Killing The Power of a Smear Campaign

Sometimes you just need to talk about something

Exactly! This poster shows just what I am doing with my site and all the contents within. 

I write this site, not to get sympathy or help, but just to kill the Smear Campaigns power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air. 

The truth of things for this situation, is that Kory & Allison Read never had the right to steal my personal name for a domain where the contents within are there to degrade, insult, gaslight, triangulate, manipulate, create word salad with nonsensical words and outright lies, against me personally! 

That is the point of my site. To EXPOSE THEIR ACTIONS IN MY NAME To show what Kory & Allison Read have done in my name and to protect my personal rights. I stopped caring about the contents a long time ago. No, most of what they accuse me of is too outlandish and childish for me to do. The words have no meaning for me, it is the intentions behind them that I look for and write about. Do they really have the rights to do any of what they have with these domains?

I had to ensure that my name is being protected in some way on the internet, and that if you do find their malicious words online, you will also find mine. Kory Read leaves a lot out of his posts and mine is there to fill in the blanks. You will find that, is not done by me, none of the contents were written by me, and the “administrator” is not me. It is done by a hateful person who is trying to affect my personal life. He is like a child getting spiteful.

The words and opinions expressed within the contents of and the others, are all based on the skewed personal views of the writer. Kory & Allison Read are filled with hate and resentment and their posts reflect that. Even if I was a nice person, they would never say it. is famous for showing my reactions to their taunts, but don’t show what they did to cause that reaction from me. is filled with content about me where they speculate on my every word and action in my job there and even some in my personal life. They crossed my personal boundaries and show it. I show it.

Kory & Allison Read degrade, insult, gaslight, triangulate, manipulate, create word salad and outright lies, online within posts in a domain in my name they registered and posted since April 21, 2019. If I want to make and post my own domain in April 2021, which is also in my personal name, filled with what they leave out and what they are trying to do to my life, I can do that. It is my name after all! Do Kory Read really think his taunts and caustic comments would stop me, this time? He did the same before and I did remove my site, but it won’t work anymore. The shame is theirs, not mine. I refuse to feel shame over something DONE to me. Kory Read made that site first, my site is in reaction of that. Total hypocrisy, complaining about my site after them having one in my name for 3 yrs. These are the things I want you to see!

The personal opinions expressed in the contents of that site, with the others ones, were all written by Kory & Allison Read, out of revenge and spite for their eviction. Kory & Allison Read have no rights to write what they do. Kory & Allison Read have no rights to steal my personal name to use in the title of this domain either. I didn’t ask them to do any of what they have done, on domains nor on social media. They deliberately violated my personal rights and rights to privacy when they posted those sites with its contents online in my name. 

They took it upon themselves to create a elaborate Smear Campaign within various domains and their nasty contents, in attempts to incite the public into hating us with them and in the hope that someone would get mad enough over their allegations to attack me! Kory & Allison Read have made their intentions very clear in that they want to negatively affect my life, they don’t hide it anymore. Kory Read believes he is a Judge, Jury and Executioner of me and anyone he is mad at. His arrogance in his writing of coming across like he has God-given rights to tear down someone else like he has. He don’t.

I saved the new content from their new site and want you to see that their writing style has not changed. Kory Read do not respect personal boundaries of anyone else, these words clearly show they will say whatever they feel like it and what they think will get a reaction, out of anyone. His taunts are so childish!

Kory Read shows he still is stalking me online, as he made comments over my 28 posts about his “downed” site. Really? Who cares if I made 100 posts since? He claims I am the narcissit, looking for attention and that I miss that site. The hypocrisy I see in this sentence alone, as I wonder who posted, 3 yrs go? What came first I wonder, their actions on the internet, or mine? Once again, the chickens or the egg? lol

This post no longer exist online, as I do believe they came to see the giveaways within it of their actions against me and their continual attempts to convince you he knows me so well to know what my motives are. So much projection within! Kory Read loves to speculate on my actions and why I do them, not realizing the very act gives him away! No one will ever accept these personal opinions over my motives are true, as in the end, it isn’t this person’s place to comment in the first place.

Once again, Kory Read promotes my death… Claiming my hubby wants me to have a stoke and drop dead, or have a stroke so he can place me in a nursing home. Once again proclaiming I have self-made imaginary issues. Kory Read pretending to be a doctor again! These actions by them, are so important to notice, as it shows their narcissistic bullying!

All these thoughts he writes, all come from this man’s mind. No one forced Kory Read to write these things. Kory Read thinks he can get away with what he has done in my name online, I am here to ensure the does not. Kory Read loves to attack others and this deleted post, prove that without any doubts.

His arrogance in thinking his childish antics would actually DO anything to my life are funny. Common sense tells me that and its contents, is Cyberbullying of Stella Reddy.  There is no other purpose for such a website to be online and I am here to point that out!

I will always show the actions and words of Kory & Allison Read, as they refuse to do so. They can try to hide, but they never will be able to hide from their own written words.

Yep, I want everyone to see the written words of Kory & Allison Read, as it is a perfect example of a smear campaign by narcissistic adult bullies. The action done by these Tenant Bullies are a great training tool for others to see how a narcissit operates a online smear campaign against someone else. You can see so many traits being shown within their actions and is perfect use to teach others what to look for. I know it worked for me. I just took their words and actions and googled them!

I share a lot of what I found within my posts on this site and I learned a lot from it all. I hope someone else does too. Sometimes, you just need the truth of something to get exposed for your healing to begin and for you to find your way.

Writing all this out this past year has been very beneficial for my mental health, it also helped me find clarity. Writing out my emotions, helped me get over them. Naming all I went thru, all the articles and bloggers posts, all helped me get where I am today. I will be forever grateful for it all!

Today, I am here feeling very good about myself and my life. I am where I want to be and never again will I allow another person’s words and actions get to me and affect my mental health. It isn’t worth it. The simple truth of it all is that there is no reason for Kory & Allison Read to have a domain in my name,! They are not my friends, not family, just previous tenants who were evicted from a building I worked in. So, why do they have a domain in my personal name? Maybe you should ask them what the purpose is! 

Another beautiful day so I am off to enjoy it in the garden! Time to clean up the backyard and get my flower beds ready for some new flowers this year and get our furniture out. Its gonna be a amazing summer for me! All kinds of plans and absolutely NO FEAR! You have no idea how much that means to me….





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