I Had to Update My Email Storage From Google!

I have been dealing with notifications from Google that I was running out of space on my account for the past couple of weeks so I stopped getting emails from bloggers here on WordPress while I cleaned up some space and I went through my emails to see what I could lose.

I have had this email for about 16 years, so you can imagine all the stuff I have there! I wasn’t getting very far, as I have so much I want to keep in my Photos and Drive, so this morning I just decided to upgrade my storage space instead… That is just what I did!

So, you will notice a notification that I signed up for emails from you once again!

I am happy with this decision, as now I have so much space for all my stuff! I share all my pictures and documents in this drive with other family members so they can review them, and now I can share more!

See, there is always something positive to come out of a day, as long as you take the time to notice… I get to stay home today rather than get wet going out and I decided to get more online storage space from Google!

What else will I get up to today, on this surprise day of staying home? I guess we will see!

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