In the End, Bullies Are Weak

mean man


I have learned that Bullies are weak, especially a man who goes out of his way to try and take down a woman in order to feel powerful. This is what I see in the smear campaign against me within and the other sites. A weak man trying to put his needs above all others, he is right and everyone else is wrong, and no one else is important. His selfishness comes thru his words online. While I appreciate he may feel insecure over his life choices at his age, that isn’t my problem, is it? 

I have learned it isn’t my fault what he decides to do with his time, I am not responsible for him making and posting the domains he did. He is. 

My mind has opened so much these past months with all the education I have gotten over situations like this, I see so clearly all the tactics in play within their posts and documents. So many things these Bullies try to lay at my feet, when it is so obvious it is not. Such gaslighting I see, in everything they do. 



Yes, I do expect these still registered domains to show up back online in some fashion at some point, these bullies won’t allow their so important opinions to go unsaid. They feel entitled to abuse people, abuse total strangers, online within various registered domains, mostly out of spite for one reason or another. 


I don’t care if these Bullies are insecure, they had choices and choose the wrong one, now they have to be accountable for that, even if its just in the public eye on the internet. You come into contact with them and want to search their names, you will find my story and see for yourself with their own words, what they did. No more hiding for them. 

No, I don’t want revenge, I know their lives are miserable enough. I can imagine their paranoia, thinking everyone is out to get them, as they always claim. They are hiding, their own personal domains and lack of content, show that. I don’t mind, they can hide and see how it feels to think people are out to get you due to the words of another online.

I am done with them and am very content not seeing any of his maliciousness online! 


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