Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power. This phrase has always resonated with me, but it wasn’t until the past year that I truly understood its significance. Understanding the signs of manipulation is crucial in protecting ourselves from its harmful effects.

Manipulators have a way of exploiting our vulnerabilities, twisting our words, and making us question our worth, just look at the content of, now and in the past. But it’s vital to remember that these tactics are designed to control and undermine us. Don’t let them. You have every right to your own voice.

Toxic bullies are trying to shut me up from sharing my personal story of being cyberbullied by them on,,, and and the knowledge I have gained over their manipulative behaviour. They are trying to name and shame me online with their subjective opinions, thinking the fear, humiliation, and shame they hope to generate in me will cause me to stop.

When we arm ourselves with knowledge, we become resilient. We develop the ability to see through these manipulative tactics and stand up against them. It’s empowering to recognize that no one has the right to control or manipulate us. Our worth is not determined by someone else’s actions and words on websites filled with their personal opinions. We have the power to set boundaries, point out their actions in our names, and demand respect. The anonymous administrators of do not speak for me and never will. They are toxic people I had as tenants in my last place of work in Ontario.

For a long time, I allowed myself to be manipulated without realizing it. I fell victim to manipulators who knew exactly what to say to get what they wanted. The documents I have contain a lot of manipulations! It wasn’t until I educated myself on manipulation tactics that I began to see the truth. Understanding these signs allowed me to reclaim my power and protect myself from further harm.

One of the most common signs of manipulation is gaslighting. I have written quite a bit about this one and I will again I am sure! Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you into questioning your own perception of reality. They twist and distort facts to make you doubt yourself, making it easier for them to control and manipulate you. Gaslighters are skillful at making you believe that you are the problem, that you’re too sensitive or overreacting. They invalidate your emotions and make you question your own thoughts and feelings.

Recognizing gaslighting was a turning point for me. I realized that my feelings and experiences were valid, and I shouldn’t let anyone dismiss them. By understanding this tactic, I became more aware of when someone was trying to manipulate me in this way. Instead of internalizing their words and doubting myself, I was able to set boundaries and protect my emotional well-being. No one has the right to claim my issues are “fake” and anyone who tries is gaslighting!

Another manipulation tactic is projection. Manipulators often project their negative qualities onto others, making you believe that you’re the one with the flaws and the issues. They shift the blame onto you, taking away their own accountability and making you feel responsible for their behaviour. It’s a twisted way of deflecting from their own shortcomings and avoiding taking responsibility for their actions.

These toxic tenants have tried to claim their eviction was based on their “feelings” that I was racist and didn’t like interracial couples, and their claim I went out of my way to do illegal things to evict them, rather than admit the truth, that they consistently refused access which broke the rules. They preferred to try and convince people I was willing to ruin my career just to illegally evict them from the property rather than accept that their own actions were the cause.

Realizing when someone is projecting their insecurities onto me has been eye-opening. I used to internalize their criticism and self-doubt, thinking that I was truly the one at fault. But now, armed with knowledge, I can see through their tactics. I no longer let their projections affect my self-esteem. I understand that their negativity says more about them than it does about me. Their actions with their many domains in the past 7 years showed me who they are very clearly!

Another manipulation technique is isolation. By isolating you from friends and family, they hope to gain control over your emotions and decisions. Manipulators often try to isolate you from your support system. The video they shared on of the YouTube video of my sister’s friend in their apartment, is part of trying to isolate me from any support. The title gives it away, “Cindy Jones sells out her own sister Stella Reddy“.

The statement suggests that my sister betrayed or took advantage of me, for some personal gain or benefit. It implies that Cindy prioritized her interests over my well-being or trust, hoping to cause division between us. This page, with its title, symbolizes the toxic tenant’s intentions very clearly, doesn’t it? This webpage is filled with evidence they were stalking me and my family, yet they claim I was stalking them! Of course, they don’t see that…

Recognizing this tactic made me realize the importance of maintaining a strong support system. I learned not to let manipulators alienate me from the people who genuinely care about me. Instead, I reached out to my loved ones for guidance and support. Surrounding myself with a network of people who had my best interests at heart provided me with the strength and clarity to see through the manipulator’s web of control.

Manipulators are also adept at using guilt as a tool for control. They make you feel responsible for their emotions and actions, instilling a sense of obligation and indebtedness. They manipulate your empathy and compassion to get what they want and make you prioritize their needs above your own.

Recognizing this manipulation tactic allowed me to shift my perspective. I realized that it’s not my responsibility to shoulder the burden of someone else’s emotional well-being. I was not responsible for making these toxic tenants comfortable by hand-delivering notices, nor did I need to concern myself over their “convenience” and go out of my way to give them some dates of entry they could pick and choose from. I understood that I could still be caring and empathetic without sacrificing my own needs and boundaries. By setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing my well-being, I was able to protect myself from the guilt-driven manipulation of others. They are responsible for themselves and their own actions.

The bottom line, they stole my personal name to use and abuse it in the domain they created.

Knowledge truly is power when it comes to dealing with manipulators. By understanding their tactics, we can empower ourselves and take back control. We can recognize when someone is trying to exploit our vulnerabilities and protect ourselves from their harmful effects. Armed with knowledge, we can set boundaries, demand respect, and refuse to let others manipulate us.

I encourage you to take this knowledge and use it to empower yourself. Educate yourself on the signs of manipulation, and don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you suspect someone is trying to control or manipulate you. Remember, you have the power to determine your worth and create a life free from manipulation. Stand strong, set boundaries, and never allow anyone to undermine your value. Knowledge truly is power, and with it, we can overcome any manipulation thrown our way.

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