Intimidation IS Abuse

Intimidation is Abuse! Toxic Tenants are notorious for trying to intimidate Building Staff with demands and threats, trying to get what they want. I have heard it all during my 18 years!

I don’t give in to Intimidation!

I have seen this in action in my career in rental properties all the time, as Tenants would try to intimidate me to get what they wanted, like free parking, lower rent, or new appliances… It was pretty much a daily thing for me to hear from Tenants looking for something in their tenancy.

I never accepted any of that, I had too much integrity. Besides, I didn’t have the authority to do any of what they wanted!!

The Toxic Tenants I had at Kennedy Rd were the worst of them for intimidation in my career. Even when I was shot at in Scarborough years ago wasn’t as bad as the actions these Toxic Tenants did against me.

The false allegations they constantly made, wore on my nerves. Their condescending attitude was also a big turn-off for me. They acted and spoke as if they were right all the time, about everyone and every situation, and everyone else was wrong. It is intimidation.

Below, I share the email I got on June 27, 2022, just before showed up online, filled with threats from them of filing another frivolous complaint against me with Human Rights. Any threats are taken as intimidation! They hope to once again shut me up from speaking and sharing my story about their abuse but it won’t work on me anymore as it use to.

This email was sent to me over the new site they made, which is not a registered business to provide taxable receipts to anyone. You put your child in their care, you are taking chances with their well-being as far as I am concerned. They threaten me with another “human rights application” against me if I mention this new site in my own posts. It is Intimidation!

They don’t want me voicing my personal opinions over the validity of such a business and telling the truth about their lack of certification and lack of registration for their business with any Canadian Agency. It is a fly-by-night thing and they didn’t want me to expose that.

Everything these Toxic Tenants did, was intimidation! Even recording conversations without the other person knowing!

Below, you will some instances showing the intimidation tactics they tried with me and others during the mess they made, including some audio they shared showing they recorded conversations with people without permission.

I didn’t know I was being recorded!! I am glad they did though, as it is a great way for you to see their disrespect in action!

From: kor
Sent: June 27, 2022 7:41 PM

If you bad mouth my children’s website and continue to try and destroy their ambition and ability to make some money this summer. I will be filing another human rights application against you. You are still clearly obsessed with the hatred belief that Black people are getting ahead of you.



They have done nothing to you, and the only reason you would try and bring them down is because they are biracial and from bi racial couple! You have been warned!!!

Below, I share the copied section where this Adult Bully tells one of the owners that they are going to Court to file a motion against them because they were ignoring them!! The property owners were ignoring the calls and emails this Tenant was sending them so they tell him in a conversation in the Lobby that they were filing a Moton with Divisional Court about the owners “ignoring them”. They share this document in their own content!!

I share the audio so you can hear this conversation for yourself.

This was intimidation.

This is the audio recording of the conversation at their apartment door on August 24, 2017. You can hear for yourself all the disrespect being shown towards me that day by this Toxic person. I try to speak and was interrupted all the time.

You also hear their allegations against me of being racist and a bigot, but at no time does this man ever bring up any “prior meeting” they claim we had a couple of months before this occurred.

You would think this Toxic person would have jumped at the opportunity to throw up in my face the alleged meeting they claim we had at some restaurant a couple of months before this, but as they hadn’t made it up yet, they didn’t mention it.

This is also Intimidation.

Sharing his websites on Facebook was Intimidation!

KR‎ to Toronto Defence Lawyers

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A little something I put together to spread the word.
More to come, the story gets bigger…

ALTO Peoperties, Stella Reddy and Kevin Lundy


Top of Form



Below, is the email I got during the HRTO process where KR tries to bribe me, saying that if I went to Divisional Court and lied for them, they would take the sites and Facebook posts down and that it won’t be on the internet ever again. That was Pure Intimidation!

From: k
Sent: February 7, 2019 10:36 AM
To: Stella Reddy <>
Cc: HRTO Registar; < >
Subject: Response to Stella Reddy Proposal

Hello everyone,

Stella Reddy, I have read your email and it just does not work in the interest of our family.

But let me throw something by you, and the property owners.

You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the N5’s in bad faith against Allison.

I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again.

That way it is a win, win for everyone.

Let me know.


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