Kory & Allison Read, Exposed!


It’s mind-bending when your life is being ruined by a narcissist and they declare you are the one destroying their life!

How can any sane person who does something disgusting to you, like posting 859kennedyroad.com and stellareddy.com, make it all about what you supposedly did to them? They claim I “illegally” evicted them, yet, they were evicted, and it was upheld by 3 Judges in Divisional Court on Appeal. Kory

Read wants you to think that I had control over every person at the LTB and the HRTO, even Divisional Court, and that they were in “cahoots” with me to get them evicted and that is why my “illegal” forms were accepted. So convoluted!

It’s not sane. It’s not reasonable. It’s narcissistic.

The narcissist’s inner self is so fragile and flimsy that it cannot bear any critique whatsoever – even when totally deserved. They lied about a prior meeting at some restaurant that they claim we had, absolutely could not even prove they were there, let alone me and my hubby! They used this outright lie, to make it about me instead of what they did, which was deny entry when they had no right to do so.  They flipped it to put the spotlight on me, so they can hide. They denied entry, in writing no less, giving me evidence of their duplicity, yet claim it is being misconstrued? They are the classic bully who attacks everyone else and then cries when anyone stands up to them. As a narcissistic adult, this doesn’t end, it just gets much nastier.

“How dare you try to blame me!” the narcissistic scoffs. “I’ll make you pay for that. I will blame and shame you and line you up and take you out.” Kory Read claims it is his job to “expose” so many other individuals with his personally titled domains. It is just simple, unadulterated, revenge, to make and post those websites like he did. It was revenge for evicting them, for their own actions!

The really warped thing is that the narcissist totally believes they are the victim and you are attacking them, even when all you are doing is speaking up about their lies, cruelties, lack of empathy and shocking behavior. They use my name, my information, in stellareddy.com and the other sites, yet claim am stalking them for looking at it? Where is the logic of that? If these websites were all about them and their personal lives, I could understand saying that, but it is about me, so they are completely unreasonable to expect me to not look! Stupid comments like that, show their nasiness so openly!

He is a wounded inner bully child who never grew up. Pretending to be tough, but really a perpetual victim who will never take responsibility for their own life, let alone be accountable to others. Kory Read expects other people to speak up on their behalf, even a Adjudicator during a hearing to determine if they get evicted or not, Kory Read expected this person to pick up for their rights when they are adults and responsible to do it for themselves. Why didn’t Kory Read stand up and say something if he felt what he did? He had no problem saying anything else he thought! 

Our only way out of this terrible cycle of being damaged and then blamed, demeaned, discarded and punished is …Don’t accept the narcissist to change – they won’t.

Don’t ever expect them to understand you. They won’t even make the effort. Once their abuse has come to this level, you will always be the enemy. 

I dared to accuse Kory & Allison Read of breaking the rules of entry in residential apartment buildings, and this messy, vicious, malicious, mean, smear campaign, in stellareddy.com, 859 kennedyroad.com, davidstrashin.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com, sjtomembervandanapatel.com, and socialjusticetribunals.ca, even rooseveltskerrit.com, was the result. 

I used to be so shocked when I saw the convoluted thinking being displayed in their writings. They are obsessed with “convenience”! It wasn’t my job to worry about none of those things, and by implying it is, once again Kory Read is handing over responsibility of his own life to someone else! Totally unreasonable! Wow, I didn’t know apartment buildings were really Daycares for Adults! 
Kory & Allison Read will never change, they will go through life blaming others for bad things happening, never on their own actions. They are Adults but refuse to act like one. They broke the rules, but blame everyone else for making them!
It’s not sane. It’s not reasonable. It’s narcissistic.

By becoming a better version of yourself. And disregarding them completely. And forevermore.
Narcissists fear themselves more than anything else.
But hide this very well.For them, its all about protecting their false façade.
Not facing into the internal shame, fear, anxiety, disappointment, and disturbances that storm around behind the scenes.
Forget about them. Find yourself. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
You were taken down by narcissistic abuse. And broken into little pieces.
The essential elements and components of who you are. And what you can be.
You probably thought you were reasonably assembled.
And people weren’t really that bad. That evil doesn’t really exist
If you treated people with respect, it would be returned. “Do as you would be done by” was a sensible way of living.
The narcissist jumbled you up. Then chopped you into little pieces..
Confusion and chaos created huge cognitive dissonance…The lies, abuses, control freakery and manipulations. They ground you down…
You got hit by lightning. You are thunderstruck.
Nothing now really seems like it did, before this toxic shi*t storm hit you.
You are asking yourself bewildering and perplexing questions.WTF just happened? Am I imagining this? Am I crazy?
Was I really that stupid? How did I get taken in and fooled so easily? How naïve could I really be?
Do people like this actually exist? Why didn’t I realize this before? Is the world filled with this evil?
How the hell do I avoid letting them into my life, ever again.
And then ….you start to ask yourself some really big questions. About the really deep stuff.
Who am I? What do I really want? What am I dealing with? Where am I going? Who will I be. Who will I be with?
Both within and without. About yourself, narcissists, friends and family, community and humanity.These questions are burning ones, and ones which need to be answered.So, in summary, you got truly burnt.

  • However, this experience will eventually forge and temper you far better.. if you let it.

The narcissist who abused you might not ever actually fear you.

  • Pay them no attention, give them no care.

In reality, you will now make all narcissists run scared, and run away — when they realize who you are, and what you have become.Truly fearless. A phoenix has emerged. One powerfully armed. Their worst nightmare, in fact

You now fly with steeled wings, forged in a raging inferno — one fired up with truth.Have no fear, they now fear you.


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