Invalidation is Demoralizing

Toxic Adult Bullies have taken my needs, thoughts, experiences, and emotions and tried to erase them with their own beliefs instead. They invalidate me at every turn.

I ended up feeling like I didn’t exist and it caused me to feel very defensive. During their legal processes, everywhere I turned I was told to “be quiet” and not give these Tenants something else to come after them for.

I was silenced by all as they were afraid to become the next Target on their sites.

Due to my strong emotions, I had a hard time seeing all the invalidation they were doing to me. Their comments were triggers to me and caused me to react explosively to what they were accusing me of. Getting out of the defensive mode was hard!

Below, is another example of how these Toxic Tenants tried to erase me as an individual with their suppositions. It is my name, so I have every right to search for it on any place on the internet.

Always, they lay out their comments in such a way as to try and cause me to feel guilty.

I don’t care who you are, when you know your name is put on the Internet by another person without your permission, you will become very diligent in looking for more of the same. Common sense!!

Once I knew their site,, I kept looking for more and over time I usually found it.

I have no idea why these Tenants got stuck only with their social media, as I looked everywhere on the Internet! The websites were not being hosted on their social media!

I also don’t get their complaints, as they show evidence of the stalking they did of me and my family members. Where else did he get the pictures he shared on their sites? Did they magically appear on his computer for him to use or did he have to go into our social media?

This also shows more of their Hypocrisy! It was very frustrating at times.

My name, with their websites, over the years, has been shared on various sites, including FaceBook. Bullying On Facebook by Toxic Adult Bullies

I even found an account once that they made in my name on LinkedIn last Sept 2021, using and had it removed.

Yet, these Tenants claim my statement is “grossly exaggerated and an outright lie“! I have no idea why they would claim such a thing as the evidence is there for everyone to see! They can’t ignore these things no matter how hard they try!

Reference # 210707-004689 Status: ClosedView your case(s) on our Help Center You may reply to this case for up to 14 days

Response (07/09/2021 01:18 CST)

Dear Stella,

Thanks for informing us of this situation.

It is against the terms of LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies to impersonate another person on the website. We’ll take the appropriate action based on the results of our investigation.

Thanks for your assistance in making LinkedIn a professional and trustworthy site.

I have searched for my name almost every day through various web browsers. That is how hypervigilant I was over my name, and my family, being abused on the internet by these people. They did it once on and Facebook, I expected them to do it again. By this time, I didn’t trust them. Why would I, after all they did?

Do you have any idea how it feels to have your personal information shared in such a malicious manner on various websites, filled with nasty speculations about you, your family members, and your professional and personal life? All put there by Tenants in your workplace because you played a part in the eviction they caused to themselves.

The questions and speculations being made about my character were very demoralizing and made me feel terrified for my mental and physical safety. False allegations of racism have been proven to cause immeasurable psychological problems for the Targets and I can attest that it did for me.

I have no problem with anyone filing with any judicial system if they feel they have a reason to do so, just don’t lie and waste people’s time for nothing!

I suspect that because of people like these Tenants, HRTO will start charging a fee as the LTB does!

They filed against me with Human Rights of Ontario and at the same time, made various websites where they share their allegations to the public. In the end, after creating a nightmare of 19 months, they decide to walk away from it all and ignore their applications. They didn’t prove anything, but proceeded in the contents of their many sites, as if they did! That is also invalidation!

Getting past all the personal comments these Bullies were making about my character was very difficult but I did manage. Once I accepted they were Adult Bullies intent on a smear campaign against me and others out of spite for their eviction, I started my education on what that meant. Learning about all the traits I was being exposed to by their many speculations, I started to relax. Education was the key for me to move forward!

I came to see that if I could see these traits on display in the content of their websites, so can everyone else.

For some reason, I still find it hard to accept that people could be as cruel as these Bullies have been. I just can’t understand how they could write these things and think they will be applauded for doing so!

I had to learn to pause before reacting and even though I don’t always get it right, I am better than I used to be. Every day, I remind myself that no matter what, I am okay. I am getting through this. I will get to the point where this situation is no longer important, sites online or not.

One day, one step, at a time.

Read their vicious comments below and see for yourself the Invalidation they did!

They claimed here that they moved out because of me, totally ignoring the fact that they just lost their Appeal at Divisional Court and HAD to move out. They totally ignore mentioning anything at all that makes them look guilty!

They prefer to lie instead, twisting it around that they were afraid of me, a person who has mobility issues, and it was a deliberate act. Everything word they use is deliberately used in such a way as to try and make me feel, and look, guilty. It is deflection…

These Tenants enjoy putting words in my mouth and making it obvious they are doing so!

Yes, this situation has been very stressful for me, but ya know what? I am getting past it! Every day, the more I work out this situation in my mind, the better I feel! One day, all of this will be history for me!

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