.   http://rooseveltskerrit.stellareddy.com/ 

It is becoming scary and I better understand now the meaning behind his last page about me https://stellareddy.com/the-obsessed-unhealthy-nature-of-stella-reddy/.

In this page, Kory Read is clearly projecting his own issues onto me. I bet there has been many arguments over posting of domains in that household, as Kory Read’s actions with these domains and its contents, will take his family down with him.

Kory Read & Allison Read made the choice to go after so many other individuals online in this way and they will have to suffer the consequences of that. In time, it will come, I have no doubt about it especially after seeing that site where they viciously attack the Prime Minister of Dominica. https://dominica.gov.dm/

The sentence below now makes more sense to me after seeing this new domain. I’d say it was mentioned quite a few times to Kory Read since 2017!

Realistically, would any loving spouse sit back, passively, and watch their ( so-called love/wife ) spend every day in and every day out, day after day, devoting their entire existence to an unhealthy obsession/stalking against a group of individuals thousands of miles away? 

I got into a website this morning and found the list of 25 unique subdomains for stellareddy.com that I copied below. What more evidence do you need to accept that all these domains are online by the same person? Kory Read & Allison Read

There is no way they can ever deny they own all these domains, with the nasty, vicious contents within them, ever again. It has been established without any more doubts all these were written by them.

I have no idea why Kory Read chose to go after a Government Official of the Country he wants to live and work in so his daughter can go to Medical School there. You can clearly see on stellareddy.com his contradictions of where he is living, as he wants to confuse people. Its okay, I know he is still living in St. Catharine’s ON. Wishful thinking is what Kory Read does. Twisting the narratives, is what he does. It is all within his domains!!

I assume, like many others, Kory Read & Allison Read applied for benefits from the government to live on the past year or so. His comments on stellareddy.com, that I copied below, tell their own story. All lies to keep you off balance…

Plus in a couple of months, we will all be moving again because our daughter got into medical school, straight from high school and she is far too young to be living on her own with that much responsibility.

So this game will start over once again as my daughter and spouse will be moving here with my son and I, so our daughter can attend medical school at 17. We will all once again be together after a couple of months apart.

I share below the unique WHOIS detail I saved from stellareddy.com when it first showed up online where you can clearly see @koryread.com for Toronto ON  Yes, I even still have the one where Kory Read tried to transfer the domain into his young son’s name, Eexii Read, instead so he wouldn’t be associated with it himself before they went with a privacy group.

The time is coming for Kory Read to be held to account for his online actions against so many people and I have made it my job to ensure that people know exactly who it is writing such garbage online.

I have made it my job to expose Kory Read & Allison Read for what they do online in other people’s names, as what they do is wrong. We need to Stand UP to Bullies!


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