I will never be defeated by the malice of the people, by their aggression and their hate, no matter how intense.

Time for today’s Ramblings!

I don’t know what to think this morning… I am not sure if it’s because I am not quite awake or I am in shock. Let’s see if I can unscramble my thoughts…Time to process…

My brain has been in a bit of a jumble since yesterday!

I saw my cancer Doctor for a checkup only to be told that the procedure I had done on March 1, 2023, came back as “not clear margins”. If you are not familiar with the term, it means that the incision wasn’t big enough to get all of the bad cells, so the lesion has started to grow again.

I have an appointment next month with another specialist to check it out and he will laser it off, she said. I just might lose the clitoris in the process, I was told. The best thing to do is wait and see what this Doctor has to say in July. That has emotional repercussions, not just physical ones. I thought I was going to lose it with the procedure I already had, so getting used to it again won’t be as hard but it is still a lot to think about.

The news did leave me a bit overwhelmed but as I have been dealing with this Cancer for 24 years I am used to it. It is amazing sometimes what you can learn to tolerate when you have no choice!!

While the news I got yesterday was terrible, I know I can deal with it and any outcomes, just as I have been doing all this time. I have lost so much of the area already, what is a little bit more? At least I am still here!! That is all that counts, that I am still alive to enjoy what I can.

Cancer is terrifying, no matter where it is or what you have to do to get rid of it and I will always do what needs to be done for me to have quality of life. That has been my mindset since my first diagnosis of Cervical Cancer in 1988 and it will remain. I can manage the emotional repercussions.

I left the Hospital and went downtown and went for a walk in the fog, to check out the Cruise Ship moored in the Harbour. It is a beauty, even in the Fog… It is our first Ship of the season!!

I enjoy looking at the Ships and love getting on them, even more! I even like the Fog, it makes everything look so mysterious!

I love this weather, not too cold and no rain, great for walking!

I enjoyed my walk Downtown, seeing all the patios and decks being built for the Pedestrian Mall that is opening soon. It is great to sit outside on a deck, taking in the sunshine, great food and even more wonderful company! If the weather would cooperate, that is even better! I am looking forward to doing that again this summer!

Now to the next topic that I believe will take some time for me to process.

I woke up to a notification that stellareddy.com is gone from the Internet Archive, the screenshot is below.

I checked all the websites and got the same result. I’ll have to go back and change my links, but it’s okay, I was prepared for this to happen. I was HOPEFUL that this would occur and I have no problem making the necessary adjustments I need to do!

All of these websites have been removed from the Archive, so all the re-directs from their parked domains are no more!

I emailed the Internet Archive over a month ago and was starting to think that they were not going to do anything. Thankfully, I was wrong and now know it just took some time to look into. They came through and removed all of the history of all these domains in my name and I will be forever grateful!

The websites are still registered, and their main site still remains, but no more using the history that was saved on the Archive. stellareddy.com/go still works… so do the others. Time will tell if they re-post it all as it was before… If they do, I have options…

I am determined to get them removed from the internet, one way or another. Until that day comes, all of this content here will remain. I don’t trust them, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they showed up again on another hosting company!

After the past almost 7 years of dealing with these websites, nothing they do would surprise me anymore….

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the fact that they have all been removed and their re-directs don’t work anymore and I am one step closer to having them removed completely!


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