Intentions Of The Domain In My Name:

The intentions of this text are clear: to expose me, Stella Reddy, as a racist, white supremacist, and liar. All based solely on a lie they made up that I made racist comments to them at some restaurant sometime in June 2016. Of course, they never mentioned this “prior meeting” until 2 1/2 months later , vaguely in a letter, after they got a Form N5 for refusing access. They were being held to account for their consistent refusal of access and made up this lie of racism and discrimination against me as a result. Once they were taken to the Landlord and Tenant Board a year later, details of this alleged meeting came out! They still got evicted as they broke the rules of entry.

The language used throughout the text is harsh and inflammatory, with phrases like “crazy racist,” “piece of shit,” and “White Pride narcissist” being used to describe me. It is evident that the author of this text holds a strong disdain for me, and is not afraid to express it provocatively. Why would he, hiding behind his anonymity? Being anonymous gives him a licence to say whatever he wants without accountability. There is no name associated with their domains and no way to contact them either to talk about their content. They are hiding, afraid to be associated with their words there.

The author’s anger towards me for their eviction is palpable, as they use emotionally charged language and provocative terms to convey their message. The harsh and inflammatory tone suggests a deep sense of betrayal and outrage toward my beliefs and actions in performing the duties of my job. This text seeks to dismantle my perceived image and reputation, highlighting my alleged racism and white supremacist ideologies that they never even proved I had. I was doing my job, it wasn’t personal.

In the end, they couldn’t prove something that didn’t happen. They made up the allegations of racism to defelct their own behaviours. While they filed with the Human Rights of Ontario against me and others, in the end, they lost as it was all in their imagination. and

By resorting to such strong language, the author aims to grab the reader’s attention and evoke a strong emotional response. The choice of words like “crazy racist,” “piece of shit,” and “White Pride narcissist” serve to paint Stella Reddy in a negative light and discredit her character. The author is unapologetic in their condemnation of me, portraying me as someone unworthy of respect or sympathy.

The author’s uncompromising stance and inflammatory language serve to emphasize the seriousness of the accusations against Stella Reddy and to incite a strong reaction from the reader. They are trying to incite their readers against me with their words.

The author of the text harshly criticizes me for my allegedly racist comments and manipulative behaviour. They accuse me of using excuses like PTSD, mental breakdowns, and scapegoating interracial couples in an attempt to avoid accountability for my actions. As they lied about all the racist accusations, there is no need for me to use any excuses.

The author depicts me as a coward who shirks responsibility and hides behind a facade of victimhood. By portraying me as someone who tries to shift the blame onto others instead of facing the consequences of my words and actions, the author highlights my perceived lack of integrity and moral courage. I see this as a projection. Ultimately, the text condemns me as a cowardly individual who refuses to acknowledge the harm I have caused and actively avoids taking ownership of my racist behaviour.

Yet, I was there on January 17, 2020, on the phone for the Teleconference Hearing that was scheduled for their applications and sat there for an hour, waiting for the applicants to show up but they never did. They were too cowardly to take the chance of it turning on them instead, as they never could prove their claims, as it didn’t happen.

Additionally, the text labels me as a “White Pride Karen,” a derogatory term used to describe a white woman who displays entitlement and privilege. The use of this term suggests that I embody qualities typically associated with entitled and ignorant individuals. All without any evidence showing I acted in this manner, just his many assumptions.

The text not only ridicules my supposed efforts to rationalize my actions through a “boo-hoo blog,” but also insinuates that my excuses are weak and not to be taken seriously. The author blatantly disregards my feeble attempts to justify myself, dismissing them as meaningless and absurd. What gives them the right to do that? By mocking my perceived attempts at self-defence, the text undermines my credibility and portrays my defence as nothing more than a desperate and insincere ploy.

Overall, the text seeks to call out me for my racist behaviour and hold me accountable for the actions they perceive I did in my job, actions they have never proven. The aggressive tone and harsh language used in the text are intended to condemn me and discredit any attempts I may make to absolve myself of responsibility. It is clear that the author of this text has a strong conviction in their beliefs and are unapologetic in their criticism of me, all without ever having to prove a thing they claim I did.

The text below came from previous content of that I assume will return.

“that crazy racist”

“as a bully”

 “under cover white supremacist”

“A White Pride, really bad liar”

“Stella Reddy is that piece of shit” 

“Stella Reddy has no shame,no pride, no self-worth and is so moral corrupt that it is beyond comprehension.”

“White Pride racist bigot”

“Stella Reddy the White Pride narcissist” 

“Stella Reddy has once again and not unsurprisingly been proven as the really, really bad racist liar that she is.”

“And once again Stella Reddy will try and discredit indisputable facts with nonsense, because that is all Stella Reddy can do! But you see Stella Reddy is an under cover White Supremacist because she says things that are racist, but then is not woman enough to own it.”

“Instead Stella Reddy will

  • cry about her PTSD, or
  • her alleged metal breakdown and does not remember what she did or said, or
  • she will blame it on the owners, or
  • she will blame the interracial married couple/tenants for her own choice of words.”

“Stella Reddy is a coward who uses so many different excuses as a crutch because she is not woman enough to take responsibility for what SHE has obviously said and done.”

“Remember racist and bigots like Stella Reddy are always the victim! Because that is what racist Narcissist do.”

“White Pride Karen”

“boo-hoo blog.”

It was Toxic Adult Bullies that refused entry so many times within their tenancy, even before I started working there. He even admits it! This was why they were evicted.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who were demanding how they paid rent and expected special treatment, so they wouldn’t have to pay any extra fees for personal cheques or money orders.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who got upset and demanding over having to remove their propane BBQ from their balcony. KR even prints out paperwork to prove me wrong over the rules. You can see how upset he is with the words he writes on this subject!

It was also Toxic Adult Bullies who tried to imply that all BBQs at the property were propane and refused to acknowledge that there are different types, like electric that my sister had, as that wouldn’t fit his narratives.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who got upset over not getting a free parking spot on site, and even demanded that we take a spot away from a paying tenant, so they can have it.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who went around the property at night and took pictures of other tenants’ vehicles, inside them, and posted them on the internet.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who tried to start a Tenant Association within the building after their legal eviction and before their Appeal, to have me fired.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who contacted other tenants within the building and attempted to scare them into cooperating with him over a letter they got about A/C dripping and their Tenant Association.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who gave his cell phone to his young son many times out front so that they could record me just sitting on my balcony.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who posted on November 2, 2017, with the hopes of influencing the general public against the property owners and the building staff.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who walked the property and took pictures of other tenants’ balconies and their possessions there and posted them online.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who filed Motions with their Divisional Court Appeal to have me included in the proceedings, without success. Divisional Court stated there was no racism.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who applied to Human Rights, one month after they learned my applications failed, as the application for rental did not have Toxic Adult Bullies’ name there and I went by what was there of Darwin Charles, as Toxic Adult Bullies lied on the application.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies, while during the process of HRTO, that constantly tried to submit new items, as he didn’t have any evidence of what he already accused me of, just his words.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who uses comparisons of others within the content of his domains.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who are trying to News Jack with anti-black racism to get more exposure for his sites.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who stood in the Lobby and bashed me to tenants coming and going and even some prospective tenants who came to see a vacancy, at times while I was within earshot in the office.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who tried to pressure other tenants into joining his vendetta against me.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who stole my personal name and posted,,, and, in April 2019 after they lost the Appeal for their eviction, in the hopes of inciting the general public against the people named within.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who, after 19 months of the process, decided to walk away from their Human Rights application and not bother to even show up at the hearing scheduled for January 2020.

It Toxic Adult Bullies posted the social justice website in June 2020 to go after all the tribunals of Ontario, including the Ombudsman Office.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who tried, under his djnotnice name and his bird and worm web design name, to get added to the social media of myself and another family, so they can stalk me and where he took the pictures he shares on these domains.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who share pictures of my great nieces and great nephews online, as well as my sister.

It is Toxic Adult Bullies who negates and degrades so many people within the content of these domains he owns.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who targeted my sister’s friend in the Lobby and got the video recording of the argument between my sister and her friend and shared it online.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who shared on various Facebook groups and also has 2 groups of his own on there, hoping to influence people against me and my husband.

It was Toxic Adult Bullies who created in July 2022 where they shared my Facebook profile, with their allegations of racism they had never proven after almost 8 years, hoping to turn the people of Newfoundland against me.

It is also Toxic Adult Bullies who now claim to be sharing my new home address, with maps and a picture they claim is my house, once again hoping to affect my mental health and create fear that they will turn people against me.

It will be 8 years in August 2024 that I have been dealing with these toxic tenants’ smear campaigns in my name. Something needs to give now…

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