Kory & Allison Read Attacks Those that Threaten Them: ME!

Narcissist Attack those that threaten them(1)

My new knowledge has given me great insight into the nasty Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying of me online within stellareddy.com, by Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read. I have come to understand a great many things that I didn’t know before. 

When all this first started in August 2016, I didn’t expect this to evolve like it did. I knew upon meeting these tenants that they were Bullies, as they argued with me over almost every procedural change being done within the property. These tenants were the only ones to get upset and try to force me into taking their cash payment after me informing I wouldn’t take it, and why, they were the only ones who got upset over propane BBQ’s and even printed off documents to bring to me in the office to slap on my desk and tell me I am misinterpreting the rules, once again trying to Bully me. You can see all their griping on this site. Their actions, over time, just reinforced my beliefs they were Bullies and were trying to Bully me into letting them do what they want. 


Come on, who does those things, besides Narcissistic Bullies trying to get you to give them what they want? Who else nick-picks on such a level as these Tenants did, over everything I did or said?

Allison Read didn’t care that we lived in a area where building staff was being targeted for cash on rent days, of people walking in off the street and attacking you for cash in the office they know is there from collecting rents. Of course, that is no concern to her, all she cared about is not having to pay an extra $11 for a money order or $45 for personal cheques. I guess someone’s else’s life isn’t worth anything to this person! This was a big giveaway to me of their character. 

When I saw this woman standing in the office doorway, with her cell phone in hand, recording me not accepting her cash rental payment for the second time August 1, 2016, I was totally disgusted. I had just explained to her, for the 3rd time, one in letter and 2 times in person, that I refuse to put myself at risk for a couple of tenants who wanted to pay rent in cash. The majority of tenants paid by other means. I was willing to do anything to ensure my own safety and I was allowed to do that. Nope, not according to these tenants, I was expected to do what they wanted, all because it was what they were doing since they moved in! Because Allison Read was paying her balance of rent in cash, she expected to be able to keep doing so, even if I was attacked in the office for it every month, she wouldn’t care! Of course, there is no appreciation for the fact that I got her on e transfer payments either!

Allison Read’s total disrespect over another person’s personal safety, was a big red flag to me and my gut instincts kicked in, as I knew it would not be the last of it. I was right, but I had no idea of the extent they would go too! How could I know?

I didn’t walk into a property and automatically expect issues with tenants, I didn’t automatically think to be on guard with tenants and expect them to become nasty and turn on me, no one does that. I did know that I would find at least one tenant who will get up in arms over procedural changes that needed to be made, as I knew that this property was not up to standards in procedures and that there were things that needed changing, especially to follow the Fire Code. Even some of the forms being used were very old and no longer valid. If tenants knew they had gotten a old rent increase form that was no longer valid, they could have not paid it, and would have been allowed to ignore it. I also knew from experience, that once these tenants found out the current rules that require us to make this change, they are okay. Normal people know I don’t make the rules we all have to follow, I just enforce them. It was a job for me, just like they did theirs. 

As someone who experienced fires, personal and in buildings, I was very strict over Fire Safety. I was also very strict over LTB rules, especially over entry and ensuring the tenants were respectful, not just towards the apartment but also their neighbors, the property, and the staff. I had training with the Landlord and Tenant Board off and on over the years over their procedures, which was why I was such a stickler over getting everything in writing. It was my back up. It’s not that I distrusted tenants, it’s that I knew from experience that some things did get misunderstood and something they thought I said, I didn’t. I recorded everything, just in case. If a tenant claimed I promised them a new stove, I would go thru their file to find evidence of the conversation and if it isn’t there, I didn’t say it.

When RentSafeTo came out in July 2017, I loved it, as it required more copying of everything in and out of the office, from anyone, not just tenants! We were required to put in place procedures for Maintenance Requests. I even changed the form to reflect the sample they gave us to use. We were required to give a copy of the Form to tenants, once all maintenance was done and all noted on the form and signed off by staff, or contractors, who did the work, and copy was to be put in a binder for Property Standards to look at when they do inspections. As Notices of Entry usually had to be done as well, if 24 notice was requested by the tenant on the form, and kept with the maintenance form, to show proper procedures were followed. These forms were typed and preprinted, but the info was hand written within it, unless I had to do a few, I sometimes did them on computer. Either way, it is normal to see handwritten note by either myself or my husband, on these forms. 

It is the handwritten notes on the bottom of the Notices of Entry and even Maintenance Requests, that Kory & Allison Read claim was ” forged” after the fact and what they were getting so upset over. Of course they were after the fact! I wrote notes on the forms, after they were printed and delivered to the tenants, so it was after the fact! What else could they be? If I gave Notice to Allison Read about entry and we attended the unit on the day and didn’t gain entry cause the dog was going crazy and no one answered the door, what was I supposed to do? Go back to the office and write up a letter to add with the entry form what occurred, or just make note that entry was not gained, sign my initials, with the date? I wrote a note, initialized it with the date, right on the form. I even have forms from pest control from the technician’s copy where they say entry was not gained for barking dog. That is all anyone can do, make notes on the form and initial it with the date. It is proper procedures and I don’t need to ever defend that!

I never expected a tenant to accuse me of “forging” documents just because my initials, date, and a note is on the form stating if we could get in or not! But, this is just what Kory & Allison Read did. They claim these forms are “forged” all because I added a note to it afterwards, with my initials and the date I wrote the note.

That was totally unreasonable, but from what I know of their work experience, I assume that they think these things were forged, as they are not familiar with current office procedures. Kory Read is a proud stay-at-home Dad, he says this himself, so no, he would not know office procedures like I do. It don’t give him the right to accuse me of illegal things in my job, just because he’s not experienced in the procedures. 

I can’t claim to know what they were thinking for sure, not like they do, but you can tell they got so upset that I didn’t do things like they wanted over entry and their repairs needed, they had to find a way to attack me, and what’s better than a accusation of racism? They are an interracial couple after all and would be easily believed for what they say. I have learned it is the most used accusation against another person!

Accusing someone of racism don’t require any factual evidence, all you need is the words and people are hooked to find out more. It is a serious accusation, with serious ramifications, but I have learned you need to have some serious facts and evidence to back it up too. False allegations of racism are being brought more to the fore and people are being held accountable for it. It also take a lot of guts to accuse someone of racism and the accuser also needs to be aware of the consequences for themselves.

Human Rights are very specific, you need to be able to prove a link to show that you were being treated unfairly because of racism, and have documentational proof in writing, video, or witness to the event. You can’t just walk in and tell some story of a prior meeting where you claim my husband and I walked up to them, total strangers, and said the things they claim we did, in a public place and not have any witness, besides your family members who would lie for you anyway, no documentation not even a receipt or bank statement showing they were there on that day at this restaurant. They want you to believe that a 50 year old stranger walked up to them and spoke to them that way and they didn’t do anything, or even mention it, till almost 3 months later?

Why would I talk about living and working in Canada, as a Canadian, when we are obviously in Canada? Besides, anyone who knows me knows I never tell anyone I am Canadian, I tell I am a Newfie! If I were to ever discuss where I am from, I would say I am a Newfie from Newfoundland, not Canadian in Canada!  Actually, it was that turn of phrase they used, Canadian, that tipped me off this was all fabricated. 

If Kory & Allison Read were to make up a story where they make accusations against me, they were better off not including that phrase, Canadian or even Canada, as it is a tip off to show that this conversation never took place at all, especially not with me. Anyone who has ever met me, whether it be personal or professional, know I never use this turn of phrase when speaking. I am a Newfie from Newfoundland, not Canadian in Canada! 

It is for their turns of phrases that they use when describing me in their documents and domain contents, that actually show they are lying about me. They write from their own perspective, but are projecting it onto me, instead. I am a Liar, means they are lying. I forged documents? Means they forged documents. Every bad thing they accuse me of, came from their own minds so it came from their own experiences, so it means they did those things.

No one will ever accept and believe they know all these things they claim to know about me. How do Kory Read know I am not working cause people found his site and ran away from me? He don’t, he just hopes its the case. Projection remember!

I was attacked so severely, as I threatened their tenancy and was enforcing the rules of entry and they learned quickly that they couldn’t control me and make me give in to their demands.  Yes, I had the guts to stand up to them in my job, even personally, and I always will, I just can’t control whether others around me do too! I was able to stick to my guns, but I didn’t have the final say so had to let it go, which I will always regret. Live and learn.

I have learned that Kory & Allison Read are nothing but pieces of shit who feel they are entitled to make false accusations of racism against me, and think he will be believed for every word!

They took me to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and after 19 months of hell, they didn’t bother to show up for the teleconference summary hearing Jan 17, 2020.  That 19 months was HELL for me and affected my mental health on such a terrible level, I will have to live with it the rest of my life.

They did everything they did, to get to me, as they are narcissistic and got off on causing me pain, you can see their glee in my suffering in their content on stellareddy.com and the other sites. Kory Read gloats whenever I talk of my mental health and takes great glee in trying to claim I am being “fake” and it’s all “imaginary”. Who the hell does these things, like they so clearly did online? 

If nothing else, I learned that NORMAL people don’t steal a person’s personal name to use for a title of a domain where the contents are about tearing down that person, anonymously.

Kory Read got stellareddy.com domain to be more personal in their attacks of me and my life, where they can insinuate all they want, about every aspect of my life, with no one contradicting him! The thing is, Kory Read gets so personal in his insuinations over my life, he goes into such detail,  it actually shows his ignorance!

Kory Read takes his insinuations over my personal life, way too far,and it is the extremes he goes into, the details he writes with, that tells you he is outright lying. This is my truth. Kory & Allison Read are lying. 

I had proven they lied about this prior meeting, lied about me being racist, I had shown I was aware of what I said at the hearing and apologized for it, I admit my responses during HRTO process was not the best at times, and have no problem sharing my own craziness either. I learned my behaviour was normal, and called Reactive Abuse, from being abused so badly. I am okay with that. I speak my truth, of being abused by Tenants over a false accusation of racism they made against me. I am allowed to do that, even on the same internet they have their sites… Why not? If they can do it, so can I!

I am protecting my name from more abuse by Kory & Allison Read by sharing my story of how they stole my name for a domain where they use the contents against me. It is a personal vendetta, out for revenge for my part in their eviction from an apartment, that they caused but refuse to accept. Not my problem anymore. I did my job, picked up for myself and will continue to do so, for as long as it takes.


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